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  • 1. Robotics By Tyler

2. How cool they are(my opinion) I think they are so cool because you can program them and you make them. 3. How you build them 4. You build them just like a Lego . You need a kit first. You need to know what you want to make so think of one. You want what ever you build to be able to move. And if it falls apart it is fine. You can just build it again. And when you want to build a different one just take it apart. 5. HOW YOU PROGRAM IT 6. You need the software to program. The software is in the kit. You name your program and then hit go. On this you will always use boxes. There is a go, a loop, a stop, and motor. You place the boxes where you want them. Then you hit test until you like it. 7. Thanks for watching!!!!!!