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  • 1. Maths MethodsTypes of Functions 2 K McMullen 2012
  • 2. Types Of FunctionsGraphs of f(x)=xn where n is an even positiveinteger The graphs of even functions are symmetrical about the y-axis The maximal domain of the power function is R and the range is [0, ) A function is even if f(-x)=f(x) for all values of x in the domain of f Many-to-one function; every y value has a corresponding x and x value K McMullen 2012
  • 3. Types Of FunctionsThe power form of a quadratic function f(x)=a(x-b)2+c a is the dilation factor from the x-axis The turning point is at (b,c) The equation of the axis of symmetry is the line x=b The domain is R The range is [c, ) if a>0 or (-,c] if a0 or (-,c] if a