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    Trinity Presbyterian Church


    April 4 Ted Bechtel Bali and Christianity

    April 11 No Dinner

    April 18 Aaron Woody Wood Guitarist Extraordinaire

    April 25 Chuck Brodsky

    The Letters of Paul*: Weekday Bible Study Begins April 26

    Beginning April 26, Dwight Christenbury will offer a weekday Bible study examining selected letters of the apostle Paul. Well begin with his earliest known letter, 1 Thessalonians, and take them in chronological order. Paul is a surprisingly interesting and often misunderstood figure in Christian history; in our study, well try our best to unearth the real Paul. The study will meet on Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m., beginning April 26. Please sign up in the Narthex. * Some of them, anyway.

    One Great Hour of Sharing Easter Sunday, April 8

    We will receive and dedicate the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on Easter Sunday, April 8 at both services. The funds are used for disaster relief, refugee assistance and development aid. Please reach out to those in need by giving generously.

    For I was hungry and you gave me food.

    I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.

    I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

    I was naked and you gave me clothing.

    I was sick and you took care of me.

    (Matthew 25:35-36)

    April 2012

    1 One Great Hour of Sharing

    Wonderful Wednesday

    The Letters of Paul

    2 Pastors Corner

    Note from Our Associate Pastor

    3 Session Notes

    Trinity Birthdays

    4 Trinitys Easter Egg Hunt

    Trinity Book Group

    New Library Resources

    Annual Haskins Easter Egg Hunt

    5 Trinity Preschool News

    Trinity Youth

    6 Trinity Presbyterian Women

    Presbytery PW Spring Gathering

    The Learning Hour

    7 Spotlight on Barbara Nagy

    Global Mission Ministry

    8 Trinity at a Crossroads, Part II

    9 Our Guatemala Partnership

    Preaching Schedule

    10 Session Notes, Continued

    11 Session Notes, Continued

    12 Lectionary Readings


    Prayer Persons

    13 Calendar

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    Note from the Associate Pastor

    Pastors Corner Easter Life

    Dwights Nonpartisan and (Hopefully) Reformed Guide to Election Year 2012

    Part 4. Church and State

    The Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum raised a ruckus a few weeks ago when he criticized the separation of church and state. In reaction to reading President John F. Kennedys 1960 speech on the same topic, Santorum said, What kind of country do we live in that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case? That makes me throw up. . . . I dont believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute. The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country.

    Mr. Santorum raises a number of issues here; what do you think? Is there absolute separation of church and state in the United States? Are people of faith prevented from influencing public policy? Do you believe that any separation of church and state, however strong it may be, is a good thing, a bad thing, or a mixed bag?

    In case youre wondering where the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) stands, I think its safe to say that we Presbyterians consider the separation of church and state to be a good thing; see The Theological Declaration of Barmen in our Book of Confessions for an example of why. At the same time, we do maintain a voice inor rather, nearthe halls of power through the denominations Office of Public Witness in Washington. For more on the voice of Presbyterian public policy, see

    Wishing you peace and joy at Easter, Dwight

    E aster is a celebration of life. If you have ever experienced deep loss, you likely find Easter to be a poignant, passionate season in your own life. Easter is preceded by death: an original finality that culminates in the lifeless Jesus being lowered into a tomb. I dont mean to oversimplify the profound, but it would not be possible for us to embrace the new life of resurrection, without first appreciating the depth of the brokenness we forced onto the cross with Jesus. In the light of the resurrection, our perspective has been forever changed. There is a sense in which we are always looking forward and always seeking to see and experience: Life!

    In that light, let me lift up for your examination and appreciation some signs of life at Trinity Church:

    ~ New Members in our midst who bring wisdom and energy and love and leadership!

    ~ A defining sense of Openness and Hospitality!

    ~ A re-tooled Pre-School Ministry that is transforming our community!

    ~ A wide variety of ways to be nurtured in the faith!

    ~ A commitment to Mission that is backed up by Action!

    ~ Leaders who volunteer to be members of Task Forces and Visioning Teams!

