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  • TRUMPET Tampa bay Presbyterian church PCA

    Tampa Bay Presbyterian


    Church Staff

    Rev. Freddy Fritz, Senior Pastor

    Rev. James Nichols, Assoc. Pastor

    Melissa Noel, Office Administrator

    Joanne Campbell, Bookkeeper

    Cheryl Barber, NTCA Director

    Marianne Cali, Nursery

    Chris Christopher, Custodian

    Eileen Fritz, Children

    Ethan Hayman, Youth

    Debi Hensley, Pianist, Choir

    From the Senior Pastor’s Desk

    By Freddy Fritz

    On Humility

    I was thinking about the topic of humility today. Humility

    may not be a struggle for you, but it is for me. I was

    struck by Paul’s exhortation to the Philippians on the

    matter of humility. He said in Philippians 2:3-4, “Do

    nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility

    count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of

    you look not only to his own interests, but also to the

    interests of others.”

    Andrew Murray, whose ministry took place in South

    Africa, defined humility as follows:

    Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to

    expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to

    me, to feel nothing done against me. It is to be at

    rest when nobody praises me, and when I am

    blamed or despised. It is to have a blessed home in

    the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and

    kneel to my Father in secret, and am at peace as in

    a deep sea of calmness, when all around and above

    is trouble.

    The humble person is not one who thinks meanly

    of himself, he simply does not think of himself at


    Oh, I think so much of myself! But how do I overcome

    that problem? Well, in part, it is as Paul said in verses 3b-

    Our Mission: To bring people to Jesus Christ and membership in his church family, develop them to Christlike

    maturity, equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world, in order to magnify God's


    August 2015 Volume 10 Issue 8 1

  • TBPC Trumpet


    Rev. Freddy Fritz


    Melissa McNulty


    It is the goal of the

    Trumpet staff to provide

    articles for learning and

    growing, news for

    connecting with our

    church family, and

    information on

    opportunities for service

    and participation.

    The views and opinions

    expressed in the Trumpet

    have not been reviewed or

    endorsed by the Session.

    Please forward articles,

    ministry reports and

    calendar items for the next

    edition of the Trumpet to

    [email protected] by August 23,

    2015. All articles

    received after the 23rd

    will be held for the

    following month's


    4: “Count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look

    not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” And this

    is best done when I especially look to the interests of Christ.

    Corrie ten Boom was once asked if it was difficult for her to remain

    humble. Her reply was simple. “When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on

    Palm Sunday on the back of a donkey, and everyone was waving palm

    branches and throwing garments on the road, and singing praises, do you

    think that for one moment it ever entered the head of that donkey that

    any of that was for him.”

    She continued, “If I can be the donkey on which Jesus Christ rides in his

    glory, I give him all the praise and all the honor.”

    Like Corrie ten Boom I need to learn to be like the donkey so that Jesus

    gets all the praise and glory. I serve him and his interests. I serve his

    people and their interests.

    May God help each one of us to grow in humility.


    Volunteers Needed Volunteers are needed for the Welcome Team and the

    Narthex Greeting Team. Please see Ted Jefferies if you


    Volunteer Grant Writers Sought for MNA Ministries

    MNA SecondCareer Ministry has a variety of opportunities for lay

    people to serve in ministry, many of which can be done right from

    home with no need to travel. For example, we have a number of

    requests from MNA ministries seeking volunteers who have experience

    writing grant request proposals for charitable non-profits and

    ministries. If you would like to learn more about these and other

    opportunities to serve contact Gary Ogrosky at [email protected]

    (phone 770-695-4811) or check our website at

    mailto:[email protected]:770-695-4811

  • 10 Reasons Everybodyat Church Should Wear a Nametag

    By Chuck Lawless

    At many conferences and meetings I attend, I am expected to wear a nametag.

