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  • 1. To make the UK the most digitally capable nation

2. We lead on Digital Skills Strong relationship with Govt Excellent partnerships Influence new funding routes A safe non competitive environment Deep levels of expertise Excellent range of assets Ability to drive collaboration Raise 1.2m per year from industry 12 full time staff Have 8 Founding partners Over 400 local partners 5 x Government depts Over 15,000 digital champions 20m of funding raised 3. Our digital skills charter 12COMMUNICATEFIND THINGSSHARESend and receive emailsUse a search engine and browseTransact With personal information43KEEP SAFE ONLINEThese Basic Online Skills have been developed by Go ON UK with the help of key academics from LSE, LBS, Ofcom and OII. They are being used as a basic standard of literacy for Go ON UK Partners. 4. Basic online skills: Age profile 65+ 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Population size55-64 20%45-5435-4425-3415-2411% 14%14%b19%a53%17% 17% 16%19%b 16%19%b16%19%bUKHave basicaonline skills*51.4m40.4m10% 8% 7% 6% Do not have basic online skills** b 11.0m*Based on whether current Users do/could do ALL four basic online tasks + Lapsed users who used to do/could do ALL four basic online tasks **Based on Current & Lapsed users who dont do/could not do ALL four basic online tasks (they maybe be able to do 1-3 tasks) + Proxy users (excl duplication with Lapsed users) + Never used/No ProxySource: Ipsos MORI BBC Digital Capabilities Update, 6th- 15th September 2013 Sample size of all respondents: 2,083 a/b- significant difference (5% risk level) 5. Inspire the journey Advanced Users GDP +ve Job Creation IP Collaboration InternationalBroad Users Job Skills Mobile Social Trading EngagingNarrow Users Communicate Search Share Stay safeOffline ---Basic digital skills + 6. Case study: Liverpool 2011-12 MeasurementPartnerships 55% reduction over over 18 months of people who had never gone online 80 local partners supported campaign Each partner promoted a specific targeted message that was appropriate & meaningful to local people & businessDigital champions 1,500 digital champions recruited and supported by local partners (BBC National Give An Hour campaign)