TX History Ch 21.3

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Chapter 21: The Cattle Kingdom Section 3: Ranches, Rangers, & Cowboys

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  • 1. Chapter 21:The Cattle Kingdom Section 3:Ranches, Rangers, & Cowboys

2. Ranching in South Texas

  • Cattle Kingdom ranches on the open range from Texas to Canada

BEVOits whats for dinner! 3. Ranching in South Texas

  • King Ranch very important South Texas ranch

King Ranch is located in Kennedy County 4. Ranching in South Texas

  • More than one million acres at one time
  • Presently 825,000 acres
  • Larger than state of Rhode Island

5. Ranching in South Texas

  • The owners of King Ranch donated land forthe towns of Kingsville & Raymondville

6. Ranches in the Panhandle

  • Removal of Indians opened up Panhandle to ranching
  • Grass & flat open land good for cattle ranching
  • Ogallala Aquifer provided water

7. Ranches in the Panhandle

  • Farming in the Panhandle expanded after the appearance ofwindmills.

Windmill 8. Ranches in the Panhandle

  • John Adair & Charles Goodnight established theJA Ranchin Palo Duro Canyon

Charles Goodnight 9. Ranches in the Panhandle

  • XIT Ranch Panhandle ranch bought for the cost of a new state capitol in Austin

10. Ranches in the Panhandle

  • Covered 3 million acres
  • Almost the size of Connecticut
  • 150,000 cattle

11. Ranchers & Cowboys

  • Bose Ikard African American trail driver & rancher

Bose Ikard 12. 13. 14. 15. Cowboy Culture

  • Cowboy Culture popularized in America byinexpensive novels that glorified cowboy life.

16. Cowboy Culture

  • Myth:cowboys lived fearless, happy, & worry free lives roaming through rugged but gorgeous landscapes
  • Fact:faced many dangers, worked long hours, and received little pay