    The business world thinks about nametags, but the church world gives them too

    little thought. Here are ten reasons EVERYONE in church ought to wear a


    1. Few people know everybody in the church. Even in the smallest churches, it’s sometimes difficult to remember everybody’s name. If/as

    the church grows, that task becomes even more difficult. Nametags allow

    us to admit that struggle while providing a way to overcome it.

    2. Leaders need help with names. I want to know everybody’s name in my church, but I’m not gifted with that kind of memory. I admit I need

    help if I want to be the best church leader I can be. I would much prefer

    calling people by name as I minister to them – and nametags allow me to

    do so.

    3. Nametags invite conversation. Knowing another person’s name breaks down one barrier to conversations that church folks ought to feel

    comfortable having. It’s simply easier to talk with others when you are

    on a first-name basis.

    4. Knowing names makes fellowship more personal. While calling each other “brother” or “sister” sounds good (and is theologically on target),

    that nomenclature is often a cover up for “I’m sorry I don’t know your

    name, and I’m embarrassed to ask.” As long as conversations remain at

    the anonymous “brother” and “sister” level, fellowship will remain

    surface level.

    5. Nametags save embarrassment. We’ve probably all called someone by the wrong name, only to realize it later (or perhaps even within the same

    conversation). If “brother” or “sister” is a gentle way of saying, “I don’t

    know your name,” using the wrong name is an undeniable way of doing

    so. That’s embarrassing for both parties.

    6. Nametags are an inexpensive way to promote outward focus. The church that says, “We don’t need nametags since we already know

    everyone anyway” is probably saying more than they care to admit. My

    guess is they see few guests at their church, and they probably aren’t

    expecting any. On the other hand, using nametags is one way to say, “We

    expect God to send us guests, and we want to be ready for them.”

    7. Guests feel less conspicuous. I understand why we might give guests a nametag, but doing so for them alone actually makes them even more

    noticeable – and puts them at a disadvantage in conversations. I know

    their name, but they don’t know mine if I’m not also wearing a nametag.

    Guests should never be the ones who must do the asking.

    8. Saying to someone, “Please let us know your name” also says, “We want to know you.” Much has been written about guests’ desire for

    anonymity in churches, but I take a different slant on that issue. People

    who come to a church are looking for something. They often welcome

    care and concern. What they don’t want is to be smothered and made

    uncomfortable. That’s a different issue, though, than simply wanting to

    know them by name.

    Continued on Page 6

    TBPC Ministries Adult Christian Education

    & Fellowship

    Ed Jordan


    Eileen Fritz


    Sandy Neal

    Greeters & Welcome


    Ted Jeffries

    Growth Groups



    LeeAnn DeStefano

    Men’s Bible Study

    Jeff Beams

    Men’s Ministry

    Brian Carrier


    Rev. James Nichols


    Debi Hensley

    New Tampa Christian


    Cheryl Barber


    Marianne Cali


    Randi Mallary

    Pastoral Care

    Rev. Freddy Fritz


    Lenny Chew

    Women’s Bible Study

    Melissa Bayley

    Women in the Church

    Ginny Bremer


    Ethan Hayman


    Rev. James Nichols



    BIRTHDAYS 1— Jason Skopp

    3— Oceane Lok

    6—Joanne Campbell

    7—Lillian Barquin

    8— John Dixon

    9—Lilly Porter 21—Bill Jeffries

    10—Averil Massie 21—Colby Tomasello

    11—Reid Donaldson 23— Chanjun Ju

    15—Lenny Chew 24—Wicke Egbert

    15—Olivia Chew 25—Wes Mollard

    15—Kim Cozzolino 26—Peter Wu

    17— Doug Hayman 27—Joe Burns

    21— Paige Atkinson 29— Bert Barber

    Missionaries Supported by


    Mission to the World

    Peter & Lauren Dishman

    Esaie & Natacha Etienne

    Ken & Tammie Matlack

    Carla Stevens

    Reformed University


    Jeff & Jenny Lee

    New Harvest Missions


    Nathaniel & Cherita


    Serving In Missions

    Rene & Lili Palacio

    Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Don & Judy Vander Ploeg

    Kevin & Gertrude Nicholas

    Ven Con Nosotros Church

    Dr. Oscar & Elizabeth



    Chaplain Ted Hamm

    Chaplain James Cochell

    AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES 1— Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Massie

