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  • 1. UrbanPlantingThe Exhibition of 2013 Bi-City Biennale ofUrbanismArchitectureShenzhenTsinghua DESIS LabChinaProject Team of Innovative Food Network

2. Promoters.Academy of Arts & DesignDESIS Lab, TsinghuaUniversityFunders.Tsinghua UniversityAknowledgements.Zhong Fang, Xia Qing, Xia Nan, Zhu Lin, Chen Weiran, Su Yurong, Yang Xu 3. Context.Urban Planting is Increasingly popular in recent years. It hasgreat potential for sustainable development, not only as greenplantings which effectively reduce the building energy,beautiful landscaping and produce healthy food and as well asa social intervention into reform the new urban ecosystem. 4. The project.A series design of plantlighting products, recycledplant pots, intelligentinformation service system,and illustrations of vegetablein season, and also somelocal organic food andPlanting vessel for homeplanting presented in thisexhibition, Aim to facilitateUrban planting and advocatethe healthy and sustainablelifestyle. 5. The design process.| Aug 2013. Prepare And Team Building| Sep - Oct 2013. Study And Concept Design| Nov 2013. Prototyping And Test| Nov - Dec 2013. Co-work With Local Farmer And OrganicMarket Promoters| Dec 2013. Exhibition And Communicate With Visitors| Dec 2013 Mar 2014. Disseminate The Idea And Maintainance 6. Activism and Civic ParticipationCollect Waste shopping bag from familiesClose Relationship with LocalOrganic Farmers and Promotors 7. Production, Distribution and Consumption0 miles foodfood sharing 8. Storytelling and Visualisation 9. www.lens-china.orgfriend@lens-china.orgTsinghua UniversityAcademy of Arts & DesignDESIS LabChina