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Portfolio and Resume

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  • Portfoliotyler Knauss

  • Architecture Design Studio II 6-9Architecture Design Studio III 10-13Architecture Design Studio IV 14-17Architecture Design Studio V 18-25Architecture Design Studio VI 26-33Digital Media II 34-41Building Information Technology 42-47Integrated Building Modeling 48-57

  • Architecture Design Studio II 6-9Architecture Design Studio III 10-13Architecture Design Studio IV 14-17Architecture Design Studio V 18-25Architecture Design Studio VI 26-33Digital Media II 34-41Building Information Technology 42-47Integrated Building Modeling 48-57

  • 6 Architecture Design Studio II - Dissection of Nintendo64 and a Blizzard Fan- Organized collage - Transfer to digital format - Extrusions of negative space- Design of building derives from physical model- Final model / Appropriated Construction Drawings

    - Software used: AutoCAD 2010 , Photoshop CS5 - Hand drawings - Architectural drawings

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  • 9- : (page 8) Represents 1 of 5 studies of a Nintendo64 and Blizzard Fan

    - : (page 8) Represents the final collage

    - : (page 8) Represents one of 2 AutoCAD studies

    - : Represents the final Physical Model

    - : Final Architectural design

  • 10Architecture Design Studio III

    -Children theme plus Personal Interpretation of the story Dont Forget the Bacon for basis of design and design process- Site planning- Basic structural layout- ADA- Organizing of Space

    - Programs used: AutoCAD 2011 , Photoshop CS5 ,

    Illustrator CS5

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  • 12

    - : Dont Forget the Bacon by Pat Hutchins; Story about a boy whos imagination takes over as he goes to the grocery store- : Represents my interpretation of the story- : categorizing of space for a child theme museum - : Physical model of categorizing space- : Site study; This image shows the traffic flow next to the site

  • 13

    : Represents the final design; categorized, representative of story, childs theme, site require-ments met, ADA standards met, First use of Green Design- : Is a digital render used through AutoCAD 2011

  • 14

    Architecture Design Studio IV - San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (B.A.R.T) design project- Strong Structural focus (i.e. height and limitations of Material)- Strong sustainable design theme - Accessibility (ADA) - Function: Train station, security, height limitation, pay stations, bathrooms- Site planning (sun, wind, average temperature, etc...)

    - Programs used: Rhinoceros , Photoshop CS5 , Illustrator CS5Climate Consultant 5.4, Ecotect Analysis 2011 , VRAY

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  • 17

    - Above is light shelf paneling system that was designed using the sun path diagram for the San Francisco Bay Area. These light panels were designed to allow the winter sun to penetrate through the structure to warm up the facility and as image 2 shows it does not allow the high sun angles associated with summer in. Image 3 shows the different sun paths the sun takes throughout the year.

    1 2


  • 18

    Architecture Design Studio V- Fort Worth Historical Preservation Project - Sustainability (Net-Zero Energy goal driven)- Site planning - Self sufficient heating and cooling - Strong acoustics for amphitheater - Multipurpose transitional space: art gallery, event gathering - Strong structural focus

    - Programs used: Rhinoceros , Photoshop CS5 , Illustrator CS5

    Climate Consultant 5.4, Ecotect Analysis 2011 , Flamingo NXT

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  • 20

    - The image to the right demonstrates how the air flows through the structure and is caught and forced to under-ground pipes and released under the stage and seating.

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    3 4

    Shows both the amphitheater and the Lobby space connecting to the original building highlighted in red

    Shows the outdoor spaces that can be used for selling merchandize or other events while being protected from the elements by the solar panels

    Shows the transitional space from parking to site Shows how the design relates to the site

  • 22 Shows the how the crescent shaped truss system meets the concrete beams

    Shows the interior space of the theater with the acoustic side paneling

    Shows a balcony view towards the main stage




  • 23- These images show how these light shelves play with the light allowing light to penetrate during the winter time and does not allow it to enter during the sum-mer time. There are many ways I used the panels to play with the lights throughout the project.

