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Transcript of U.A.E. Humanities powerpoint

  • 1.United Arab Emirates Johara Al- Thani Mr. Sparks Humanities Grade 8A

2. Where U.A.E. is located

  • The United Arab Emirates which is also known as the U.A.E.
  • Is located in Asia or more specifically the middle east.
  • The countries surrounding the U.A.E are Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iran.

3. Geographic Features of U.A.E.

  • It is mostly flat.
  • barren coastal plain merging into rolling sand dunes of vast desert wasteland.
  • There are some mountains in the east.
  • It is mostly sand/desert land

4. Climate of the U.A.E.

  • The Climate in the UAE is arid and sub-tropical. During the summers: the weather becomes very humid and the temperature rises to about 50C, Where as usually, the weather is about 20-35C during the day, and about 15C at night. Though rain is infrequent, sandstorms and fog during winter mornings are common.

5. Environment of the U.A.E.

  • In the U.A.E. they have a common local plant calledAl Neem
  • They also have Camels in the desert and Oryx

6. History of U.A.E. UAE unveils a national development strategy aimed at making it a world leader. Dubai and Qatar become the two biggest shareholders of the London Stock Exchange, the world's third largest stock exchange. Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al-Maktoum, UAE PM and vice-president and ruler of Dubai, dies during a visit to Australia. He is succeeded by his brother, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. Sheikh Khalifa announces plans for the UAE's first elections. Half of the members of the consultative Federal National Council will be elected by a limited number of citizens. UAE restores diplomatic relations with Iraq; they were severed at the outbreak of the 1991 Gulf War. UAE forces join the allies against Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait. UAE is a beginning member of the Gulf Cooperation Council; its first meeting is held in Abu Dhabi. After independence, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujayra, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qaywayn become the UAE. Sheikh Zayed Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan takes over the country. UAE joins the Arab League. Oil is Discovered 2007 2006 January2005 December 1998 1991 1981 May 1971 1950s The Strategy A leader dies a new one takes over First Elections Diplomatic Relations Invasion of Kuwait UAEs first meeting UAE forms and joins the Arab League A Discovery 7. Customs and Traditions

  • Religion: The UAE is known to be a Muslim country. Most are Sunni but 16% of the population is also known to be Shia.
  • Languages: Arabic is the official language in the UAE, English is also spoken.
  • Clothing: Clothing around the Gulf is very similar. Each country has a unique difference that differs them from the rest. Men are known to wear a whit dress called a thobe, and on their heads theyd wear the gahfia (a sort of round hat), then the guttra (a white cloth that goes over the gahfia) and then on top of that would be the Iga l (the black object used to keep the guttra from flying off your head).
  • Festivals: Today, the UAE creates many festivals that attract many people all over the Gulf. These festivals include festivals for the Eid, Summer and Winter. Their most famous mascot is a made up cartoon character called Modhesh
  • Weddings: weddings are very festive in the gulf. Weddings in the UAE are very similar to other weddings in the gulf. The weddings are usually separate for men and women. Dancing is very common to celebrate the event.
  • Eid is an important celebration for the Muslims because it reminds them of the story of the Prophet Ibrahim and how he was willing to sacrifice anything for Allah. One night, Prophet Ibrahim had a dream in which he sacrificed his son. He took this as a sign from Allah and told his son, who agreed to be sacrificed. The Muslims believe that during the sacrifice, Allah moved Prophet Ibrahims son out of the way and put a sheep in his place. From then on, it became an Islamic tradition to sacrifice and feast on a sheep on the anniversary on that day and give some of the meat to the poor. This is extremely important to the Muslims because it shows how they are willing to sacrifice for Allah. (Social)

8. Government of the U.A.E.

  • The U.A.E government is a monarchy
  • Consists of seven tiny kingdoms
  • They are each ruled by an emir
  • There is also another emir who is in charge of all the U.A.E. and has power over the emirs of the seven kingdoms
  • The government tries to attract different kinds of people by tourism, shopping: they bring so many different kinds of brands, also in the summer they have a major sale in all the shops that goes over 50% off; and the more or bigger the shops are the more job opportunities there are for people. (Political)

9. Economy of U.A.E.

  • U.A.E.s economy changed because the state has been largely funded by oil revenues
  • Oil and gas production is still the main source of the public revenue
  • The U.A.E. economic success has been a government strategy of economic diversion
  • The wealth has been invested in capital improvements and social services in the U.A.E.
  • Petroleum production is mainly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • The Economy's natural resources are the main thing that make it rich (Economic)

10. Tourism in U.A.E.

  • Amusement park: Wild Wadi; plus more
  • Shopping in Dubai: mall of emirates, burjiman, and the Wafi mal; plus much more
  • Dessert resort: Al Maha Desert Resort; plus more
  • Beaches: Fujairah Beach
  • Parks: Al Safa Park; plus more

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