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  1. 1. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Discover New Opportunities
  2. 2. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Discover Finland Distinctive seasonal variations Nightless nights and midnight sun during the summer Polar nights and northern lights during the winter Unspoiled nature The land of the thousand lakes Vast archipelago Verdant forests
  3. 3. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Discover Finns The harsh conditions in which the Finns live have made them tough and unyielding but dont let first impressions fool you. Once you get to know them better you will see them as warm, easy going and honest people 5,2 million, mainly living in urban areas Two official languages Finnish (92%) Swedish (5,5%)
  4. 4. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi The Finnish educational system The higher education system comprises universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). The admission requirement for both is a secondary general or vocational diploma. Universities, which are scientific or artistic institutions, focus on research and education based on research. They confer Bachelor's, Master's, licentiate and doctoral degrees. Universities of applied sciences offer work-related education in response to labour market needs. A bachelors degree requires 3.5 - 4.5 years of full-time study. The requirement for Master's programmes is a UAS degree or equivalent, plus a minimum of three years of work experience in the field concerned. Basic education Upper secondary schools Vocational education and training Bachelors degree Bachelors degree Universities Universities of Applied Sciences Masters degree Masters degree Doctors degree Working life Working life
  5. 5. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Discover Turku Living city with lots of students Interesting attractions Extensive variety of leisure time activities Festivals and many other events Vibrant nightlife 175,000 inhabitants, ca. 20% students
  6. 6. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Discover TUAS One of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland Multidisciplinary 7 fields of study and 37 degree programmes 10 degree programmes leading to a Masters Degree
  7. 7. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Locations and faculties Life Sciences and Business Well-being Services Arts Academy Technology, Environment and Business Health Care Telecommunication and e-Business Development and Administration Administrative Services Educational Services Innovation Services
  8. 8. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi TUAS faculties in Turku Life Sciences and Business Well-being Services Well-being Services Health Care Arts Academy Technology, Environment and Business Telecommunication and e-Business
  9. 9. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi TUAS international activities Over 200 international partners Emphasis on Baltic Sea area and Europe Cooperation also in Asia, America and Africa Student and staff mobility International cooperation for curriculum development Joint degree programmes International R&D project cooperation Internationalisation at home Teaching in English Focus on language training and cultural competence
  10. 10. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Student services Theres no tuition fee for degree students but you have to buy all the books and accessories yourself Turun Ylioppilaskylsti TYS offers cheap housing Single rooms and shared apartments at monthly rent around 200-300 euros More info at www.tys.fi Restaurants nearby school offer affordable lunches for students Public transportation also gives discount to students
  11. 11. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Activities for incoming students Finnish language course Learn basics of local language Get Finternational course Increase your knowledge of intercultural issues and the Finnish society Student tutoring Get a personal tutor to help you on your arrival and introduce you to the Finnish way of life Friendship programme Meet local people and get a better picture of their normal life
  12. 12. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Student associations TUO, student union of Turku University of Applied Sciences Support organisation that represents the students and their interests More at www.opiskelijakunta.net TUAS associations for foreign students Organizes student parties and other events during school year International Action Club, IAC See more at http://iac.tuas.fi Salo International Students, SIS More info at http://ixos.turkuamk.fi/sis/ In addition, almost every field of study has its own subsociety For example Turun Insinriopiskelijat, TIO ry for engineering students
  13. 13. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Life Sciences and Business The learning environment at Life Sciences and Business faculty is shaped by internationally oriented study programmes which combine life sciences, business and ICT. The objective of the faculty is to educate Bachelors of Engineering and Bachelors/Masters of Business Administration, specializing either in Business or IT,for the needs of local companies, industry and R&D activities.
  14. 14. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Life Sciences and Business Biotechnology and Food Technology Laboratory Technology Business Information Technology Business International Business (in English) Entrepreneurship and Business (Masters Degree) Location: Turku www.tuas.fi/lifesciencesandbusiness
  15. 15. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Well-being Services The faculty of Well-being Services gives students the skills and competence needed in social services and individuals everyday well-being. Elements of the studies are theoretical education, work placement, project work and thesis project. All these elements create a continuous link between education and working life. Students are encouraged to customer-oriented work, ethically sustainable activities, ncreasing comprehensive well-being and giving an opportunity to fulfill themselves.
  16. 16. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Well-being Services Physiotherapy Beauty Care Business Hospitality Management Social Services Business Information Technology Occupational Therapy Hospitality Management (Masters Degree) Social Services (Masters Degree) Rehabilitation (Masters Degree) Locations: Turku, Loimaa www.tuas.fi/well-beingservices
  17. 17. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Arts Academy In the field of arts education, the Arts Academy provides an interesting and wide selection of specializations within its 4 main programmes. The variety of art fields represented allows creative collaboration between programmes in cross artistic productions and co-operation. The Arts Academy is an active partner in and promoter of art life in the Turku region by organizing concerts, exhibitions and performances.
  18. 18. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Arts Academy Performing Arts Fine Arts Music Communication and Media Arts Locations: Turku www.tuas.fi/artsacademy
  19. 19. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Technology, Environment and Business The faculty of Technology, Environment and Business offers 12 different degree programmes. This gives to the students plenty of possibilities for elective cross-disciplinary studies. The studies include various types of project work and real-life business assignments. Students are strongly encouraged to take initiative and teachers to implement new teaching methods. In all degree programmes, particular attention is paid to entrepreneurship, business administration and today's international working environment.
  20. 20. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Technology, Environment and Business Automotive and Transportation Engineering Fisheries and Environmental Care Sustainable Development Mechanical and Production Engineering Business Logistics Business Civil Engineering Restoration Business Information Technology Design Construction Management Professional Sales Industrial Management International Business (in English) Construction (Masters Degree) Environmental Technology (Masters Degree) Locations: Turku, Parainen, Uusikaupunki, Salo www.tuas.fi/techenvibusi
  21. 21. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Health Care The faculty of Health Care creates possibilities for education, research and development. The objective of the faculty is to educate professionals for public and private sectors of health care services. The Health Care faculty places an emphasis on the application of theoretical study to the practice of health care, enabling the students to develop both theoretical and clinical skills.
  22. 22. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Health Care Biomedical Laboratory Science Emergency Care Radiography and Radiotherapy Nursing Dental Hygiene Nursing (in English) Management and Leadership in Health Care (Masters Degree) Health Promotion (Masters Degree) Clinical Expert (Masters Degree) Locations: Turku, Salo www.tuas.fi/healthcare
  23. 23. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Telecommunication and e-Business The faculty of Telecommunication and e-Business educates international experts and future entrepreneurs in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Education emphasizes active learning and the relevance to working life. Students are encouraged to work with industry in the region and take part in development projects, practice enterprises and many other interesting and challenging tasks.
  24. 24. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Telecommunication and e-Business Electronics Library and Information Services Information Technology (in Finnish and in English) Business Business Information Technology Technological Competence Management (Masters Degree) Locations: Turku, Salo www.tuas.fi/telecommunicatione-business
  25. 25. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Continuing Education Services offered: Professional specialisation studies Intensive training courses Seminars Working life services Development of enterprises and organisations www.tuas.fi/continuing
  26. 26. www.tuas.fiwww.tuas.fi Open University of Applied Sciences The Open University of Applied S