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  • 1. Clara Rodrigues
  • 2. The Tweenies theme song starts with Milo saying come and play and gesturing for the person that is watching to go and play. This will attract their audiences straight away because it will make them feel like they are involved and that they really want them to go and play with them. The second part of this tittle sequence is Milo going into a cardboard box and then the cardboard box turning into a spaceship which shows creativity and it also its showing imagination and that suggests that the audience can relate to this as the audience is of a younger age and younger children have a wider imagination than adults. The transition into the next scene is like a dreamlike transition which takes you into his imagination and this shows how children believe in make-believe and by having Milo go into his own world is relating to the audience because as a child you create forts and imagine it as a different universe and thats what this scene is showing.
  • 3. This screen shot shows how much what Milo is seeing, so basically he is showing what is going through his mind. This makes the audience feel like they are part of his world and that he wants them to join him. Also because its cartoon and its not real life, the dream like scene emphasis that its not real and when Milo transformed the cardboard box into a ship it conveys that the their younger audience can also do the same thing. This screenshot shows Jake flying into Milos ship and this shows a lot of imagination as Jake is a normal cartoon who doesnt have any wings but is able to fly, this is showing the audience that if you have a wide imagination you are able to do anything you want, as long as its safe. Milo also made the ship bigger so that Jake could fit inside of it, and as the theme goes on its like the ship is getting bigger to fit everyone in it, and this is unrealistic, but with their target audience being unrealistic isnt a
  • 4. This screen shot shows all of the four tweenies , Milo, Fizz, Jake and Bella. In this shot it shows the representation of both genders, how there is a female and male at the front and a female and male at the back, and this is representing both genders in an equal way as there isnt just two males at the front and the females at the back. When looking at this shot there isnt a certain person standing out from everyone and this is representing both genders is an equal way as well as everyone has the same amount of attention. In these screen shots it shows the different ethnicity's, and it represents them all in an equal way. None of the characters are black or white which is really important as they are colours that dont exist on real human beings, this conveys that everybody is equal and every ethnicity is the same on the outside and inside. No to make it confusing to their target audience they made the characters bright colours . I think this is really important because the target audience and watching this as a kid, will teach them that every ethnicity is the same and that everybody should be treated the same.
  • 5. The dog doodles is used in this to attract the audience even more and also animal lovers. The dog helps attract more audience as a lot of people love animal, and little kids especially . Any type of animal would attract the target audience of a younger age, but having a dog would attract them even more because a lot of people have dogs as pets and if the target audience that are watching this has a dog, they will feel comfortable watching this as they know what its like to have a dog . The way that both genders act are very stereotypically the way that their genders act. For example there is a part where Fizz takes a bow, to show that she is well mannered. Another example would be when Milo does an aeroplane mode to show that he is a male, so the way that the girls act is very girly like and the boys also act very boyish. The clothes that they are wearing also represents their gender, for example Jake is wearing a cape which is very male like and Fizz is wearing fairy wings and Bella has a fairy wand, even though they are very simple props it represents their genders in a big way.