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  • 1. How does blood clot to form a scab?

2. What causes cardiovascular disease? 3. Why do animals behave the way they do? 4. How do we develop? 5. What happens to a baby if you smoke and drink during pregnancy? 6. How does smoking affect our lungs? 7. What is the role of genes in evolution? 8. What makes us human? 9. How do the kidneys work? 10. What does our CNS do? 11. Why does alcohol affect our co-ordination and movement? 12. How is reproduction controlled? 13. Career Prospects If you want to know the answers to these questions A- level Biology is a suitable course for you.What can it lead to?If you have achieved an A-level in Biology it can open the doors to many careers, or further courses such as a degree in science, medicine, nursing, health and fitness, and scientific research. 14. Cambridge IGCSE Biology Syllabus code 0610 15. What is triple science It covers the content in greater depth equipping you for progression to A level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Equivalent to three GCSEs Therefore, you get examined separately in all three and complete coursework's for all three subjects 16. Assessments At the end of year 11 Paper 1 is worth 30% - 40 multiple choice questions with four options for answering 45 minutes AND EITHER both worth 50%: Paper 2 based on the core curriculum maximum grade C Paper 3 based on the core and supplement curriculum grades A* to G available AND: Paper 4 is worth 20% - Coursework YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE TWO PIECES OF EVIDENCE 17. What is covered Characteristics of Living Organisms Cell Structure and Organisation Movement across the Membrane Enzymes Nutrition Transportation Respiration Excretion Coordination and Response Reproduction Growth and development Inheritance Energy flow in Ecosystems Nutrient cycles Populations Human influences on Ecosystems