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    The Turbo Air 6000Centrifugal CompressorHandbook

    Cooper Compression3101 Broadway P.O. Box 209Buffalo, New York 14225-0209 USA

    AAEDR-H-082 Rev. 01ECO-1938315 January 2005

    Attention:Upon compressor receipt, it is recommended themachine be registered at www.coopercompression.comfor CCV extended warranty, service information andupdates posted to the web site.

  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook


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    About This Manual

    About This ManualThis manual contains the basic information necessary for using and maintaining the Cooper Compres-sion Turbo Air Oil Free Centrifugal Compressor, from the original startup and operation to inspectionand servicing. However, since installations may vary, these instructions may not cover all details orvariations in the equipment supplied or every question which may possibly arise during use.

    If a question or situation develops which is not answered directly in this manual, contact an authorizedCooper Compression sales or service representative for more information, or contact the factory directlyfor specific answers and/or advice.

    All operating personnel should become familiar with the contents of this manual before the compressoris put into service. This is particularly important with regard to the safety precautions listed in theIntroduction and those included at relevant points of the procedures described in other sections ofthis manual.

    WARNING:Read, be sure to clearly and completely understand, and then carefully follow all thedirections included in this manual. Failure to adhere to the guidelines and specific instruc-tions provided could cause equipment damage and/or serious personal injuryor death.

    Cooper reserves the right to make enhancements or improvements to the equipment at any time, withoutnotification. Such changes may have an impact on the accuracy of content in this document.

  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook


  • Contents

    Table of Contents

    About This Manual iii

    Section One: Introduction About Cooper Compression 1 3 The Turbo Air Centrifugal Compressor 1 4 Safety Precautions 1 6 Safety Labels 1 7 Warranty 110 Limitation on Liability 111 Unauthorized Repair 111 CC V 5-Year Warranty Program 112

    Section Two: SpecificationsGeneral Compressor Specifications 2 3Alarm and Trip Specifications 2 6Compressor Lubricant Requirements 2 7

    Section Three: InstallationGeneral Considerations 3 3The Installation Work Schedule 3 4Site Considerations 3 6Process Air Piping 3 8Utility Piping 317Electrical Interface 324Receiving, Lifting, Moving... 328The Installation Inspection 330Preparing for Startup 334Initial Compressor Startup 336

    Section Four: Routine OperationGeneral Considerations 4 3Routine Startup 4 4Routine Shutdown 4 5The Operating Data Record 4 6General Lubrication Considerations 4 7The Compressor Lubrication System 4 8Oil Pump Operation 4 9Gearbox and Reservoir Venting 410Optional Features 411


  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook

    Section Five: MaintenanceGeneral Considerations 5 3Daily Inspection 5 4Scheduled Maintenance 5 5Professional Inspection 5 7Filter Maintenance 5 8Lubrication 511Intercooler and Aftercooler Cleaning 514Oil Cooler Cleaning 518Control Valves 519

    Section Six: TroubleshootingGeneral Considerations 6 3How to Request Assistance 6 3Alarm and Trip Functions 6 3Drive Train Troubleshooting 6 4Lubrication System Troubleshooting 6 5Air System Troubleshooting 6 6Control System Troubleshooting 6 7

    Section Seven: Parts and ServiceAftermarket Support 7 3Parts Ordering Procedure 7 4Parts Availability 7 4The Return Goods Policy 7 4The Periodic Maintenance Parts Inventory 7 5The Professional Inspection Parts Requirement 7 7Control System Parts 710Lubrication System Parts 712Main Drive Coupling Parts 714Heat Exchanger Parts 716Air Piping Parts 719



    Contract Drawings

    Supplemental Data


  • Introduction


    Section OneIntroduction

    About Cooper Compression The Turbo Air Centrifugal


    Safety Precautions Safety Labels Warranty Limitation on Liability Unauthorized Repair

    CC V 5-Year Warranty Program

  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook


  • Introduction


    About Cooper CompressionCooper Compressions reputation as a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high tech-nology centrifugal compressors is based upon an engineering tradition that spans over four decades.

