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  • 1. Aerospace Engineer By: Tyler Capra

2. Basic Tasks of a Aerospace EngineerO Design pieces for new aircraft like enginesand wings.O Design propulsion systems for new aircraftlike jets.O Test the new designs on computersimulations.O Oversee the manufacturing of the newproduct. 3. EducationO To have this job, you must have gone to afour year university.O You must also have a bachelors degree inengineering.O A mechanical engineering degree is alsoacceptable for this job. 4. Starting SalaryO Aerospace engineers usually make onaverage, $95,000 per year.O Not experienced engineers will usually makeup to $65,000 per year.O Also making about $32 per hour. 5. Experienced Engineers SalaryO An experienced Aerospace engineer canmake up to almost $130,000 per year.O Jobs like Senior Researchers also can makeup to $130,000 per year.O Senior Researchers are usually findingcompanies for the materials to build theparts.O Usually making $50 per hour. 6. What you need to become aAerospace EngineerO You must have gone to a four year universityand earned a bachelors degree inaerospace engineering or mechanicalengineering degree.O To be in one of the senior researchpositions, you must (usually) have a PhD ormasters degree in aerospace engineering. 7. Outlook For The FutureO This job does seem like it is going to bearound for a long time because of thegrowth of plane manufacturing andhelicopter manufacturing.O Although it is hard to get to be an aerospaceengineer because there is only twentyopenings per year (since 2006), it is still agrowing job. 8. ConclusionO As long as there is a flying vehicle, this jobwill be needed.O Many astronauts were aerospace engineersbefore they went into space.O Some like Neil Armstrong and FrankBorman( first man to circle the moon)O And the designer of the jet engine, HenriCoanda.