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  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    Created by: CravePDF'ed by: theHermit

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    Welme t "ber#e$eri% &eta ver%i$ 2.0(! "ber#e$eri% are a$ alter$ate D)D la%%%y%tem* all+i$, y- t reate a b-ild r y-r harater % %/eii that it mathe% him$ the dt. #e$eri la%%e% have %/eial r-le% added $t them that m-%t be ll+ed rbala$e /-r/%e%* b-t i y- /la$ y-r eat% a$d %ill% 1-%t ri,ht y-ll ,et a haraterthat% t die r!

    Here i% the ba%i r-$d+$. 3- reate y-r harater -%i$, ba%i D)D r-le%* all +ritte$i$ thePlayers Handbook. Ater /ii$, y-r %tat% a$d rae* y- $ti$-e t b-ildi$,y-r harater% la%%. 3- %tart +ith a very bla$d la%%* ,ivi$, y- the mi$im-m i$every /ti$. The$* ater thi$i$, dee/ly y-r harater% $e/t* y- a$ be,i$ ti$ve%t y-r /i$t% i$t h+ y- +a$t y-r harater% b-ild. Ater deidi$, +hat abilitie%y- +a$t a$d +hat abilitie% y- d$t +a$t* y- a$ $ti$-e $t /layi$, the ,ame +ithy-r $e+ly reated la%%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    Here i% the meat a$d ba b$e t the %y%tem* the m%t lavrle%% la%%e%* the va$illa all va$illa* the bri$, the m%t bri$,* the ,e$eri the ,e$eri* the $e* the $ly

    Base Class, the Commoner : 0 point !il"BAB Fort Ref Will Abilities

    +0 +0 +0 +0 Bonus Feat+1 +0 +0 +0 Bonus Feat+1 +1 +1 +1+2 +1 +1 +1+2 +1 +1 +1 Bonus Feat+3 +2 +2 +2

    +3 +2 +2 +2+4 +2 +2 +2+4 +3 +3 +3+5 +3 +3 +3 Bonus Feat+5 +3 +3 +3+6/+1 +4 +4 +4+6/+1 +4 +4 +4+7/+2 +4 +4 +4+7/+2 +5 +5 +5 Bonus Feat+8/+3 +5 +5 +5+8/+3 +5 +5 +5+9/+4 +6 +6 +6+9/+4 +6 +6 +6+10/+5 +6 +6 +6 Bonus Feat

    S#ills:80 %ill% & hie( /l-% /re%%i$ a$d rat

    S#ills Per le$el:2 9 6$t. md &; at ir%t level(

    Pro%i&ien&':All %im/le +ea/$%


    Hit )i&e:D;

    What* did y- thi$ it +a% ,$$a be eiti$,< Thi% la%% ha% all the l+e%t /%%ibleabilitie% i$ eah ate,ry. 4+ thi% i% +here y- me i$. 6$ a $rmal ,ame* every /layeri% ,ive$ 8= /i$t%. He a$ %/e$d the%e /i$t% h+ever he % +i%he%. Fir%t* y- h%e+hat abilitie% y- +a$t* a$d the$ y- head t the $et %eti$* Pr,re%%i$% a$d %/e$dy-r etra /i$t%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    All abilitie% verride the ba%e abilitie%. Fr eam/le* i y- h%e a eat /r,re%%i$* itre/lae% &$t add% t( the ba%e /r,re%%i$.

    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it

    > A 83- ,ai$ a medi-m ba%e atta b$-%* +hih i% e?-al t> y-r la%% level r-$ded d+$

    F-ll A @3- ,ai$ a hi,h ba%e atta b$-%* +hih i% e?-al t y-rla%% level. Al%* the Cmbata$t abilitie% %t $e le%%/i$t.

    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it

    O$e 7ave 8Ch%e a %ave &Frtit-de* Will a$d 5ele(. O-t th%ethree %ave%* $ly $e them i% e?-al t a hi,h %ave*+hile the ther t+ remai$ l+.

    T+ 7ave% 2Ch%e t+ %ave% &Frtit-de* Will a$d 5ele(. O-t th%e three %ave%* t+ them are e?-al t a hi,h %ave*+hile the remai$i$, $e %tay% l+.

    Three 7ave% ; All three y-r %ave% are e?-al t hi,h %ave%.

