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On January 26, 2009 Sean Jackson presented to the YPO round table for restaurant owners. This presentation details how restaurant owners can use Twitter to help build a community of interest around their venue.

Transcript of Twitter For Restaurants

  • Twitter For Customer Engagement Dallas January 2010
    EAT WHAT YOU TwEETPresented by Sean Jackson, CEO of Ecordia
  • Sean A Jackson@seanthinks
    CEO of Ecordia
    17+ Years in Interactive Technology Development
    50+ Web Application Built
    President DFW SEM
    Past President Dallas Ad League (AAF-Dallas)
    Member of DallasRoundTable
    Speaker & Lecturer
  • Growing your business with Twitter
    What is Twitter?
    Does Twitter matter to your business?
    The 5 Rules for successful growth.
  • BBS
    My venue and
  • 40404
  • Twitter is NOT about shouting
    it is about connecting.
    • Do you have something of interest for the community?
    • What is your value in the community?
    • Can you be trusted?
    • Are you active?
    • Is Twitter part of your DNA?
    Updated website
    Active blog site
  • Twitter rules for growing your business
  • Clarify
  • Limitations of Twitter
    10% represent 90% of all tweets (SM avg 10%/30%)
    78.1%is babble or conversations
    1%of addicts = 35% of visits
    72% passers-by
    27%are regular users
    60%abandon Twitter after first month
    .001%quantifiable ROI*
  • Why You Should Use Twitter
    Is my audience there?
    Is it important to my efforts?
    Can I/we engage?
    Can I/we sustain?
  • RULE #1 - Build a Foundation
    Create the right team
    Marketing person? (maybe)
    Diversify responsibility
    Consider creating a TweetTeam within the organization
    Customer fans (tradeout for gifts)
    Provide rules & responsibilities (most important)
    User accounts are important
    By location or by brand or by personality or ALL
    Build the right lists
    People who work for us (employees, vendors)
    People we know and who know us
    People we dont know who know us
    People we would like to know but dont know us
  • Monitor
  • Research what is going on
    Restaurant near:Dallas within:50mi
    Proper Names + Intent
    • need
    • going
    • want
    • help
    • idea
    • why
    • bad & other negative sentiments
    Proper Names
    • #HashTags
    • @User Accounts
    • Brand Names
    • Proper Names
    • Market Terms
    • Competition
    • Misspellings of all