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  • 2 Knight Knox International provides the information contained within this document as a general guide. This information does not constitute an offer or a contract and we (or anyone in our company) do not imply, make or give any representation, guarantee or warranty whatsoever relating to the terms contained within. Any intending investor must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of any of the statements, plans or images contained within. Images are for

    representational purposes only. The content contained within is correct adhering to the previous statement at the time of publishing.

  • 3 9% assured NET yields for 2 years

    Managed and let by PRIMO Property Management

    Within walking distance of Bolton University, Bolton train

    station and all local shops, bars and restaurants

    Built by an experienced developer of both residential and

    student properties


  • Trinity church

    A modern refurbishment of a beautiful church in the heart of Greater Manchester, these studios and 1-bed apartments are sure to attract attention from investors due to their close proximity to both Manchester and Bolton Town Centres.

    A former church, this historic Grade II listed building will become a three-storey apartment block with 42 studio flats. A four-storey apartment block will also be built to the east of the church and a two-storey apartment block, called The Lodge, will be put up on the Crook Street side. These two buildings will contain 40 apartments between them.

    Although designed as a residential

    buy-to-let, Trinity Church is also aimed at the student market due to its location at the centre of one of the UKs largest student hubs, with four universities within its locality.

    This landmark building stands in the centre of Bolton and will act as a perfect location for students who will be on the doorstep of the areas shops restaurants and bars. Bolton is part of the larger Greater Manchester

    region, which is one of the largest nerve centres for students in the UK; Trinity Church is located at the centre of this, being only a five minute walk away from Bolton University and within a short bus ride of Manchester University, UCLAN and Lancaster University.

    The fully fitted studio rooms will act as luxury one bed apartments which will suit the needs of a high-end occupant who would desire to be convened with a large boutique en-suite shower room and a flat screen TV already fitted with sky.

    Students choosing to live in Trinity Church will gain access to a new state-of-the-art 48 million transport interchange which is planned to be completed by Easter 2015, which will ensure that students can explore their new home-away-from-home with ease.

    Investing in Trinity Church offers a unique advantage over other student accommodation projects, due to the huge opportunity for capital growth as the individual units can be re-sold on the open market as a traditional buy-to-let investment.

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  • 6in the UK predicted to rise to 7.6m by the year 2025.

    Here at Knight Knox International, we pride ourselves on being considered specialists at selling boutique student accommodation to the private investor market, with more than 12 completed, high-yielding developments to our name over the past 24 months alone.

    By focussing on regional university locations like Bolton, we are able to offer investors higher-than-average yields in areas that have a severe shortage of private, high-quality residences. Trinity Church is our latest boutique student project, identified as a prime investment opportunity and delivered by an experienced developer in the student accommodation market.

    Average yields for regional cities

    currently stand at 6-6.5% across the country, but by choosing to invest with Knight Knox International in Trinity Church, investors can receive 9.% assured NET yields for two years. Fully managed and designed completely with students in mind, the project is due for completion in Q2 2014.

    Why Invest in student accommodation


    Continuing to outperform all other forms of property investment in the UK; private, boutique student residences are one of the most lucrative ways of expanding an investment portfolio, due to the stable yields and low void periods which are common for this type of property.

    The demand for high quality student accommodation is showing no signs of abating, as UK university places are still heavily oversubscribed with only 10 places available for every 14 applicants, placing university-owned accommodation under an increasing amount of strain, as they struggle to provide the standard of accommodation required in todays market place.

    This trend for a higher-standard of living is fuelled by the globalisation of the Higher Education market and the increase in the number of students applying to UK universities from outside of the UK.

    Students from the European Union and overseas currently account for over a sixth of the UKs student population, with the number of non-domiciled students studying at Higher Education institutions




    2010/2011 SURVEY


  • 6The UKspremier asset class

    D O U B L E D



    2 .7B I L L I O N

    I N 2012




    76%OF POSTGRADUATELEAVERS WERE EMPLOYED 6 MONTHSAFTER STUDY.(Survey of studentswho graduated in the academic year 2010/11)

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    Specialising in boutique student living, PRIMO Property Management endeavours to provide everything a student could desire under the comfort of one roof.

