Tropical Climates Tropical Savanna Tropical Rainforest

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Transcript of Tropical Climates Tropical Savanna Tropical Rainforest

  • Tropical Climates

    Tropical SavannaTropical Rainforest

  • Tropical SavannaHot all year round, a few months are very dry

  • Tropical Rain ForestDescription Hot and rainy all year round, lush vegetation

  • Mild Climates

    Humid SubtropicalMediterraneanMarine West Coast Climate

  • Humid SubtropicalDescription - Mid-latitude regions; hot humid summers with heavy rain; short and mild winter

  • Mediterranean Description - Mild rainy winters and hot dry summers

  • Marine West CoastDescription Winds from the ocean make it mild; rainy winters and cool summers

  • Continental Climates

    Humid ContinentalSubarctic

  • Humid Continental4 seasons; winters can be long, cold and snowy but there are short hot summers

  • Subarctic ClimateClose to the polar regions; cold bitter winters but temperatures go above freezing in summer

  • Polar Climates

    TundraIce Cap

  • TundraArctic region; vast treeless plain cold, harsh and dry; permafrost

  • Ice CapBitterly cold with giant ice sheets; monthly averages do not go above freezing

  • Dry Climates


  • Steppesurrounds many deserts with partly dry grasslands and prairies; 10-20 inches of annual rainfall

  • DesertDry all year; gets less than 10 inches of annual rainfall

  • Highland Climates


  • Highland or MountainLocal climates vary greatly because of differences in elevation; cool to cold climates year round; tall mountains will have a timberline.

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