  • 24

    Shows the outside portion of the multipurpose event space. It also shows the theme of playing with the sun light

    Shows the staircase as a transitional space

    Shows this transition from an art gallery to even space. The light when it hits the wire gives it a feeling of importance

    Shows the interior portion of the event space


    2 3


  • 25

    Shows the floor plans for the special events floor, including the additional shading device

    Show the floor plans for the Art Gallery space

    Elevation view

    The red on this page represents the existing structure




  • 26

    Architecture Design Studio VI - Study Abroad (Paris, France) - French Classicism Architecture- In order to enhance Pariss reputation as a world center of fash-ion by making the Quartier du Caire a center for the study of and advancement of both traditional and experimental textiles, we propose to create a Place that emphasizes important program-matic requirements of the competition. We propose large, regu-lar geometries that create public spaces within which major and minor axes direct the attention of people to focal points of the Places program. These large public spaces will provide a setting in which we create hierarchy among the various programmatic requirements. We propose using trees to emphasize direction and to provide destination and to emphasize the hierarchies within the Place.

    - Software Used: Rhinoceros , Photoshop CS5 , Illustrator CS5

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  • 30

    - This Image shows the pro-portioning system and base design for the entire project. This facade surrounds the liturgical Space and the IMC.

  • 31 We propose to make a large rectilinear Place that extends southward from the Egyptian faade to the Rue Reaumur. The place will incorporate paths that make a cross axes, north to south and east to west. The east-west axis extends into rectangular places that provide a setting for the IMC to the east and the liturgical space to the west. The axis to the IMC is lined with an alle of lindens trimmed to take the shape of a continuous verti-cal wall, thus emphasizing the axis and the faade of the IMC. The liturgical space alee of trees covers a partial amount of the faade in order to show more importance to the IMC. The IMC and liturgical space harmonize with the place without taking too much focus away from the Place which was one of the objectives. The Places was placed away from the Egyptian faade because it was meant to keep the integrity of the historic preservation by not tearing into the building or its surrounding build-ing, by doing so it gave more freedom to explore options without having to avoid that obstacle.

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  • 34

    Digital Media II- Digital Fabrications- Architectural and Material Techniques- Platonic Solids - Connections and Flow along Surface

    - Programs Used: Rhinoceros , Photoshop CS5 , Illustrator CS5

    VRAY , InDesign , PePaKura

  • 35

  • 36

    - Digital representation of cloth using a grid system

    -Increase of complexity of lines create a more realistic appearance

  • 37

  • 38

    - Development of a platonic solid - Cluster (connections made from same faces)- Modular surfaces- Illustrations of how platonic solid is created

  • 39

  • 40

  • 41

  • 42

    Building Information Technology- Recreation of VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY NEW DENTAL CLINIC- Structural Focus- Creativity - Landscaping

    - Programs Used: Revit 2013 , Rhinoceros , Photoshop CS5 ,

  • 43

  • 44

    - Images all produced in Revit 2013- Topography was created in Rhino 5.0- Plan, Sections, and Elevations- Roof Garden

  • 45

  • 46- Top four Images: Wall sections with details-Four images on Right Bottom: Close up detail of wall section

  • 47

  • 48

    Integrated Building Modeling- Team Project- Location: Downtown Lubbock, Texas- Office/ Retail/ Restaurant - Incorporated Lubbock building codes, International Building Codes, ADA, Means of Egress - Site planning, mechanical systems, structural systems, plumbing system, electrical system

    -Programs Used: ArchiCAD 16 , Artlantis , Photoshop CS5 ,

    Climate Consultant 5.4, Ecotect Analysis 2011

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  • Tyler Knauss 972.800.1006 | Tyler.Knauss@TTU.EDU

    2520 Marsha Sharp FWY Lubbock, TX 79415 1095 Edith Circle Richardson, TX 75080

    OBJECTIVE: Seeking for a summer internship or practicum i