    In addition to creating a comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere for all residents, PRIMO Property Management offers investors the reassurance that they have purchased a completely hands-off investment that will be both let and managed on their behalf, by an experienced team of staff.

    From day one they were so attentive, willing to listen and co-operate. If I cant find any of the managing staff, they are available anytime on mobile numbers and e-mail addresses.

    I find I have the pleasure of knowing them on a much more personal level than I did with halls of residence staff last yearKirsten Shiel, 3rd Year UndergraduateNelson Square, Bolton

    P R I M O P R O P E R T Y M A N A G E M E N T

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    In addition to looking after the physical and tangible needs of residents, PRIMO Property Management also provides a virtual learning tool to help students on their journey through Higher Education.

    edYOUcate is a moodle virtual learning environment developed to support students in meeting the challenges of university life. Access to edYOUcate is FREE to all students living in a PRIMO managed property.

    From the first contact with PRIMO Property Management, everyone was really welcoming. Every step was clearly explained and if we had any problems, they were more than understanding and no problem was too big for them.

    Since moving in, everything has been of the highest standard and living in one of their properties is a great opportunity. So good, that I would be more than glad to return next year.Michael Ainscow, 1st Year UndergraduateNelson Square, Bolton

  • Purchase Price:Gross Rental Income:Maintenance Fee:Ground Rent:Management Fee:NET Income:NET Yield:

    53,950 6,375 900* 175 400 4,900 9.1%

    (typical after 2-year rental assurance)

    Purchase Price

    Annual NET Rental Income

    Projected Future Asset Value

    Projected Total Value(Asset Value + 5 Yr Rental Income)

    3% Conservative





    5% Expected





    7% Buoyant





    Comprised of 82 individual studio flats spread across 3 buildings, Trinity Church offers a range of investment options ranging in price from 53,950

    Investment overview


    Below is an example of the projects return-on-investment,

    from the purchase of a typical ensuite studio.

    Figures are based on forecasts provided by the developer and are subject to change. Any financial information provided in this document is intended as a guide and does not constitute a contract

    *Estimated cost, final figure will be agreed upon completion

  • 13Figures are based on forecasts provided by the developer and are subject to change. Any financial information provided in this document is intended as a guide and does not constitute a contract

  • Bolton like many of its Greater Manchester counterparts,

    was born out of the industrial revolution. Although

    much of the marvellous Victorian architecture remains,

    the cotton industry which Bolton was famous for has

    since dwindled; retail and warehousing are now the

    main focus of the region with over 40% of employment

    in the locality supplied by these industries.

    Middlebrook Retail Park has transformed Boltons

    recent history; centred around Bolton Wanderers

    25,000 seater football stadium, the park has created

    4,500 jobs for the local populace and continues to grow

    with approximately 50 retail units already operating at

    the park.

    This developing town of Greater Manchester is

    completely accessible by air, rail and road the

    town operates a 12 minute train-ride to Manchester

    City Centre and also has a direct link to Manchester

    International Airport. The borough of Greater

    Manchester has recently declared that Bolton is to be

    the centre-point of its travel industry, with a 48 million


    transport interchange planned to be completed by

    Easter 2015; creating a 21st century transport hub and

    further enhancing accessibility around and from the


    Also in place are plans to open a new cinema, a

    shopping area, and to transform Bolton into the main

    hub for town centre offices in North Greater Manchester

    plans such as this were created because of the

    specialised labour the skilled workforce of Boltons

    university and colleges can offer to the area, once


    Bolton Community College and most importantly,

    the University of Bolton, provide a high standard of

    education. The university has around 13,000 students

    and teaches over 30 accredited courses. The numbers

    of students is set to rise in upcoming years, aided by

    launches of Bolton One in February 2012, a 31 million

    health, leisure and research centre and the new

    Business school which opened over a year later, in

    March 2013.


