Trundle Central School Newsletter K/1/2 - Joshua Lynn 3/4 - Jasmine Morgan 5/6 - Paddy Williams Mrs

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Transcript of Trundle Central School Newsletter K/1/2 - Joshua Lynn 3/4 - Jasmine Morgan 5/6 - Paddy Williams Mrs

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    4th December 2017 Term 4 Week 9

    Trundle Central School Newsletter A school that provides a

    professional, stimulating and challenging learning


    Principal Mr John Southon

    Head Teacher Secondary Mr Gerry Capell

    Assistant Principal Mrs Fiona Sanderson

    Reminders Intensive Swimming All week Tuesday 5/12/17

    Super 8’s cricket CANCELLED Wednesday 6/12/17 Welfare Barbecue Thursday 7/12/17 Secondary Assembly 2:30pm under COLA

    P&C President

    Mrs Joanne Coster

    Secretary Elysse Coomes

    Treasurer vacant

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    Page 2 Term 4 Week 9



    his week intensive swimming continues and welfare

    BBQ Wednesday. This week is yet another busy week

    for students and staff. The pace always increases

    towards the end of Term 4 and as a result, we often

    have very tired cranky children. The hot, humid,

    weather last week and our school resembling a

    construction zone over the last week do not help this.

    This week two teams of workers will be working on

    the rooves in an attempt to finish this project more

    quickly to reduce the disruption to lessons. Please

    support your children in the last few weeks by having

    them in bed early and drinking plenty of water rather

    than soft drink. Soft drink especially those containing

    Caffeine do not rehydrate but make you thirstier. How

    can this be true? The commercial shows it will make

    me lose weight and run along a beautiful golden sandy

    beach showing off my six-pack. Sports drinks are also

    very high in salt so should not be given to children. Yes,

    I have just done mandatory training on reducing obesity

    in children. Parents and students should be aware that I intend for

    students to maintain the high standard of effort and

    behaviour right up to the last minute of term. Despite

    the belief of a few students, it is not the end of term.

    The end of term is 3:25pm Friday, 15th December. Thank you to Emily Harper for gently reminding me to

    turn on the water chiller for the bubblers. Nothing like

    a gentle reminder from a teenager and this was nothing

    like a gentle reminder. However, the water is now


    The quality of students at this school is never in doubt.

    However, the way they handled the disruptions last

    week was exceptional even for them. We had minimal

    disruption and students followed instructions perfectly.

    Well done to all the students and staff. The

    replacement of the rooves is a State government

    program rather than school. The old sheets of iron will

    be used to construct a fence in the Ag plot so minimal

    waste of the product is occurring. These workers

    should be hired as rainmakers because we have had

    three reasonable falls since they started. The problem

    is too late and not enough a statement I heard from my

    father many times before harvest. These contractors

    are also staying locally and spending money in our

    town. This can only be positive.

    Observant people would have noticed 200 tonnes of

    topsoil on the oval. The plan is to upgrade the oval as

    there are parts where the grass is trying to survive on

    hard clay or gravel. Eventually I would like the oval to

    be of a standard that is the best in the region. I see no

    reason why we should not have the best oval in the

    region if we have the resources and staff to do so. Our

    first step maybe to stop calling it an oval, as it is square.

    School planning is well underway for the 2018 school

    year. The school priority areas are Literacy &

    Numeracy development, building stronger community

    partnerships and improving the delivery of Stage 6

    subjects through the Western Access Program. The

    completed plan will go through another round of staff

    and community consultation before it is published in

    2018. A plan is not the stone tablets but a set of

    directions and goals for the school to work towards.

    One of the best qualities of this school is the flexibility

    of staff and our ability to change to suit an emerging


    Three new staff will be joining us in 2018. Ms Gaye

    Rush will be joining us to teach English, Library and

    History. Mr Ryan Burley will be joining the Primary

    Department and Ms Toni Fitzsimmons will join us as a

    Learning Support Teacher. Two of these positions are

    additional to our existing staff. An indication of the

    strength of this school is the amount of applications we

    received for these positions. I am looking forward to

    the new energy and ideas three additional staff

    members will create. New staff into a town brings with

    it guaranteed government money and the financial

    multiplier effect is enormous across the town.

    The accommodation crisis (yes crisis I have used the

    word) will shortly be reduced with The Teacher Housing

    Authority starting construction in Brookview Street.

    New construction in the town is a sign that this town

    has the potential to continue well into the future. For

    all those people that doubted a small group of active

    people could achieve this project, we have just pushed

    over another rubber tree plant. This construction will also

    allow teachers to live in the community where they

    work. In this newsletter is a community notice encouraging

    members of the community to voice their opinion

    about the Sunrise mine development. Our newsletter is

    effectively the town newspaper and as such, we

    regularly print community notices as a service. The

    publishing of this community notice does not

    necessarily reflect the views of staff, the

    Department of Education or myself.

    Another great week in Trundle

    John Southon

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    Page 3 Term 4 Week 8

    Presentation Night 2017 A special invitation is extended to all parents, guardians and guests to help celebrate a

    successful 2017 for Trundle Central School and to attend our annual Presentation Night

    on Monday, 11th December beginning at 6.30pm at the Memorial Hall. The night promises

    to be a wonderful opportunity for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 to be

    rewarded for their efforts during 2017 and to reflect on our achievements over the year.

    Flowers for Presentation Night Once again we ask for volunteers to help organise and arrange the flowers for the stage for

    Presentation Night. If you would like to help, please contact the school on

    68921303. Donations of flowers or any greenery would also be greatly

    appreciated and can be left at the school office by 9.00am Monday morning,

    11th December.

    Thank you.

    Non Uniform Day for All School - Monday 11th December Students are able to attend school out of uniform on Monday 11th December in order that their

    uniform will be neat and tidy for Presentation Night. Secondary girls must wear navy skirt and

    primary girls navy tailored skorts for this occasion.

    Students must wear appropriate footwear and clothing to school on the day.

    Guitar students— Presentation Night

    All students who are performing on the night are required to bring their guitars

    on Monday morning.

    Last Day of School Parents and Carers must note that the last day of Term 4 2017

    for students is

    Friday 15th December

    School will resume for Year 1—12 students on

    Tuesday 6th February 2018

    Kindergarten students start on Wednesday 7th February 2018

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    Page 4 Term 4 Week 9

    French Class party This Thursday, Year 7 & 8 students will