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  1. 1. Ugly Christmas Sweaters By: Scott Bell
  2. 2. Ugly Christmas sweaters have become an inescapable feature of the holiday season. The holiday sweater we have all come to love has existed as a garment since the late 19th Century. However, the hideous and comical holiday versions seen today have only been present the last several decades. The proclaimed founders of the ugly Christmas sweater are known to be Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase, whom donned the attire while on their respective television programs; The Cosby Show and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Photo taken from Photo taken from
  3. 3. The Ugly Christmas sweater faded out of style in the 90s, but the trend has once again become popular. In current popular culture the ugly Christmas sweater has now become a focus of celebration all their own, with ugly sweater parties taking place across the nation during December. From ages young and old, individuals are embracing this trend and constantly trying to one-up one another by having the ugliest, most outlandish and memorable Christmas sweater. (Photo taken from google images) (Photo taken from
  4. 4. Ugly Christmas sweaters used to only be found in ancient places like your grandmas bedroom closet, and in hand-me-down stores such as Goodwill and St. Vincent Depal. However, with a recent new surge in popularity, corporations are taking advantage with sweaters now being found in fashion shops such as H&M and Nordstrom, and in some cases have even evolved into full suits. These sweaters/suits are more flamboyant, over the top, and ironic than ever. (Photo taken from
  5. 5. One reason why ugly Christmas sweaters and their parties are so popular is because they give the freedom for individuals to wear what they want, look ridiculously stupid, while also providing the feeling of fitting in. In a society that is constantly focused on presentation and appearance, it is nice to have a day where all inhibitions go out the window, and the worse you look, the better you are. Bells, tinsel, and ornaments included! (Photo taken from
  6. 6. As stated previously, these sweaters are a great way to engage with the people around you, and it can go even farther than simply going out and purchasing a sweater; you can actually build your own! This is a great way to connect with the family (.even if its forced) and you can really obtain that sense of individualization by customizing your own ugly Christmas sweater! Plus, even if you really dont like hanging out with your family all that much, you can show them up by making the most hideous yet righteous ugly Christmas sweater ever! Who knows you might actually have some fun! (Photo taken from
  7. 7. The great aspect of ugly Christmas sweaters is that they can be presented in many contexts and you really dont need a reason to wear one other than it being the holiday season! The ability they have to allow individuals to connect with one another, whether that be with family, friends, or complete strangers is truly impressive and brings that holiday cheer. Even though the sweaters are about being festive and enjoying the holidays they can also be used for bigger things such as fundraisers and giving back to the community, which is another great way to embrace that holiday spirit!(Photo taken from
  8. 8. Whether you love ugly Christmas sweaters or not it is hard to deny the power they possess. They have become a ubiquitous part of the holidays and are starting to become tradition within families, groups of close friends, and neighbors. They summon old memories of Christmas past and are a great way to stay warm during those winter days.after all they are sweaters. Holidays are often filled with copious amounts of stress and anxiety regarding the financial burden of gift giving and the extensive visits with the family. Ugly Christmas sweaters are a great way to de-stress, relax, and be together by being able to laugh with (sometimes at) one another, and isnt that what the holiday's are truly all about? (Photo taken from google images)
  9. 9. Now Go Out There And Get Ugly! Happy Holidays!