    2— Mr. & Mrs. Vince Hladek

    6— Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hess

    10— Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barquin

    14— Mr. & Mrs. Bob DeStefano

    14— Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pothoven

    16— Mr. & Mrs. Bill Neal 21— Mr. & Mrs. Bob McQueen

    18— Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wilbraham 28— Mr. & Mrs. Jim Childers

    21— Mr. & Mrs. John Hutton


  • Women's Ministry By Ginny Bremer

    Thank you

    We thank God for leading Molly Knox to

    agree to be the WM Brunch coordinator for

    2015, along with Suzanne Swenson as co

    chair. Both ladies are looking forward to

    glorifying God through this church and

    community outreach. This event begins the

    Christmas season with the joy of the advent of

    our Savior. Please keep Molly and Suzanne in

    prayer as they serve.

    August Events

    The WM Sister to Sister event will be at the

    home of Jeanne Higby on Aug. 8th from 11:00

    to 1:00. Dress for a luau with flowers and leis

    to add to the festive atmosphere. Invite a

    friend or family member to join our fellowship

    and bring a dish to share for the buffet table.

    As usual, we will have a devotional, games,

    and an opportunity to choose a new prayer

    partner. Remember to mark your calendar so

    you will not miss this fellowship gathering.

    WM Need

    Ginny Bremer has announced that she wishes

    to step down from the position of WM

    coordinator. She plans to continue in her

    position until a new coordinator can be found

    and mentored until June of 2016. In addition,

    we continue to seek a shower coordinator, and

    a photographer/historian. Please prayerfully

    consider taking on the Lord’s work in one of

    these positions. If you have any questions

    about the actual duties of any of the positions

    you can contact Ginny Bremer directly. Keep

    in mind that several ladies can co-chair a

    coordinator position.

    Looking Ahead

    A Women’s Encouraging and Equipping

    Conference will be available to all women in

    the church on Saturday, September 19th.

    Attending would be beneficial for all women

    who are active in the ministry, those praying

    about a commitment, or those who are

    interested in learning more about the role of

    WM. In addition, there is a Friday night

    event for those who would like to make a

    weekend sojourn. Paula Miles, PCA

    Women’s Ministry Trainer, will be the

    speaker who will lead four sessions and small

    group discussions from 8:30am to 3:00 pm

    Saturday. The conference will be held at

    Covenant Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, at

    the cost of $25.00 for the Saturday session

    and an extra $5.00 if you attend the Friday

    evening event. Registration forms are

    available at the welcome table.

    Our next WM 15 will be on Aug. 9, 2015. A

    theme for the Christmas brunch has not yet

    been decided, so if you have any ideas please

    bring them to this WM 15 meeting. In any

    event, please join us to share ideas and help

    plan other future events.


  • Missionary Biography

    Michelle Palacio

    Serving with Sports Friends (a ministry of SIM)

    Born in the US to immigrant parents, I grew up traveling around the world with my family as a “missionary kid.” I

    spent time living in South Africa and traveling to other parts of the world and had the opportunity to see first hand

    the need for the Gospel around the world. I graduated from University in May 2013 with dual degrees in Political

    Science and Global Studies with an emphasis on Cultural Studies. After graduating from university I served as a

    short term missionary with SIM USA and had the opportunity to serve around the world providing support to

    various offices and staff.

