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Tyler Knudsen. 2010/2011 Ag Leader Technology Scholarship. Background. Anamosa, Ia Graduated in 2006 Iowa State University Major in Agricultural Systems Technology M & M Dairy 150 head milking operation 2000 acres of corn and soybeans. Internships. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • TYLER KNUDSEN 2010/2011 Ag Leader Technology Scholarship

  • Background Anamosa, Ia Graduated in 2006Iowa State UniversityMajor in Agricultural Systems TechnologyM & M Dairy 150 head milking operation2000 acres of corn and soybeans

  • Internships Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., May 2008 - Dec. 20087 Month Maize Breeding InternManaged crews during thinning, pollinating, and note taking seasons.

    Assisted with preparation, planting, maintenance, and pollination of plots.

    Maintained and operated equipment, including a research combine through harvest.

  • Internships Cont. Ag Leader Technology, May 2009 Present Part-time7 Month Technical Support Intern Provide technical support for yield monitoring, planter systems, guidance, and application systems.Assist customers with analyzing data in SMS mapping software.Instructed customers and dealers with the use of Ag Leader products during training sessions. Provide customers with the proper steps for installation, setup, and calibration of products.

  • Internships Cont. New Century FS, May 2010 Aug. 2010Growmark Precision Farming InternProvided customers with advice and knowledge of different precision farming equipment options.

    Took part in the sales of new precision farming equipment and organization of customers data.

    Assisted with service and support of previous equipment sales.

  • Precision Ag Improve your profitabilityIncreased EfficiencyIncrease productionIncrease land value Reduce your riskCorrect fertilizer placementControl all crop inputsMake you more competitiveIncreased efficiencyControl production costsImpresses land lordsMake your life easierAuto steer & Automatic section controlBetter record keeping

  • Power of Data 2009 YieldLeft Side (Refuge)DKC 61-72 Avg. yield 230 bu/aRight Side (VT3)DKC 61-69 Avg. yield 285 bu/aSame base genetics2010 Sale? = SMART STAX

  • Steering Systems Become a huge aspect of Precision AgricultureNot only are larger operations using them, but smaller farmers are adopting the technology. Corn feelersTruesight, Reichhardt, RowSense

  • Career Plans Graduate in May 2011

    New Century FS Precision Ag Specialist