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Transcript of TYPHOON HAIYAN - compassionuk.org · TYPHOON HAIYAN DISASTER APPEAL ... In response, Compassion...

  • TYPHOON HAIYANDISASTER APPEAL UPDATETyphoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on 8 November 2013. 106 Compassion projects were affected as well as more than 11,000 sponsored children and their families.

    In response, Compassion Philippines formed a Disaster Management Team, led by Country Director Noel Pabiona. Using resources from the Compassion Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Appeal, the team was able to begin implementing a strategy to bring immediate assistance to affected church partners, sponsored children and their families.

  • STRATEGY OVERVIEW - EMERGENCY RELIEF The first stage of the relief operation was the provision of food and basic supplies in the aftermath of the disaster.

    When a disaster like this strikes, sponsored children receive immediate assistance from their projects. Each Compassion project has their own disaster response protocol unique to their area and needs, and staff members are trained in risk assessment and response planning. Most projects have also established strong links with local government agencies and non-government organisations, putting them in a strong position to respond quickly when the need arises.

  • STRATEGY OVERVIEW - continued

    Although the Philippines project staff members suffered themselves, they still made a way to check on the children. Because of the lack of communication, Country Director Noel Pabiona went to critically inaccessible areas and, together with project staff, conducted a rapid appraisal. Thankfully to date all children have been accounted for. On November 13, the team began packing relief items to be sent to projects in Leyte, Samar, Panay, Cebu and Negros with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who transported the goods on military planes. These efforts have since continued.

    - MEDICAL Medical care is being provided to beneficiaries, many of whom are living in makeshift shelters without safe water and sanitation. They are vulnerable to the spread of disease, particularly cholera and dengue fever.

  • On behalf of Compassion Philippines, thank you so much to those who have generously donated to the Compassion Typhoon Haiyan

    Disaster Appeal.

    The Compassion Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Appeal is part of Compassions RESPOND ministry. RESPOND seeks to meet the critical needs of sponsored children that cannot be met by sponsorship support alone. To find out more, please visit www.compassionuk.org/respond.

  • TYPHOON HAIYAN RECOVERY APPEAL Over the last month, the Compassion Philippines team has been working tirelessly to provide immediate assistance to the victims of Haiyan. The work has, however, only just begun. The team now plans to begin rehabilitation efforts, implementing further stages of their disaster response strategy: COUNSELLING Sponsored children and their families will be given access to psychosocial care, including trauma counselling and emotional support. Project staff will also be trained in providing ba-sic and long-term counselling. Many have lost loved ones, their homes and their belongings and will need loving support as they begin to rebuild their lives. LONG-TERM RECOVERY ASSISTANCE A specialised Disaster Management Team will gradually restore church partners ability to provide Compassion project activities. Projects will be given a support fund from which to re-establish operations by repairing facilities, purchasing computers, office furniture and supplies. The Philippine government hopes to restore power supplies to major cities within a month, however full restoration to remote towns and municipalities is not expected until the late summer of 2014. Projects in these areas will therefore be provided with a small 2,400 watt generator that will allow basic office functions to take place. The team will also begin the immense task of repairing childrens homes. In addition, those in need will be provided with necessary items such as shoes, school uniforms and basic household supplies.

    If you would like to support the Compassion Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Appeal, please visit www.compassionuk.org/typhoon-haiyan. To find out more detail about the rehabilitation efforts, please click here.



    Thank you for your messages, prayers and concern for our current situation in the Philippines. As you know, a super typhoon named Haiyan (deadlier than Hurricane Katrina that had swept the US) ravaged the provinces in the central part of our archipelago. These cities are a plane ride away from Manila, so those of us who live in the capital city are safe. Before the typhoon struck, Christians were praying that the Lord would change the typhoons course. As it was however, fierce winds and tsunami-like waves totally whipped these provinces, killing an estimated 10,000 helpless victims. Warnings and preparations for evacuation and relief work were no match for the winds and rain. Many cities now look like no mans land. But our Lord is sovereign over all; He never fails us and we believe that as a nation, this is an opportunity to show our spirit of unity, deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and demonstrate our selfless giving. We have not seen in our history such a generous outpouring of aid and supplies from within the country (through the private sector), and from countries around the world. Everywhere, we see people wanting to help out and give their support. Please pray with us through the weeks and months ahead of relief, rescue and rehabilitation work, on behalf of the millions of Filipinos who are helpless victims of this tragedy. Menchit Wong Child Advocacy Director for Compassion International