Types of aviator jackets

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Types of Aviator Jackets

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Leather jackets for menhave been in vogue since time immemorial. The classic aviator jacket became popular during the world war

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  • 1. Types of Aviator Jackets

2. Leather jackets for men have been in vogue since timeimmemorial. Long before they became an epitome of machismo,they were used as protection against inclement weather.The leather jacket was displayed on the Fashion wall of fame inthe 1950sAviator jackets are a strong part of the military dress trend 3. The classic aviator jacket became popular during the world war.That was when pilots rode fighter planes with uncovered cockpits.Aviator jackets were especially designed to protect flyers fromextreme temperatures at high altitudes 4. Aviator Jackets come in differentstyles and types.But every designer claims hismasterpiece is for the man of vigor!The Elastic waist type is quite popularwith young boys.The standard falling type with furinside suit older menThe hooded type go well with denimsand other casual wear