    ~ Presbyterian Women who offer learning and fellowship and leadership!

    ~ An energized choir and music ministry that is reaching out to an ever-growing audience!

    ~ A Wonderful Wednesday ministry that just gets better every week!

    ~ Building improvements that signal our commitment to the future!

    ~ Deacons who regularly share the love of Christ with all in need!

    ~ A palpable sense of love and community when we are together!

    I invite you to join with me in identifying and participating in all of the Easter Life at Trinity and beyond.



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    3 Chuck McClurg

    4 Marguerite Salerno

    5 Carole Ball

    6 Donna Thompson

    8 Sally Beghtol

    Deeana Bennett

    Kaye Papazian

    9 Gordon Neal

    10 Tracy Stevens

    11 Jay Barr

    Dorothy Neal

    13 Alan Twitchen

    15 Chuck Leaverton

    16 Ralph de Werff

    LeAnn Godsey

    17 George Kehoe

    19 Sarah Gilbert

    Debbie Hirsbrunner

    Phil King

    21 Kayla Hirsbrunner

    28 Robert Garrison

    30 Betty Bobb

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    Continued on page 10

    Trinity Elders met March 13, 2012. Minutes of the Stated February 22, 2012, and Minutes of the Special Meeting

    of February 26, 2012 were approved.

    Ben Moore, Chair of Trinity Endowment Committee, made the following report to the Session on Endowment fund Activity through


    The market value of Trinity Endowment Funds increased $12,024.83 or 2% in 2011 from the value at the end of 2010. The two Trinity Endowment Funds, Restricted and Unrestricted had a total market value of $503,857 at the end of 2011. The Presbyterian Foundation manages both Funds in their Permanent Restricted and Unrestricted Accounts. The Foundation has recently changed from in-house investment managers to contracting with the firm of Cambridge & Associates for investment advice and

    management of the Foundation holdings.

    The funds held by the Presbyterian Foundation produced earnings (dividends combined with interest) for a distribution, in 2011,of 6% of the December, 2010 fund market value The total distribution paid by the Presbyterian

    Foundation to Trinity in 2011 was $30,864.

    The Trinity Endowment funds had $35,659 in outflows in 2011. This consisted of multiple


    On January 1, 2012 the Restricted fund at Trinity had $22,001.54 and the Unrestricted Fund at Trinity had $10,016.84 in its (Trinity)


    Finance Ministry Report was reviewed. Total Income for the first two months was $8.1 K over budget and Total Expenses were $12.6 K under budget. These favorable variances are primarily due to an unrestricted love offering, no Mission fund payments, and Building and Grounds being under budget. Linda Walker spoke to a $3,300 budgeting error

    and proposed a solution that was recommended by her and the Treasurer.

    Session approved the recommended solution.

    Membership Updates:

    New Members Rick Beardsley and Donna Dalton joined on 2/26/12

    Request to transfer Brenda and Don Holmer to Balfour United Methodist Church was approved with regrets. Associate Pastors Report: Dwight Christenburys report recapped some of the major things he has been doing at Trinity including: preaching, Youth book study with senior high and college youth, Friends of Jesus, Ministry Committee support, Professional Development March 12-14, and

    Presbyterian Women Bible Study overview.

    Tim Kuykendall requested some feedback on whether including ads in the

    Tidings is a good idea.

    Hannan Music Task Force Mark Stanley said that Gladys Davis the new soprano soloist began working on March 4. Music from this fund also helped to bring the Mardi Gras Blues Band for Wonderful Wednesday program, and will support

    trumpets at Easter worship.

    The Music Task Force has made an inventory of Trinitys current hymnals and recommends that the church order a total of 400 hymnals for the sanctuary, choir room, library, pastors offices, and various Sunday School rooms. The Task Force proposes to begin a campaign of inviting people (by means of a bulletin insert) to purchase hymnals to give to the church in memory or in honor of loved ones. The last date by which Trinity can take advantage of the pre-order, pre-pay discount rate of $15 a hymnal with free postage and free bookplates is December 31, 2012. Any funds not collected from individual hymnal dedications

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    Trinity Boo