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  • Ugly Handwriting Samples

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Sandra Fisher

    Graphology World

  • Napoleons Handwriting

    The very first impression we get of Napoleons handwriting is one of power and energy.

    Although it is not quite as ugly as some of the other samples featured here, his handwriting is by no means attractive. In addition its virtually illegible.

    Very uneven in appearance it shows aggression, turbulence and temper.

    The dark pressure speaks of great force and passion.

    Notice the strong forward thrust and mighty forward momentum. The t- strokes are long and forceful too.

    His huge confidence, zeal and enthusiasm are supported by a very keen mind. There is a show of mental vigour as well as physical fearlessness.

  • Napoleon's handwriting is unconventional. Many daring

    formations and creative departures from the norm support the contention that he was eager to pioneer and blaze a trail where no- one had gone before him.

    For a more detailed description of Napoleons handwriting see The Mark of Genius.

    Picassos Handwriting

    The sample above reflects clearly how Picasso felt when he wrote this - irritable, angry and dictatorial.

    The sharp choppiness, the angles and distortions all add thrust to the total picture.

  • Picasso formed his letters as he wielded his paintbrush -

    with a confident type of independence.

    A born rebel, he rejected every vestige of conventionality.

    Picassos imagination had free rein too; improvisation ruled, and reality was bent and contorted to his will.

    The movement in his handwriting echoes his temperament. It is free and unconstrained, while the actual structures show innovation and originality.

    Not only is there emotional fire in this handwriting; a fire that feeds the furnace of his creativity - there is also strong evidence showing his brilliance of mind.

    Check out The Mark of Genius for a more detailed explanation of Picassos handwriting

  • Freuds Handwriting

  • This handwriting is far from engaging. It is downright ugly.

    But then, Freud had a deep and complex personality and it is not surprising that his handwriting is so complicated.

    That he had many personal conflicts is clear to see in this dark, brooding, turbulent and troubled handwriting.

  • Even a brief glance at this sample shows that he was not

    very concerned with legibility or with the formations of his letters.

    It seems as if no laws or conventions were being observed.

    His handwriting appears to emerge from a deep dark place where a potent mix of tortured emotions and personal demons lurked.

    But he also had a uniquely inventive mind. His high intelligence is plain to see in this spiky and sharply angular handwriting.

    Investigative thinking and critical reasoning were the hallmarks of his intellect

  • Beethovens Handwriting

    Here is another unattractive and illegible handwriting.

    Beethovens vision of music was bold and pioneering and his spirit of inventiveness was fearless in its scope.

    His handwriting is a graphic picture of mental vitality, bubbling creativity and original thinking.

    It clearly illustrates his disregarding of the strict conventions that prevailed at his time.

    His rather exuberant handwriting shows intelligence,

    individuality, imagination and inventiveness.

    But above all, it shows a surging creative quality that refuses to be stifled by conventional thinking.

  • We often see how talented writing rebels against the

    constraints of formality and refuses to be stifled.

    Here the expression of Beethovens unbounded creativity is clearly reflected in his somewhat chaotic and highly individualistic handwriting.

    It is a handwriting that reflects the glorious, wild, creative soup from which his celestial music emerged.

    The Ugliest Handwriting of all

    To conclude with, I want to add a 5th handwriting sample. Although this is by no means of genius quality, it is such an ugly handwriting that I am sure you will find it interesting.

    Its the handwriting that is purported to have been written by no other than Jack the Ripper.

    Now there have been those who say that it is definitely Jack the Rippers handwriting while others have disputed


    Whatever the actual facts of the matter are what is not in doubt is that this is one of the ugliest handwritings on


    And with that I present to you the handwriting of what is

    widely believed to be that of -

    Jack the Ripper

  • This is generally accepted to be the actual handwriting of

    Jack the Ripper though there is no absolute certainty

    about it.

    In any case, the original sample is preserved in the Records of the Metropolitan Police Service, National

    Archives. So that tells us quite a lot.

    But even if it isn't his handwriting, the writer of this letter

    is a nasty, hostile and violent individual.

    Note the general confusion, smudgy writing, ink filled

    ovals and lack of space between the words.

    There is a very noticeable variation of pressure in the

    strokes which indicates extreme emotional instability.

    The uneducated writing has a crude, primitive quality and

    is at the same time wildly uncontrolled and explosive.

    As you study it, you become more and more aware of its

    base qualities.

    The ink seems to drip with gore and venom ...

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