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    Olakunle Williams, vice-

    president of the Bolton University

    students union, recently

    commented that: The amount of

    accommodation we have at the moment is not

    adequate for the number of


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    Boltonhigher education

    The university originally opened as a mechanics institute in 1824, before gaining university status in 2005. Since then, the student populace has grown to around 13,000 students and the university has created strong links with industries, which has allowed it to create over

    30 professionally accredited courses.

    The benefits of the universitys links with industry can be seen through the large amount of graduates who go straight into employment after study a survey of students who graduated in 2010 and 2011 found that 80% of all graduates were employed or in further study or training, 6 months after graduation.

    More and more students continue to be attracted to the university; currently there are five applications for every

    one place at the university and these applications are only set to increase in the upcoming years, as a direct result of a major regeneration project at the university. In early 2012, a 100,000 moot law court was opened; this successful launch was followed by the opening of Bolton One. A 31 million health & research centre.

    The Bolton Business School also opened in early 2013 and houses business, law and accountancy students.

    Bolton University see student happiness as its top priority and guarantees that individuals feel valued in their time whilst studying. The University does this by operating small teaching groups on many courses to ensure that students are a name and not a number. Also, The Times reported that Bolton University has among the lowest fees of any UK university in the 2013/2014

    academic year; this acknowledges the universitys efforts to make sure that prospective students receive a fair price. The fruits of this labour can be seen in a Guardian report which found that 80% of their learners are satisfied at the university.

    The university currently only supplies 615 beds through student halls and with a student populace of over 13,000, demand is currently far out reaching supply; this has led to a drastic need for private accommodation, to help house students who currently cannot

    find lodgings. Seventeen per cent of these students seeking accommodation come from outside the UK; these students have a preference for high-class purpose built student accommodation and this adds to the already-intensifying need for student accommodation.

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  • Distance to other UK cities

    Manchester- 13 milesLiverpool - 35 miles

    Leeds 55 milesBirmingham 96 miles

    London 219 miles

    12 minutes to Bolton College 11 minutes walk to Bolton University

    3 minutes to Bolton Interchange, Railway Station

    12 minutes walk Main Shopping District

    7 minutes to Art Gallery & Library

    8 minutes to Bolton Town Hall










    Bolton InterchangeRailway Station


    University ofBolton

    Bolton College

    Art Gallery,Library & Museum

    Indoor Market

    Town Hall

    SPA RD










    S WAY


    S WAY


    NEW W AY



    BOW ST


    P WAY


    ES WAY

    TOPP W


    SPA RD









    is here!


    Main Shopping District

  • Is the building built?Trinity Church is a grade II listed building, which will retain all of its original features, to create a unique living environment.

    The interior of the building will be completely re-built , in order to create a luxurious living environment that enhances its grand exterior

    Am I buying as Freehold or Leasehold?200 years Leasehold

    What is the address of the site?Holy Trinity Church, Trinity St, BoltonBL3 6DD

    Are there tenants already in place?No, the building will be completely refurbished and ready fo Q3 2014

    Is there a rental assurance?NET rental is assured at 9% for the first 2 years, from completion of the purchase

    Is the sale handled by UK lawyers?Yes, the seller solicitors are Excello Law and the recommended solicitors for purchasers are Blunts of Macclesfield. Both are experienced at handling student accommodation transactions

    Is there a management company already in place?Yes, the designated management and letting agent will be PRIMO Propery Management

    When will the building be completed?Q3 2014

    When is my rental income paid?This is paid quarterly in arrears direct into your bank account from completion

    Can I resell my unit?Yes, you can sell at any time after exchange of contracts

    Are there any restrictions if I want to sell?No, Trinity Church is a residential development, so you are free to sell your unit on the open market as a buy-to-let apartment or student room

    Frequently Askedasked questions


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    Once your unit(s) has been selected with the help of your property consultant, please complete the reservation agreement and return along with a copy of your passport, recent utility bill and your deposit. The bank transfer details will be found on the reservation agreement.

