Types Of Retailing


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To understand the different stores we shop in and food networks.


  • 1. Types of Retailing Aim: To find out what social and environmental impacts sites of consumption bring about.


  • Starter
  • Where would you and your family go to buy the following items?
  • (a) bread (b) shoes (c) a new PC or TV?
  • Give the name of the shop and its location (which town it's in).
  • Now compare your answers with the people sitting around you. What different locations and types of shops are mentioned?


  • Localshops such as newsagents and small grocery stores.
  • They selleverydayitems (called low order goods).
  • Their customers are local people from thenearbystreets.

4. CBD Comparison Store

  • They include book shops, shoe shops andchain storeslike Woolworths.
  • Shops found in theC.B.D.(Central Business District) usually sell more expensivehigh-ordergoods.

5. Street Market

  • They sell vegetables and other goods (sometimes clothes) onsome daysof the week.
  • They are often targeted atup-marketcustomers e.g.organicfarmers markets.

6. Out-of-town Superstore

  • These are very large branches of a retailchain , usually found at the edge of a city inretail parks .
  • The largest stores are calledhypermarkets .

7. Retail Park

  • Areas that have been set-aside at or near theedge of townsand cities where out-of-town stores can begroupedtogether.
  • Sometimes large structures likeBluewaterare created, so many retailers can be housed together.

8. Metro Stores

  • The latest trend in retailing, these newscaled-downinner city supermarkets are often attached topetrol garages , making shopping easy for people at the same time as they re-fuel their cars.
  • They also provide services for people who live withinwalking distanceof the garage

9. How have shopping locations changed over time?

  • Look through the information sheet and answer the questions on your mix and match sheet.
  • What year did Tesco Start?
  • Where was the first store opened and when?
  • What happened in 1974?
  • When did sales reach 1 billion?
  • When did Tesco enter its first foreign country?
  • How many countries does Tesco operate in?
  • Ext: What has happened to Tesco over time? Why?

10. Why do you think shopping locations changed over time? 11. Follow the instructions on the sheet to create a map which shows how far all the items have travelled to their final destination. 12. Food Network for a store in London 13. Where do we go to buy our stuff? - Plenary

  • Leisure-time for many people involves spending money at shopping centres at the weekend.
  • What leisure activities can you think of that do not require you to spend any money? Are there many?