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Transcript of TYPO3 Inc. slides for TYPO3 Camp Venlo 2016

  • TYPO3 Inc. Abusing business to empower the cause of TYPO3.

    April 22, 2016 | Alain Veuve

  • Introduction

  • Welcome!

    Alain Veuve

    Leader of the TYPO3 Inc. preparation project Treasurer of the TYPO3 Association Managing Director of AOE Switzerland Paralell Entrepreneur Management & start-up advisor

  • Strategic Approach

  • Abusing Business to empowerour cause: The TYPO3 Inc.

  • Reason why!

    Ensure development of the TYPO3 CMS product at a pacethat fits the demand of the market by:

    Establish permanent development at larger scale throughfull time employees

    Establish quick decision taking on day to day items Generate more money for the cause of TYPO3

  • Strategic Guidelines.

    The TYPO3 Inc. must be seen as an operational leg of the TYPO3 Association.

  • Core Business Model

  • Core Business Model: Revenue Streams

  • Core Business Model: Spending

    The TYPO3 Inc. is meant to be a Non-for-Profit-Organization. Its goal is tospend all income in the way defined by the guidelines.

  • Initial TYPO3 Inc. Team

    CEO: Mathias Schreiber (fulltime)

    Head Development: Benni Mack (fulltime)

    CMO: vacant

    Interim CFO/Company Development: Alain Veuve (mandate)

  • Changes to initial plan

    Initial Plan: All budgets would be handed over to TYPO3 Inc.

    Revised Plan: Only the TYPO3 CMS Dev Budget ( ~350.000) is handed to theTYPO3 Inc.

    This enables the TYPO3 Association to fund other activities in cooperation with the TYPO3 Inc.

  • Funding the start of the TYPO3 Inc.

    TYPO3 Association one-time invest: 500.000 One Time Membership: 400.000

    Total funding line 900.000

    Additionally a yearly budget grant of 350.000 will be used forTYPO3 CMS development.

    > Changes in funding policy will need a GA approval.

  • Opportunities for Agencies

  • Partner with the TYPO3 Inc.

    Sales & Business Development Opportunities

    Marketing & Event Opportunities

    Training & Eduction Opportunities

    Exchange Program for Developers

  • At the very beginning!

  • Q&A