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  • We are a perfect example of why breaking through the norm can separate a brand from the rest. Our approach to each client is not industry specific, but revolves solely on the client and problem at hand. We take pride in thinking differently and use creative story-telling to connect with the outside world. Our ability to understand traditional methods of capturing the attention of people are becoming more challenging, and it takes bright ideas and thoughtful market research to truly understand our target customer. Through analytics & insights, we continuously transform our campaigns & executions to derive the most ROI for the buck. Our clients love that we are not just yes men or yes women. We are a team of lean, mean, problem solving machines that bring fresh ideas to the table time after time. We are Tyger Shark and well never stop swimming.


  • Our team, process & unique approach to digital have made us a front-runner in the online space. We remove the horror stories that have plagued our industry for years, and provide transparent business solutions that blend into company mission & vision. Our commitment to long-term relationship building has afforded us the opportunity to work on some of North Americas largest brands.


    ALL BRAnds are not created equal.

    In the formula for success, the lasting impression of a brand can never be compromised. Every piece needs to fit - all wheels spinning in the same direction. A cohesive and consolidated brand communicates uncompromised quality and attention to detail, while exuding confidence.

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  • 6Your branding isnt about selling products, stock prices, or even font sets - its about telling your story; past, present & future.

    Design is at the core of everything we do, and we understand that what we make is just as important as what it makes people feel.

    a brand is the promise of an experience-Alexander Isley

  • 7Crafting an identity in a capsule isnt something we take lightly. From a tweak or nudge, to full make-overs and redesigns, we understand the importance of pixel perfection and always start with the end in mind.

    A professional logo is not just a powerful tool that can add instant recognition and set you apart from competition, its a mindset that big things can grow from small beginnings and the starting line is your logo.


  • 8We are digital natives. Our origin story begins with website design. Our desire to constantly push the envelope and not settle for templates or recycled material resonates through our portfolio. A website is a collaboration between creativity, technology, and innovation. Its a journey that starts with a problem and ends with a refined solution.


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    MOBILE FIRSTDESIGNThe majority of web traffic has shifted to the mobile device, and our design process has adapted to the climate.

    Start Small. Less is more. Simplify.

    The mobile user experience isnt about making a website work on a device, its about an intuitive exchange of information thats seamless across platforms.

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    A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing

    left to take away

    - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    In commerce, theres no such thing as complete and eternal market domination. As weve seen in so many industries before, creative and nimble solutions can often empty the shelves & increase your bottom line. We use your site to drive eyes & traffic to desired products & services you sell the most. Weve made millions for our clients & were damn proud of it. Were motivated by our clients success, and arent afraid of being held accountable.


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    A performance-driven strategy is a creative vision that aligns with business goals. It is not a creative brief handed over, its a plan and an execution; working along side our clients to smash milestones and shatter plateaus.

    Actionable plans & bottom line results.


    your playbook for success.

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    Our methodology of planning, executing, measuring and starting over, is one of learning, adjusting and continuous improvement. Flexibility, built-in.

    A strategy is the starting line to your marketing marathon, setting the stage for success.

    Well see you at the finish line.

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    SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONOrganic, natural, and innovative. Tyger Sharks approach to search rankings is simple; set a goal and achieve results using traditional and proven methods. No magic tricks. There is no quick fix or Band-Aid solution; only clean, recent and relevant content provide true results. We dont chase keywords or phrases, we focus on user experience and the right kind of traffic to convert visitors into buyers.

    Search Engine Optimization is a commitment to consistently add value through content. Trends come and go, but being number one never goes out of style.

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    SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGThe numbers dont lie. In-depth analysis is always our lead in identifying new markets and unexploited web corners. Using the most robust and comprehensive reporting software in the industry, competitive metrics and geo targeting are the areas of focus that can catapult rankings and deliver results.

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    app developmentThe fastest growing segment of digital engagement isnt stopping anytime soon. Weve built award-winning experiential mobile apps, mission critical apps, and everything in between.

    We believe in starting with a solid foundation that makes sense, and work with you to define your application and user experience. During the development process, we bake in analytics to track user interactions within the app that can later be analyzed to measure performance and future growth opportunities.

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    It can be loud out there in the social world. Lots of noise and chatter without saying much. Connecting people with brands is the obvious end game, but a shotgun spread is not something were interested in.

    Your followers and audience have raised their hands and asked to hear your message. At Tyger Shark, we approach social media with purpose, targets, and an understanding that yelling at a crowd has never worked. Spam is social kryptonite, so whether you need a strategy or management & execution, our team will deliver expert insights and social wisdom.

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    PHOTO & VIDEORetina Screens, 4K Displays and High Definition. There is no substitute for high resolution assets in the digital space. Tyger Sharks photographers and videographers capture stories and moments with your marketing messaging in mind. Assets are the glue that can hold a concept or strategy together and can birth lasting impressions for years to come.

    There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

    Ansel Adams

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    People dont hate advertising, they hate bad advertising.

    Deliver an experience. Change the dynamic.


    Tyger Shark is leading the industry with progressive, award-winning online experiences, and turning the tables on what advertising is. Specializing in IAB Rising Star Ad Units, were one of the few providers in Canada, offering rich media for the next generation of digital brand advertising.

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    The digital landscape has altered the role of printed marketing, but not diminished its value or impact. The look, touch, and feel, are all ingredients in the recipe for quality. Our partnerships with quality minded printers ensure that nothing gets lost in the design to print translation.


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    www.tygershark .com