    This tradition of technological innovation and leadership began in 1955, when the former JoyManufacturing Company developed the first integrally geared centrifugal compressor. In time, theJoy Manufacturing Company grew and eventually emerged as Cooper Compression. The originalmachine developed in those early years became the prototype for the ingenious design that continuesto be the defining standard for oil-free centrifugal compressors.

    The dependability, efficiency, and adaptability of its product line have established Cooper Compressionas a global leader in the production of high technology centrifugal compressors. From the early MSGmodel through the C-8 model to the Turbo Air 2000 Compressor, the Turbo Air 3000 Compressor andthe Turbo Air 6000 Compressor, these compressors are known for their ease of automation and highoperating reliability. Cooper Compression centrifugal compressors operate in a diverse array of installa-tions that spans six continents. International concern for a cleaner environment has also motivatedusers to choose these Cooper Compression products, which allow them to harness the power of oil-free compressed air as well as to minimize the ratio of energy consumption required.

    The Buffalo, New York, USA, dedicated complex includes the manufacturing plant, a state-of-the-artresearch and development facility and the training school. These resources, along with a worldwidenetwork of sales distributors and trained and authorized service representatives, enable Cooper Com-pression, Inc. to provide the very best products and service to those industries which have come to relyon Cooper Compression centrifugal compressors.

    Cooper Compression is ISO 9001 Certified.

    To learn more, look us up on the Internet:Http//www.coopercompression.com

    Figure 11 The Buffalo, New York, USA, Centralized Facilities

  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook


    The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal CompressorThe Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor is a state of the art source of oil-free air manufactured withthe users needs in mind. The simple but rugged mechanical design provides many advantages. Itcombines the best features of aerodynamic technology to achieve optimum energy efficiency, and itdelivers lower horsepower to cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratios than any other oil-free centrifugalcompressor available.

    The Most AdvancedCompressor Components AvailableThe Turbo Air 6000 Compressor includes internal components which are unique to the industry. Supe-rior pinion bearings designed for unlimited life and operation at any load. Non-contacting, non-wearing labyrinth air and oil seals that require no buffering to ensure oil-free compressed air. Impellersthat are an advanced design which combines the best features of a sigma-radial impeller and a back-ward-leaning impeller. Vaned diffusers that are matched to the impellers for incomparable efficiency.Finally, inlet guide vanes that are mounted close to the impeller to achieve maximum benefit.

    The Maestro Control SystemThe Maestro control system is standard on the Turbo Air Compressor package. Maestro provides thecompressor owner with high performance solutions through faster response times, improved reliabilityand reduced energy costs. This state-of-the-art system is compatible with all other centrifugal, recipro-cating, and rotary screw compressors.

    The various control modes available provide optimal efficiency in even the most demanding applica-tions.

    NOTE: The Turbo Air 6000 Compressor package is not a complete, stand-alone compressed airsystem. To complete the system, additional components (such as main drive motor starter, oil pumpstarter, manifolds, inlet air filters, silencers, expansion joints, etc.) are also required. Cooper Com-pression offers a selection of optional equipment as part of the package or as add-ons after installa-tion.

  • Introduction


    Other Design FeaturesOther outstanding design features of the Turbo Air 6000 compressor are shown in Figure 12including:

    1. Horizontally split gearbox casing2. Mounted aftercooler (optional)3. Built-in intercoolers4. Mounted control panel5. Self-contained lubrication system6. Inlet guide vanes7. Shaft driven main oil pump8. Mounted water manifold (optional)9. Mounted bypass valve (optional)

    Figure 12 The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor











  • The Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor Handbook


    Safety PrecautionsThe Turbo Air 6000 Centrifugal Compressor is a powerful industrial machine that utilizes high-speedrotating elements and high voltages to produce high air pressures. Therefore, it is very important touse common sense and extra safety precautions whenever it is in operation as well as when performingmaintenance or making repairs.

    Cooper Compression expressly disclaims responsibility or liability for any injury or damage causedby failure to observe specified or other common safety precauti