    You are required to pay a reservation deposit.

    Once your Property

    Consultant has confirmed they have received your paperwork, you will need to instruct a solicitor. Your consultant will be on hand

    to help you with this should you require assistance, as we have a selection of recommended solicitors who are experienced in handling student accommodation investment transactions.

    Your solicitor will advise you of the paperwork they will require from you. Please return this promptly to reduce the risk of delays.

    Your first installment payment will be made when you exchange contracts. Your solicitor will inform you when they have the date for exchange providing you with

    an adequate notice period, at the time of exchange you will also be required to sign and return your contracts. If you are unable to do this due to your location your solicitor will be able to act as your Power of Attorney. Please note that your solicitor may charge a fee for this service.

    After you have exchanged contracts you will receive a welcome letter from the developer which will detail the future service they will provide and include all contact details.

    Your final payment will be due when construction completes.


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    STAGE 1

    Reservation form and deposit of


    STAGE 2

    Solicitor instructed, legals

    and sales pack sent out

    STAGE 3

    50% of balance on exchange of contracts within

    28 days

    STAGE 4

    Remaining balance due on completion of


  • Knight Knox International

    We are a long-standing company (a Ltd company since 2004) with an excellent reputation

    We have a large experienced team of over 30 staff, with a collective property experience of more than 200 years

    We have exclusive market-leading products that are hand-picked proven investments that sell in volume



  • We cater to all types of clients, from first-time buyers to large investors, helping build property portfolios and establishing good income returns

    We are one of very few companies to experience full market cycles

    We have a global partner network of overseas agents and on-the-ground specialists

    We sell property in over 50 countries worldwide and have local expertise on the ground in every location

    Most of all, our clients buy with us again and again because we are honest, experienced, professional and market the best opportunities


  • Forshaw Land breathes new life into the old buildings we fall in love with. We relish the challenge of transforming an existing unused space into somewhere for people to live or work... from an old church to a Victorian prison, a former hotel to a Victorian brewery.

    We also love to build from scratch and when we do it is with the same careful thought and flair that goes into our conversion projects. Our schemes always centre around the end user, utilising the best materials and the highest standards of workmanship.We specialise in new-build developments of private houses and boutique student accommodation schemes. We also boast a long history of commercial and mixed-use developments and are always on the look-out for our next exciting project.We professionally manage all our student and residential developments through our sister company, PRIMO Property Management.

    PRIMO Property Management is a fully fledged ANUK approved management company that goes beyond the management of physical buildings. Primo also caters for the learning needs of students through EdYOUcate which is an exclusive virtual learning environment.



  • An extensive refurbishment project of a former hotel, Alexandra House will comprise 23 spacious studios designed to the high standard now expected of private studio accommodation.

    Prices start at 44,950 and investors will receive 10% NET rental yields for the first year.

    Completion Date: August 2013

    Built by an experienced student accommodation developer, this four-storey 61-unit residence is perfectly located for students studying at either of Nottinghams presigious universities.

    Prices start at 49,950 and investors received 9% assured NET yields for the first 2 years.

    Completion Date: Q1, 2014

    Forshaw Landdevelopments


    Halley House, Nottingham IN CONSTRUCTION NEW LAUNCH

    Alexandra House, Nottingham

  • Market Leaders in Worldwide Property | +44 (0)161 772 1370

    Knight Knox International provides the information contained within this document as a general guide. This information does not constitute an offer or a contract and we (or anyone in our company) do not imply, make or give any representation, guarantee or warranty whatsoever relating to the terms contained within. Any intending investor must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of any of the statements, plans or images contained within. Images are for representational purposes only. The

    content contained within is correct adhering to the previous statement at the time of publishing.0413V1