    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it

    HD: dB 8 3- rll a DB t determi$e y-r hit /i$t% /er level

    HD: d 2 3- rll a D t determi$e y-r hit /i$t% /er level

    HD: d80 @ 3- rll a D80 t determi$e y-r hit /i$t% /er level

    HD: d82 ; 3- rll a D82 t determi$e y-r hit /i$t% /er level

    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it

    7ill-l 8 3- ,ai$ a$ additi$al 2 la%% %ill% &ttal 82(* a$d ; 9i$telli,e$e mdiier %ill% /er level

    Ade/t @3- ,ai$ a$ additi$al ; la%% %ill% &ttal 8;(* a$d B 9i$telli,e$e mdiier %ill% /er level

    E/ert ;3- ,ai$ a$ additi$al la%% %ill% &ttal 28(* a$d 9i$telli,e$e mdiier %ill% /er level

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics


    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it

    7?-ire @3- ,ai$ b$-% eat% at the ll+i$, level%:8%t* 2$d* ;th*th* 82th* 8Bth* 20th

    Ma%ter = 3- ,ai$ b$-% eat% at the ll+i$, level%:8%t* 2$d* ;th*Bth* th* 80th* 82th* 8;th* 8Bth* 8th* 20 th.

    Ailit' Name Point *al!e Bene%it




    Ch%e $e the ll+i$,:

    8. 3- are /riie$t +ith li,ht armr a$d = martial+ea/$% O5 a$y mbi$ati$ martial a$deti +ea/$% &every 2 martial +ea/$% $eeti(

    2. 3- are /riie$t +ith li,ht %hield% a$d = martial+ea/$% O5 a$y mbi$ati$ martial a$deti +ea/$% &every 2 martial +ea/$% $eeti(

    @. 3- are /riie$t +ith all martial +ea/$%




    Ch%e $e the ll+i$,:

    8. 3- are /riie$t +ith li,ht a$d medi-m armr*li,ht a$d heavy %hield%* a$d = martial +ea/$%O5 a$y mbi$ati$ martial a$d eti+ea/$% &every 2 martial +ea/$% $e eti(

    2. 3- are /riie$t +ith li,ht* medi-m a$d heavyarmr* li,ht a$d heavy %hield%

    @. 3- are /riie$t +ith li,ht armr* li,ht %hield%*a$d all martial +ea/$%


    @3-r are /riie$t +ith all ty/e% armr* all martial+ea/$% a$d li,ht a$d heavy %hield%.

    ALA4C64#5"LE3- are $ly able t have 2 maed -t abilitie% -t the ll+i$,: a%e Atta $-%*%ill%* Hit die* b$-% eat%* a$d %ave%.

    Eam/le: i y- have the Hi,he%t A* a$d the Hi,he%t hit die* y- a$$t ,et thehi,he%t am-$t %ill% /er level* the hi,he%t am-$t b$-% eat% r the hi,he%tam-$t %ave%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    6$ ma$y am/ai,$ %etti$,%* there are ma$y $+led,e %ill%. T hel/ ,ai$ ae%% t mre$+led,e %ill%* every 8 %ill hie i$ve%ted i$ $+led,e ,ra$t% y- ae%% t t+$+led,e %ill% hie.


    M-ltila%%i$, +ith thi% %y%tem i% $t advi%ed r %-//rted. DM'% are advi%ed t $t all+thi% i$ their ,ame%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics



    4+ that all the bri$, %t- i% illed -t* eel ree t %/e$d y-r etra /i$t% $/r,re%%i$%. Pr,re%%i$% are %me+hat lie abilitie%* i$ the %e$%e that they d ,r+level t level* h+ever /r,re%%i$% are %/eial* bea-%e they /rvide etra abilitie% $tevery la%% i% ,i$, t have. Fr eam/le* $t every la%% ha% %/ell a%ti$,* b-t everyla%% ha% %me i$d a +ill %ave. That i% the diere$e bet+ee$ /r,re%%i$% a$dabilitie%.

    Name *al!e Bene%it

    "$armred AC $-% 8

    3- ,ai$ a b$-% t y-r armr la%% +hile y- are-$armed &a% /er the m$ ability(. 3-r b$-% %tart%at 0 a$d i$rea%e% t 98 at =th level. The$* it ,r+% ta 92 at 80th level. At 8=th level* it ,r+% t a [email protected] a$dat 20th it ,r+% t 9;. Thi% ability ha% all the %amere%triti$% a% the m$% -$armred b$-% a$da$$t be tae$ +ith the Dama,e 5ed-ti$/r,re%%i$.

    Ara$e 7t-de$t 2 3- ,ai$ -/ t ;th level Ara$e 7/ell%.

    Ara$e Teaher ; 3- #ai$ -/ t Bth level Ara$e 7/ell%.