    In 2015, I started serving with Sports Friends, a ministry of SIM. Sports Friends began in 2002, in Ethiopia to

    equip church leaders for ministry with young people through sports. Since then, Sports Friends has expanded into

    13 countries with over 5000 coaches trained and ministering to over 150,000 young people. The heart and purpose

    of Sports Friends is to see the lives of children, families, and communities transformed through evangelism,

    discipleship, and church planting. In five of the countries we work, less than 5% of the populations know Christ.

    When I had the opportunity to visit with Sports Friends in Thailand I felt God was calling me to serve the

    worldwide church through this ministry that bridges the gap between youth and the church. As I began to pray and

    seek the Lord’s calling I was humbled to see how He had uniquely prepared me to serve His people through my

    experiences as a former athlete and coach.

    My role with Sports Friend is to provide supportive services for all the countries where Sports Friends is at work.

    This includes a variety of areas from training new leaders to leading short-term teams from the US to serve with

    our evangelistic camps. I’m filled with joy and great anticipation as I continue to serve the Lord, working with

    churches to minister to young people around the world to makes Christ’s name known to the nations.

    Michelle will be coming to Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church on August 30th. We will be taking a special

    offering during worship, as well as having a potluck lunch where we will get to know Michelle better.


    Continued from Page 3

    9. A “nametag” ministry provides opportunities for service. Somebody must purchase the nametags. Somebody must distribute them. Greeters must remind folks to get their nametags. And, likely, somebody

    must clean up the “peel and press” nametags that wind up on the floor after the service. The opportunities

    for members to get involved in a simple but significant ministry are numerous.

    10. Leaders risk little by trying this approach. We’re not omitting a ministry from the budget, re-writing the church constitution, or killing a sacred cow with this approach. We’re simply asking people to wear a

    nametag to promote fellowship and welcome guests. If this ministry fails – and I don’t think it will if

    leaders promote it properly and patiently wait for it to enter the DNA of a congregation – the church has

    lost little.


    1 7:45a

    Men’s Bible Study

    2 8:45 Adult CEF, Youth & Children’s Sunday

    School, CE&F; 10:30a Worship Service

    3 5:30p Women's Bible Study Craft Night

    4 7p Outreach Team Meeting; 7p Missions

    Committee Meeting

    5 6p PHOS Youth Dinner and Meeting

    6 7 8 7:45a Men’s Bible Study; 9a Men’s Ministry

    Team Meeting

    9 8:45 Adult CEF, Youth & Children’s Sunday School, CE&F;

    10:30a Worship Service; 12:30p Welcome Lunch

    10 11a Staff Meeting; 5:30p Women's Bible Study Craft Night

    11 7p NTCA Board Meeting 2015

    12 6p PHOS Youth Dinner and Meeting



    15 7:45a Men’s Bible Study

    16 8:45 Adult CEF, Youth &

    Children’s Sunday School; 10:30a Worship Service

    17 11a Staff Meeting; 5:30p

    Women's Bible Study Craft Night


    19 6p PHOS Youth Dinner and


    20 7p Session and Diaconate


    21 22 7:45a Men’s Bible Study

    23 8:45 Adult CEF, Youth & Children’s Sunday

    School; 10:30a Worship Service

    24 8:30 NTCA Pre-Planning; 11a Staff

    Meeting; 5:30p Women's Bible Study Craft Night

    258:30 NTCA Pre-Planning

    26 8:30 NTCA Pre-Planning; 6p PHOS Youth Dinner

    and Meeting

    279a Meet the Teacher Parties

    289a Meet the Teacher Parties

    29 7:45a Men’s Bible Study; 8a Women's Bible

    Study Kick-off

    30 8:45 Adult CEF, Youth & Children’s Sunday School; 10:30a

    Worship Service; 12p Lunch for Michelle Palacio

    319a NTCA First Day of School; 11a Staff Meeting; 6:30p

    Evening Women's Bible Study Fall 2015

    AUGUST 2015


  • The Sunday Schedule

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    Christian Education &

    Fellowship for Adults


    AM Sanctuary Worship Service

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