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Good2Work 2.0 Trust Should Be Rewarded Club of shared resources for companies, which share common values


Most of 150 business leaders we interviewed over the past three years in Russia cited lack of trust as one of the major pitfalls of Russian business environment. This is how the idea of Good2Work 2.0 evolved.

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Good2Work 2.0

Trust Should Be Rewarded

Club of shared resources for companies, which share common values

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We ensure selection of exceptional people who can be trusted both

personally and professionally

We help each club member to become more productive by providing expedient

access to shared resources: insights, references, contacts

We keep the record of shared resources and make them available on demand

We improve your business environment to maximize your business and personal


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Why you are reading this

• More than 100 CEOs and Presidents of leading multinational and local companies in Russia defined in Good2Work interviews good leadership as an ability of leaders to create in their teams productive culture based on respect, trust and accountability

• This culture is the only way to achieve the highest employee productivity, especially in knowledge economy. It also brings more freedom, satisfaction and meaning to everyone’s job

• In conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs who are taking part in the Good2work club of leaders an idea evolved to establish a business club with the culture of respect, trust and accountability. It will help companies and top executives to raise performance and competitiveness by means of efficient sharing of information, knowledge, contacts and other resources

• Now we are establishing this club…

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Value of participation:

• Recommendations and feedback on suppliers adjusted to different levels of expectations

• Reliable references on the quality of services/products and reliability of suppliers

• Sharing best practices and insights in all areas of business and especially in innovations

• Keeping track of and sharing hints on new gadgets, widgets and other useful things

• Possibility to access each other’s government and regional contacts

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• Sharing trustworthy and candid references on candidates for top management positions

• Developing common language to discuss executive level candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, assess their fit for a particular role

• Distribution of truthful and reliable information on the club member organizations

• Club membership discounts from selected suppliers

• Hands on personal consultations on professional issues

• Communication between participants within and across professional specializations

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As well as…

• Source of energy and inspiration from communication with likeminded people who are comfortable to deal with

• Supporting positive image of the club member organizations

• Personal assistant’s services

• Raising the respect of suppliers supported by the club

• Bonus points for being useful to other participants which can be spent on a number of exclusive products and services

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• We are building a club of companies which share common values

• The club helps member companies to earn more, to spend less, to be more competitive than non-members

• It helps individual members to increase professional capacity, to improve performance and to grow

• Each individual candidate is going through rigorous assessment process

• Candidates are assessed on their professional competencies and values

• Individual members, which do not comply with the values of the club are invited to leave

• These procedures are necessary to ensure trust and productive sharing of resources

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• Byte Club – is an online platform for everything we can effectively share in bytes. There is a private space for club members to communicate with each other. Significant part of club generated insightful and educative content is open for general public

• Atom Club – is a physical private space only for members and their guests. Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with values of the club

• Club private events – meetings with gurus and discussion boards on important topics - will be organized each quarter in places of high standing until the Atom Club will be opened as a permanent place for such events

• Technical solutions will be implemented in both Byte and Atom spaces to protect confidential information privacy from competitive intelligence

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Byte Club Features• Participants’ personal multimedia profiles which are updated by

the club secretary twice a year

• Specialized clubs and communities for entrepreneurs and executives based on role, professional and industry interests

• State of the art search engine empowering participants to search and browse club shared resources: contacts, expertise, experts, expert areas, interests and more of each other. Search for companies and people on whom the members can give references

• Micro blog newsfeed that can be filtered by author, subject, trend, popularity, importance etc.

• Opportunity to personally approach club Administrator with any question or inquiry. The answer is guaranteed but may come from an anonymous source

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Corporate Membership Terms

• Companies pay an annual membership fee for their representatives

• Fee levels are based on international benchmarks

• Each Corporate Member is represented at the club by at least two executives including CEO or business founder

• Exceptional terms are offered to companies, which top executives are already members of the Good2Work club of leaders

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Face Control

• Potential Corporate Members should be either recommended by an actual member or invited by the Administrator

• Each Corporate Member’s representative participates in a structured video interview on competencies and values performed by the Analyst of the club

• After the interview is published for the club members maximum of three black balls is allowed for candidate to be accepted

• Each individual participant – representative of member company - should commit to share resources with other members in compliance with values of the club

• Participant will be asked to leave the club after two black balls. Member company has the right to introduce a replacement candidate

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Vision for Growth

• February – April 2011– Consultations with potential club members (done)– Bringing together project team (done)

• April – November 2011– Inviting core members to join– Utilizing private group function of Good2work online platform to start gathering and using

shared resources

• December 2011– Launch of the new online platform– More than 20 companies joined as core members

• December 2013– From 300 to 1000 member companies – Not less than 30% of member companies are not from Russia– Atom club is operating

• December 2017– 3 000 member companies– International club– Chain of Atom clubs

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Values of participants:BraveryVisionRespect for self and othersTrustHonestyGenerosityFortitude

produce value for participants

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To be continued…

Our team took crucial part in creating: