Types of Bullying


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This powerpoint presentation deals with exploring the various types of bullying for youth.


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Lesson Goals:

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1) What was the purpose and message of this particular film? 2) From this particular film clip, what type of audience do you believe the films message was intended for and why? 3) In this particular film clip, what points of view were presented to the audience and how? 4) Did the bullies point of view help explore the messages that came from the film and why? 5) Did having the point of view of being bullied (Victim) help explore the messages that came from the film and why? 6) Did having the point of view of the bystanders help explore the messages that came from the film and why?

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Anchor Chart Small GroupsCyber Bullying Social Bullying Cyber Bullying Verbal Bullying Physical (1) (2) (3) (4) Bullying (5) Kenny Alex Reh Abdi-Malik Rowan Hanako Caleb Lorenzo Hassan Joshua Stewart Maci Social Bullying (6) Verbal Bullying (7) Danielle Melanie Mimoza Sanjana Yusuf Liam Cara Raheema Haider Emma Rizwan Mateo Hamza Victoria Cassie

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In your groups you will be watching 4 film clips and each clip has a particular focus on one type of bullying that you need to pay attention to. Also pay attention to the message that the film clip is giving to the audience and think about how they get that message across to the audience.

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Anchor Chart DevelopmentTypes of Questions for each group: 1. Define Type of Bullying 2. Explore and come up with different examples of Type of Bullying 3. What are some different ways that you can handle Type of Bullying in a positive way? 4. What was the message(s) that you understood from the film clip on Type of Bullying? 5. Who was the intended message from the film directed towards and why? (15 minutes)Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6

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Question #3

Question #1

Question #4

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Performance Guidelines*When creating your performance make sure that the language is appropriate and physical violence causing harm to a member of a scene will not be tolerated. *Make sure that the performance your doing could be done proudly in front of Principal Lynch and your parents. *Between both scenes all the members of the group must have a role to play in the scene. *All members of your group need to have a writing assignment that will be part of the groups evaluation.Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8

Follow Along in your Handout (extra details will be there) *Two main areas of writing skills will be assessed when examining your written work and they are:

Ideas: Show that your portion of the assignment is written using plenty of details and examples that make your main idea clear and memorable for the question that you will be taking from the group written work of the assignment. Make sure that you try and provide a detailed response that fully explores the questions given. Word Choice: When writing you need to make sure that you are clear and to the point giving full explanations for each of your responses. Making sure that the words used within your responses are the correct words used for the concepts discussed within each Free Powerpoint Templates question.Page 9

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4 Dramatic Skills will be assessed when evaluating your performance:

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Complete Steps 1-3 during class today and the teacher will be looking at them at the beginning of practice tomorrow.

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