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In this class, you will learn how you can use Tumblr to market your private investigation business.

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  • Tumblr for the PI Joe Seanor
  • Notice This information is presented for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! The information provided is not guaranteed in any way, shape or for, implied or said to provide you additional income. All information is for your use only, and for you to work on to increase the income for your business. There is no certification for this FREE course. Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 2
  • Housekeeping All phones are muted during the call There is a chat function where you can ask me questions that I will be answering during the call. Everyone will get a copy of the slides. If you would like a copy of the recording, the cost is $10 for shipping and handling of a DVD with the recording and slides. Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 3
  • To order a copy Just go to http://www.piclassroom.com/free.html And choose the video/audio recording that you would like. Each will be burned to a DVD and mailed to you. Recordings are playable on your PC.
  • Free Copy of Slides You can download a free copy of just the slides from: http://www.piclassroom.com/free.html
  • Copyright All material in this presentation is Copyright, 2010 by Joseph Seanor and PIM LLC. Any reproduction in physical or electronic format is not allowed without the written permission of Joseph Seanor. If you wish to use this information in a presentation of your own, or in other materials, please contact me at: jseanor@cibir.net Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 6
  • Joe Seanor I currently hold the following certifications: CISSPCertified Information Systems Security Professional NSA IAMNational Security Agency Information Assessment Methodology CEHCertified Ethical Hacker CCNACisco Certified Network Associate CCDACisco Certified Design Associate METMaster Email Tracer Author of 17 books 10 years Central Intelligence Agency 14 years Private Investigator 7 Years AOL Senior Investigator for Computer Crime Copyright 2010 PIM LLC 7
  • Coming up 14&15 Sept 2010 Checking a Spouses PC I just finished up teaching a PI on how to do this. I normally charge $600 for each PC, and this again is a basic check. This is a basic check of a PC for signs of cheating. The class will teach you how to do this for a Windows PC The class will also have the reports I created The class will also have the tools I used And will have step-by-step check list for you to take with you.
  • Checking a Spouses PC It will be taught 14&15 Sept 2010 from 9pm to 11pm. This is a TWO night class, total of 4 hours of training You will get a special tool that you can use to let me remotely help you for the first few. http://www.piclassroom.com/check.html
  • What is Tumblr? Tumblr is considered a micro-blog, but somewhat bigger than Twitter. Tumblr is also a very clean type of blog. This means that there are not a lot of fancy graphics and add-ons like with MySpace. Tumblr is also a very well organized type of blogging, collection system.
  • Why Tumblr? Tumblr has an Alexa rank of 187 Squidoo has an Alexa rank of 264 Facebook has an Alexa rank of 2! Thats why you should be looking at Tumblr as a way to increase traffic to your website. And best of all it is FREE!
  • Why Tumblr? You might have a blog already, which is fine. But remember, to get higher rankings in Google, you need to have a lot of high ranking sites linking to your site. The best of these sites are Web2.0 websites. And since these Web2.0 sites are so well liked by Google, Google thinks well, if this Tumblr blog links to this PI website, it must be important!
  • Why Tumblr? Post Text, Audio, Photos, Links, Quotes, Videos, Slideshows and more! You can get a custom domain Make things private or public Easy tools that make adding bookmarks to your Tumblr site very easy. Link with Twitter Link with Facebook Use Tumblr on mobile devices
  • Goal for Tumblr?? What is the goal for your account on Tumblr? Do you want more visitors? Do you want to be ranked high in the Search Engines? Do you want more clients? NOTE: there is a difference between visitors and clients You must DECIDE on your Goal first before you setup your account on Tumblr.
  • Visitors vs. Clients With Visitors, your focus should be on 3 things: 1) Get them to sign up for your mailing list 2) Buy something from you (see Mondays presentation) 3) Become your client With Clients, you need to provide them a source of contact, SECURE, and additional services.
  • Keywords Keywords are the way search engines work. Keywords are: PI, Private Investigator, GPS, etc FORGET GETTING THE TOP RANKINGS FOR THOSE!! Besides those are worthless keywords, people using those are browsing. You want BUYERS. Copyright 2010 PIM LLC
  • Keywords/Tags So, as I have said before, think like someone searching for your business What would they type in to find your exact business? Not PI, or Private Investigator, think more words These are your keywords or Tags Copyright 2010 PIM LLC
  • Long Tail Keywords Long tail keywords is where everything is at now, and what you need. Consider the following list: 1) PI 2) Private Investigator 3) Private Investigator in GA 4) Divorce & Private Investigator in GA Which do you think is someone looking to hire right now? Copyright 2010 PIM LLC
  • Keyword Research Here is a GREAT FREE resource for keywords https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordT oolExternal Lets see what we can find!
  • Signing up for Tumblr First, do you know your Keyword or Long tail keyword you are going after? Good! Open up a Gmail account with that keyword, or close to it. Now go to: www.tumblr.com
  • Signing up for Tumblr
  • Signing up for Tumblr Note: where is says URL At least with Tumblr, unlike other sites, it says you can change this at any time! So enter your Gmail email address Enter your password Enter your URL like this: Long tail keyword.tumblr.com
  • Sign in
  • Tumblr outline Tumblr has a few main pieces 1) Dashboard (where you do all your adding and work) 2) Tumblr site (what everyone sees) 3) Customize page (extra things you can work on)
  • Tumblr Dashboard
  • Tumblr Site
  • Tumblr Customize
  • Tumblr Power Bar
  • Tumblr and Text
  • Tumblr and Photos
  • Tumblr and Quotes
  • Tumblr and Link
  • Tumblr and Chat
  • Tumblr and Audio
  • Tumblr and Video
  • Tumblr and add a new blog!
  • Tumblr and Tracked Tags Why not get even more done with your Tumblr site? Click on the Tracked Tags, and under that is Search Tumblr. I did a search on Private Investigator And look what I got!
  • Tumblr and PI So, uhhhhhh Thats just ME and ONE other person on Tumblr tagged as Private Investigator!! That BETTER not be the case tomorrow!!
  • Tumblr and Skype With Tumblr you can have your Skype Status on your Tumblr blog. Visitors can see your Skype Status and even call you from your Tumblr page! Setting this up is very, very simple! If you dont have Skype, just sign up at: http://www.skype.com
  • Tumblr and Skype If you have Skype, GREAT! Login to your Skype account and look for the Use Skype menu choice. Next Find Share Then your will be at the Get a Skype button Just fill in the information for your account, and choose the type of button you would like. Scroll down and choose Show Web HTML Just select the cod