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  • 1. By Mohammed Munawwar VIII 'A' sec

2. The sources from which we draw power to drive our daily needs and actions. 3. Conventional Resources :- Those which have been in a common use for a long time. Non-Conventional Resources:- Non conventional energy resources is energy that is renewable. That means that it will replenish itself naturally. 4. Firewood Coal Petroleum Natural Gas Hydel Power 5. Solar energy Wind energy Nuclear energy Geo-thermal energy Tidal energy Bio-gas 6. It is widely used for cooking & heating. In our country, more 50% of energy comes from villagers. 7. Most abundantly found fossil fuel. Generated thermal power. It is also called as Buried Sunshine. 8. Products of petroleum are used from many year to light fire . Products of petroleum are used for driving vehicle. 9. It is found with petroleum depoists and is released when crude oil is bought to the surface. Accounts for about 15% of electricity generated quickly becoming the fuel of choice. 10. Rain water stored in dams is made to fall from heights. The falling water flows through pipes in the dams thus generating electricity called as hydro electricity. One fourth of world's electricity is produced by hydel power. 11. Sun is the major resource for this energy. Energy trapped from this can be used in solar cells. 12. Wind used near coastal areas and high ridges. Its is an inexhaustible energy. 13. Splitting uranium atoms produces a great deal of heat energy that is processed into electrical energy in nuclear plants. 14. Utilizes the Earths inner heated rocks to heat water that reaches these areas through seismic faults. This water is turned to steam them captured to operate steam-powered generators. 15. Energy generated by tides are called tidal energy. They can be harnessed by building dams at narrow openings of the sea. 16. Uses heat generated from burning solid municipal waste to heat water to operate steam powered generators. 17. Thank You