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  • Sports Photography is a branch of photojournalism, it consists of pictures being taken of a live event for example football, tennis, rugby etc. the pictures being taken are mostly for newspapers, sports magazines or agencies. The cameras used in sports photography are usually very high tech e.g. very long distance lenses, high shutter speeds in order to capture Something speeding by in high quality for example a car or a plane. The main aim of sports photography is to either promote the sport being captured or simply used as a source of information. One sports photographer is Bob Martin who is an award winning sports photographer known for his action and features shoots globally. An obvious change in this type of Photography is the ability to now be able to capture the sport being captured more attractive and interesting.
  • Advertising photography involves taking pictures for commercial use: for example in adverts, merchandising, and product placement. Commercial photography is also used in corporate brochures and leaflets, menus in cafes and restaurants, and similar commercial uses where photographs enhance a text. It is commonly and obviously used in adverts it can also appear in magazines, newspapers, leaflets and brochures. One advertising photographer is Jonathan Knowles who is again famous for his work which consists of taking pictures of people, many different types of drinks and generally beauty. Again this has changed over time for the same reasons as the sports photography because they both have had a huge change in picture quality and of course the ability to capture in color which can make the product being advertised more vibrant, colorful and attractive for the consumer compared to just a black and white picture.
  • Portrait photography is where the photographer just takes a picture of either a person or a family from a straight on position, it displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Usually used at either the home of the person being captured in the picture or in a studio with white walls all around for a more vibrant picture of the person being captured. Darrin Clinton is one of the many portrait photographers who takes the pictures you want in the comfort of your own home. Portrait photography has changed in many ways one of the main changes is the stance or behavior of the person in the shot as many years ago the person being captured would stand completely face on and up straight with no facial expressions whereas
  • Fashion Photography is used to promote different types of clothing in the attempt to sell it to the public meaning the pictures need to be attractive for the consumer which is why they are usually colorful and a model is used for the attractiveness for men and women. It is used mostly in studios and photo booths where they can get the best quality picture in the best color as the background would be a clear plain color to help the product stand out for the customer. This type of photography has changed over time again because of the advance in technology as in the past the photos would just be black and white meaning the clothes may not have come across as attractive to the customer. A famous example of a photographer involved with this work would be Adolphe Braun who published his own book containing many of his photos (288 to be precise)
  • FOOD 5
  • Food Photography is similar to fashion photography in terms of it is used to sell the product being captured so it needs to be attractive, colorful and generally makes you want to buy it so its again very important that the picture is good quality and endearing. It is used in restaurants to sell the food to the customers buying so the product must be prepared in order to sell it which usually means that the actual product doesnt live up to the expectations built up by the photo. And again similar to fashion photography it has changed over time due to technology used to take the photo as in the past no color was introduced in the photos meaning the product was less attractive. Marcus Nilsson is an example of a famous photographer, his work consists of taking pictures at a Strikingly Original angle.
  • Landscape Photography consists of simply just capturing miles of land from a standing point by looking down from a raised view at the landscape, another definition for landscape is the orientation of the photo being taken landscape being the Horizontally turned picture instead of portrait which is vertical. It is used outdoors mostly looking down at a wide stretch of land from a higher point in order to get the targeted piece of land in the frame. This has changed over time as the cameras in the modern day can zoom much further than the old camera used where capable of meaning a longer range of landscape is viewed in the shot. A good example of a landscape is Charlie Waite who has travelled all over the world in order to get the best landscape images.
  • By Mark Davies