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  1. 1. A B C D E F A B C D E F TIME TECHNICROUTE EPISODES PATH ORGAN COLOUR SYMBOL ART Narrative (young) Catechism (personal) Monologue (male) Narrative (mature) Narcissism Incubism Enthymemic Peristaltic Dialectic Labyrinth Fuga per canonem Gigantism Tumescence/detumescence Embryonic development Hallucination Narrative (old) Catechism (impersonal) Monologue (female) ULYSSES DUBLIN 16 June 1904 *name since changed STREET INDEX Grid Street B2 Abbey Street C2 Amiens Street B2 Bachelors Walk B3 Bedford Row B2 Beresford Place A2 Brunswick Street B2 Butt Bridge B2 Capel Street A2 Church Street C3 Clare Street B3 DOlier Street B3 Dame Street F4 Dalkey Avenue B3 Dawson Street B1 Dorset Street B3 Duke Street B1 Eccles Street B3 Essex Bridge* A1 Finglas Road B3 Fleet Street B1 Gardiner Street C2 Georges Quay A1 Glasnevin Cemetery B3 Grafton Street C3 Great Brunswick Street* B1 Great Charles Street B2 Green Street B2 Hapenny Bridge A2 Hardwicke Place C3 Holles Street E1 Howth Head C1 Howth Road A3 Jamess Street B3 Kildare Street A2 King Street North C4 Lansdowne Road D3 Leahys Terrace C3 Leinster Lane C3 Lime Street C3 Lincoln Place A2 Linenhall Barracks D3 London Bridge Road B3 Lord Edward Street C3 Lower Mount Street C1 Malahide Road B2 Marys Abbey B3 Merchants Arch C3 Merrion Square A2 Michans Park B3 Molesworth Street C2 Montgomery Street* B1 Mountjoy Square B3 Nassau Street B1 Nelson Street D3 Newbridge Avenue C2 North Circular Road C4 Northumberland Road B2 OConnell Bridge B2 Ormond Quay B3 Parliament Street B2 Parnell Square C3 Pearse Street A1 Phibsboro Road A2 Phoenix Park C1 Portland Row B2 Princes Street D3 Ringsend Road B2 Sackville Street* C2 Sir John Rogersons Quay C3 South Cumberland Street B1 St Josephs Parade E4 Strand Road D3 Strasburg Terrace B2 Talbot Street A3 Thomas Street A3 Watling Street B3 Westmoreland Street C3 Westland Row B3 Wicklow Street C3 Windmill Lane