Tyree - Squirrel monkeys

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Squirrel Monkeys By Tyree

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PowerPoints by FB Howell 5th grade students

Transcript of Tyree - Squirrel monkeys

  • 1. Squirrel Monkeys By Tyree
  • 2. Table of Contents
  • 3. Habitat
    • Live in brazil, Peru, Colombia, near water, and near streams
    • They are arboreal
  • 4. Food and Water
    • Drink water from Rainforest
    • Move fast in order to catch their food
    • Eat fruit, insects, birds eggs, and young birds
    • Babies drink mothers milk
    • Water from leaves, flower seeds shoots roots
  • 5. Daily Behavior
    • Sleep during the night
    • Eat during the day
    • Monkeys play together in a group
    • Live together in a group for protection and friends, 10 or 50 monkeys in a group
    • Climb around to find food
    • Baby monkeys cling to there mothers belly tell month old
    • Grooming 3-4 hours a day, grooming means clinging the fur and insects
    • Hoot, howl, and cluck to communicate
  • 6. Family Structures
    • Stays with mom for three to four years
    • Live in three kinds of groups, male group, female group, mother baby group, and a teenager group
    • Females are in charge
    • Males only come around females when its time to mate
  • 7. Interesting Facts
    • Twins or triplets at a time
    • Monkeys are in danger of dying
    • People cut forest were they live
    • People kill monkeys for their fur
    • People catch monkeys and sell them
    • Live in troops
    • Have flexible tails, and long tails
    • Dont have a thumb
  • 8. Bibliography
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  • 9.