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Types of restaurants ( Tipos de restaurantes )


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2. Restaurant It is establishment in which is supplied to customers with different type of food service. 3. Type of restaurant FAST FOOD 4. Characteristics of fast-food Fast-food restaurants emphasize speed of service and low cost over all other considerations. distinguishes them from traditional cafeteria is a lack of cutlery or crockery; the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable container it was served in using their fingers 5. Type of food served Fried food. Internatinal food (hamburguers, etc.). Snacks. Desserts. 6. Patron treatment The customer orders the food at the counter and they serve it on a platter. 7. example Burguer king Kfc Mc donals 8. Type of restaurantCASUAL RESTAURANT. 9. Characteristics of CASUAL RESTAURANT moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere provide table service Casual dining comprises of a market segment between fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants 10. Type of food served Regional food Sea food Desserts Local food 11. Patron treatment normally in casual restaurant the waiter be taking customer's order 12. Examples El portn La casa de los abuelos Vips Fonda Argentina toks 13. Type of restaurant Coffe house 14. Characteristics of coffee house without table service emphasize coffee and other beverages typically a limited selection of cold foods Their distinguishing feature is that they allow patrons to relax 15. Type of food served Pastries Sandwiches Cold food Desserts Coffee frapes 16. Patron treatment the customer ordered what to eat at the counter 17. Example caf Nader Starbucks Applebees Caf Andrade 18. Type of restaurant Fast casual-dining restaurant 19. Characteristics of FASTCASUAL DINING RESTAURANT No table service Hihger quality of food and admosphere Non-disposable plates and cutlery 20. Type of food served Fast food Fried food Local food Desserts 21. Patron treatment does not offer full table service, so customers have to order food at the counter 22. example Costco Wal-Mart Chedraui Soriana 23. Type of restaurant Ethnic restaurant 24. Characteristics of ETHNIC RESTAURANT Feature foods of different nationality or cuisines. Italian, chinese, japan, indian, etc. Have a tematic or concept. 25. Type of food served multicultural food Italian food Chinese food Indian food Well know diches 26. Patron treatment Normally these establishments have waiters and the customer has to order them. 27. example Thai Cenacolo Gaucho Lorencillos Hong kong 28. Type of restaurant CAFETERIA 29. Characteristics of CAFETERIA PREPARED FOOD DISPLAY FAST SERVICE CHEAP PRICES HAVE COUNTER LITTLE OR NO SERVICE TABLE 30. Type of food served PASTRIES SNACKS DESSERTS COFFEE SIMPLE FOOD HAMBURGUERS ETC. 31. Patron treatment A patron takes a tray and pushes it along a track in front of the counter. Depending on the establishment. 32. example ITALIAN COFFEE TOKS STARBUCKS PASTELETERIA 33. Type of restaurant PUB 34. Characteristics of PUB FINE-DINING ESTABLISHMENT HIGH QUALITY PUB FOOD HIGH PRICES LARGE SELECTION OF BEERS AND WINES. 35. Type of food served SIMPLE FOOD FARE SNACKS BEERS APPETIZERS 36. Patron treatment THIS TYPE OF ESTABLISHMENT HAVE WAITERS THOUGH THERE IS ALSO A BAR WHERE THE CUSTOMER CAN ORDER BEERS. 37. example THE BLACK PUB IRISH PUB WINS ARMY 38. Type of restaurant BISTROS AND BRASSIERE 39. Characteristics of BISTROS AND BRASSIERE SERVING MODERATELY PRICED HEARTY MEALS FRENCH INSPIRED EUROPEAN-INFLUENCED MENU OR A CAF WITH A LARGER MENU OF FOOD 40. Type of food served PANINOS CHEESE PLATER APPETIZERS BEERS SODAS DESSERTS 41. Patron treatment THIS TYPE OF RESTAURANT FEATURING WAITERS TO WHICH THE CUSTOMER MUST ORDER WHAT WILL EAT 42. example TINTO CENACOLO LIMONCELLO 43. reflexion about the importance of having different types of restaurants. EACH ONE OF THE ESTABLISHMENTS THAT OFFER FOOD AND SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE EACH ONE OFFERS DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCALES SO THAT THE CUSTOMER CAN CHOOSE.