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  • 1.TumblrBy Zack and Meghan

2. What is tumblr used for? Tumblr is a social networking site that allows users toupload and share pictures, quotes, text and videos. Tumblr is used by people to express themselves andtheir creativity. 3. How to use tumblr Tumblr is an easy program that can be used by virtuallyanyone. It is simple to customize your page and upload or sharephotos and more. The features make it widely popular. 4. Features/steps many features that make Tumblr unique. It allows you to follow other peoples blogs acquire followers yourself. You can see amazing photos, videos and more. Tumblr lets you share your videos, pictures and quotes withother people by pressing the buttons at the top of thehomepage. You can also chat with other people through tumblr clicking the envelope at the top of the page and send fanmail. 5. How to sign upSimpleEasyQuick 6. Go to www.tumblr.com 7. Type in your information This includes an email, a password and an username.Make a password you will remember. 8. Write in your age and read theterms of service 9. Write in the words on the screen 10. You may find people you knowfrom Facebook or email. 11. See a photo you like? Reblog it orfollow the poster 12. Steps to reblog a photo a photoFind a photo you like on tumblrand click on it 13. Click on it and press reblog 14. Click reblog post 15. You have now succesfullyrebloged 16. User manual The website for tumblr is www.tumblr.com There is no user manual on tumblr Instead, you may ask question and explore the varioususer friendly tools 17. You may want to try Searching for photos with tags that you like Posting something of your own creation such as textpictures, or quotes Picking an avatar 18. Search for a photo 19. Searching for photos with tagsthat you like 20. Post something of your own 21. Picking an avatar