    Ara$e Ma%ter 82 3- #ai$ -/ t Ith level Ara$e 7/ell%.

    ardi Ma%ter 2

    3- ,ai$ the ardi M-%i ability &a% /er the bard.(3- ,ai$ y-r ir%t %$, a$d -$ter %$, at ir%tlevel. The$ y- ,ai$ a$ther %$, at 2$d* ;th* th*82th* 8Bth* a$d 20th. 3- may %elet a$y %$, y-meet the re?-ireme$t% r.

    dy 2

    3- ,ai$ the ll+i$, eat% a% ree b$-% eat% +he$y- meet the re?-ireme$t%: Diam$d bdy* Diam$d7-l* Em/ty bdy* P-rity bdy* 7till mi$d &6la+-l(* %li//ery mi$d &6 hati(* Whle$e%% bdy

    a$d* Timele%% bdy.

    6$%/ire C-ra,e 8

    A% the bard ability* %tart% at 98 at ir%t level a$di$rea%e% at th* 8;th a$d 20th.

    Prerequisites: Bardic music

    Fr mre i$rmati$* , t the ha/ter * %/ell%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics


    Name *al!e Bene%it

    Crater 2

    Ch%e a$y the ty/e a%ter /r,re%%i$% y-

    have. Whe$ y- ,ai$ the /rere?-i%ite% r a rat eat*y- ,ai$ that rat eat. Fr eam/le* #rde$* thed+arve$ r,er ha% -/ t 8Btth level ara$e a%ti$,. Atir%t level* he ,ai$% %ribe %rll &%i$e he i% a 8%t levela%ter( at third level he ,ai$% bre+ /ti$ a$d rat+$dr-% item. At =th level* he ,ai$% rat ma,i arm%a$d armr a$d rat +a$d. At Ith level he ,ai$% ratrd. At 82th level* he ,ai$% rat %ta a$d ri$,. Thi%a$ be tae$ a% l$, a% y- have %me i$d a%ter/r,re%%i$. 6 thi% i% tae$ +ith y-r /%i$i/r,re%%i$* the$ y- ,ai$ it a% de%ribed abve*

    re/lai$, the $rmal rat eat% +ith the /%i$i $e%.Prerequisites: ability to cast arcane, divine or channelpsionics.

    Dama,e 5ed-ti$ 8

    3- ,ai$ Dama,e red-ti$ &a% /er the barbaria$ability(.y- ,ai$ 8J at th level* a$d every three level%there ater it im/rve% by a$ etra 8J &80th* [email protected]*8Bth* 8Ith(. All the $rmal re%triti$% ,ive$ by thi%ability a//ly* a$d y- a$$t tae the AC b$-% +hile-$armred.

    Prerequisites: High fortitude save, hit dice of d10 or

    higher. annot be taken !ith monk"s unarmored #bonus

    Divi$e 7t-de$t 2 3- ,ai$ -/ t ;th level divi$e %/ell%.

    Divi$e Teaher ; 3- ,ai$ -/ t Bth level divi$e %/ell%

    Divi$e Ma%ter 3- ,ai$ -/ t Ith level divi$e %/ell%

    Favred E$emy 2

    At ir%t level* y- ,ai$ the avred e$emy ability &a%/er the ra$,er(. 3- ,ai$ a$ additi$al avred e$emyat =th level* 80th* 8=th a$d 20th level. Thi% i% ide$tialt the ra$,er ability.

    Fr mre i$rmati$* , t the ha/ter * %/ell%.

  • 8/9/2019 Uber Generics


    Name *al!e Bene%it

    5a,e @

    3- ,ai$ the ra,e ability &a% /er the barbaria$(. 3-,ai$ ra,e at 8%t level a$d a etra ra,e at ;th level* a$d

    every -r level% there ater &th* 82th* 8Bth* a$d 20th(.3- ,ai$ #reater ra,e at 88th level* i$dmitable +illat 8;th* tirele%% ra,e at 8th a$d mi,hty ra,e at 20th.3- %till have all the re%triti$% a barbaria$ +-ldhave i$ ra,e* a$d are %till tae all the aet% ater+ard%&eha-%ti$(.

    7l+ Fall 2

    3- ,ai$ the %l+ all ability &a% /er the m$(. Thi%ability $ly +r% +he$ +eari$, $ armr r li,htarmr. 6t %tart% at ;th level* +here y- ,ai$ %l+ all20t. 6t i$rea%e% a$ther 80 eat every 2 level% thereater &Bth* th* 80th* 82th* 8;th* 8Bth* 8th* a$d 20th(.

    At 20th level* y-r %l+ all /r,re%%i$ i% /eret* a$dy- $ l$,er $eed t +rry ab-t tai$, a$y dama,ea% l$, a% a +all i% +ithi$ arm% reah.

    7mite @

    3- ,ai$ the %mite