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  • Alternative Ways to Examine Addiction

    Dustin Hensel


  • Addiction is an odd topic. . .What can we learn from rats?

    -Rats are used for various forms of research but are they a quality representation of human behavior?

    -Is our environment that big of a deal in development?-Homer is not a fan of rats, I think


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    Hello everyone! To continue our discussion on addiction I would like us to take a turn towards how addiction is view in todays modern world. Different countries have different views. Different states tackle their own issues in their own ways too. I want us to take a look at a very famous study down in the mid-1970s to the early 1980s on addiction, with rats as the subject. A team of scientists did a ton of studies with rats and their addiction to opiates. The results were sad, the rats were killing themselves as quickly as they could in many cases when given an option of sugar-water or heroin. But, their surroundings caught the eye of the researchers and thought that this could have something to do with it!

    Photo credit: Dustin Hensel and his cat Homer Hensel

  • Rat ParkBy: Stuart McMi!en

    - A very important scientific study that Stuart McMillen turned into a easy to follow comic book

    - 4 researchers really helped shed new light on our old ideas of how we thought addiction worked

    - What researchers found was both interesting and scary all in one.


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    Continuing from our first slide, environment and surroundings can play a massive role in the development of humans beings, so why not rats thought the researchers? Please come to class with an open mind! Do not be scared of the comic book, it is some high quality scientific research with superb artistry. As we read this make sure to follow how precise the researchers are as to not mess anything up, therefore ruining the entire research project.

    Photo credit: Dustin Hensel (Personal purchased pdf copy)

  • TED Talk Organizer

    Instead of us wandering around the interwebs, snackchat, and facepage, we will have to focus in on these TED Talks that offer up more interesting takes on how addiction should be handled.


  • 7

    This TED talk organizer will greatly help us begin to break down and start to question how we feel about the presenter and their topic. You will be graded on your ability to answer the questions in full an complete sentences when needed (Ex. 1, 2, 3, & 5 do not need a full sentences). This will help me see you thought process and how you are taking in and interpreting all this information. 4 points a piece for 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 for a total of 32 points. If you decided to leave an answer blank, or you do not write in complete sentences, your final score will reflect that.

  • Dr. Carl Hart

    Dr. Hart has a fascinating alternative approach to drug use and addiction

    Look to see if Dr. Hart is using science, logic, and reasoning, or is he just going off o emotion?



  • 9

    Pre-video: Dr. Carl Hart is a leading neuroscientist with some very controversial on how citizens in 2015 should look at addiction. Before we start I will give you 2 minutes to review your TED Talk organizer before we move on. Keep in mind your own views and where they may align with Dr. Harts-Enjoy!Photo Credit: Youtube screen shot and direct link to video

  • Johann Hari

    As you are watching his presentation make note of how he is trying to get your attention.

    Is he using facts and figures or is he appealing to your feelings and emotions?

    Does he get personal or is he sterile?



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    Hari: Mr. Hari is a british journalist who has come face to face with addiction in his own family and is on the search to find out how to help addicts out as much as possible. He talk a slightly different approach than Dr. Hart. Mr. Hari believes that addiction is caused by a lack of bonding, no family, friends, joy, or happiness, so a person will look to drugs to have a connection with something. He gives us his personal background that this is a very uphill battle, but one that should be worth fighting if you really care and love for the addict. Have you even been in a situation like this personally? Credit: Personal Youtube screen shot and direct link to video

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    Are all bonds good for you?Dustin Hensel 12/3/15

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    Think of bonds you have in your life? Do you have bonds that could be deemed unhealthy for you? I love cooking, that bond fills a small void in my life, but the byproduct is food. So, I always feel I will struggle with my weight because I love to cook and create a great meal for people, but I also enjoy the the daylights out of my production. How could I create a different bond to stop or slow this bond? Photo: Dustin Hensel

  • Portugal does what. . .

    As Mr. Hari mentioned, the country of Portugal legalized the possession and use of all drugs (under a 10 days supply)

    As we read these two articles that battle the pros and cons of the decision to legalize, I want to you to think about if the United States where to adopted this type of policy? Be ready to compare and contrast the authors'.

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald's take

    Manuel Pinto Coelho, M.D, Ph. D views



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    As we begin to wrap up our discussion and work on different ways to view addiction we need to look at the front lines of this battle, Portugal. I have provided you with two piece of literature to read before our next class meeting. As you read then see where you align your views and why? How can you back up your own opinion with the facts, thoughts, and research of others?-Be ready to have a some very civilized, high quality debating.