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Presentation on social and 'networked media' by Gerd Leonhard at etma (european television and media management academy). Gerd Leonhard presented this outlook on future media business in March 2010 as part of etma's DLP training programme.

Transcript of U4 11 Networked Media Leonhard

  • 1. Social Media: how theEntertainment Industry is switching from Push to PullGerd Leonhardwww.mediafuturist.comtwitter.com/gleonhard

2. The term Social Media is really kind of an artifact, a mere construct. Better: Networked Media. Real-Time Media. User-driven Media.Engaged Media. 3. We are very much at the beginning... 4. Our Networked World is still very nascent Source: IdiotsofAnts.com ... and often rather confusing! 5. Why is this Social Media Stuff important? 6. Social Media will soon beat eMail, Video maywell beat Search 7. Involve your tribes & followers 8. From a long time ago.... 9. MoneyConversionAttention Merit, Quality & Uniqueness 10. Broadcast Media 11. Networked Media 12. Tribal Relationships 150 tribe members + 1000 real fans + ++ + 13. Online and Offline are converging 14. Trust is the most important currency online, so to build it we adhereto three principles of openinformation: value,transparency, and controlGoogle Senior VP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg's essay, The Meaning of Open, published on the Offical Google Blog 15. Was...Is... 16. Some of my weapons of choiceTypepad for Blogging (Firefox!!!) Hootsuite for Firefox (Twitter), Tweetdeck Mobiles: iPhone, Google Nexus, Blackberry, Nokia E71 Mobile apps: Tweetie, Hootsuite, InstaPaper, FB More apps: LinkedIn, Google Reader, Skype Kindle, Sony, iPhone electronic readers HD Video Camera(s): Kodak, Flip, Phones... The new Apple Tablet! 17. Social Media is Customer Relationship Management 18. It all starts with this: 19. The Consequences of Closed...?! 20. What does the Future hold - and how will we adapt to it? Source: seekingalpha.com 21. We can enforce a different future than that which our customers want We can ignore our users emerging behaviors and mold them as we see fit We need to watch out for whats good for us, first and foremost Our gain needs to be 100% ours - its a win-lose world! More control = more money 22. A big Challenge: Open Internet vs Closed Minds?Rupert Mudoch via AllThingsD.com 23. Mobile Social Networked Real-Time In Control 24. Closed vs Open... 25. *but Control MoneyEgosystem Ecosystem 26. User Interfaces make all the difference The computer is work.The iPhone is ... kind of work. The iPad / Tablet is... not work 27. Flighty Immersive Immersive...2.0 28. Expect more of this: Real-Life + Mobile + InternetImagine what this could do for personalized, engaged,conversational marketing Source: Wikitude / Youtube 29. Old 30. New 31. Old 32. New Hat tip to Brian SolisTNN: Twitter News Network 33. Welcome to Communication 2.0 De-centralized Mobile Cross-MediaInteractiveReal-Time 34. Our entire media & communications infrastructure - the Extension of Man (McLuhan) - is becoming Real-Time 35. Hyper-Competition Hyper-Collaboration 36. Now: Stage Experiences Source: HBR.org 37. Source: Flickr Desert Diva 38. The Open/amap challange Source: Slideshare (cc) 39. Hybrid Models in many variations 40. Get rid of Push Marketing Top-down Domination Plays Expensive watering-cans Uni-directional marketingInterrupting consumersShout: buy buy buy 100% control everything 41. A new Marketing Paradigm emerges 42. People as well as Brands are becoming...sh ersP u b li Broad caste rsM edia C ont ent 43. Twitter Examples 44. Summary 1. Attract the right people bypublishing relevantcontent 2. Get and hold theirAttention, build Trust 3. Think Followers not Users 4. Offer added values toconvert followers into $$ 45. Now is a good time! email me at gerd@mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhardFacebook: gleonhard more presentations at www.mediafuturist.com Thanks for listening!