Trinity 5th Grade I Am A State

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A school project by 5th graders.

Transcript of Trinity 5th Grade I Am A State

  • 1. I Am a State Project
    Presented by
    Trinity School
    2009 Fifth Grade
    Teachers:KimberMoehrman and Susan Haninger

2. Our fifth grade studies states and regions of the United States.Earlier in the school year they did some individual research, reported on individual states and created poster presentations.As a culminating activity we thought it would be fun to have a video conference with another fifth grade in another school in our district (Diocese) about state facts.So both classes created I Am poems about the state that they studied earlier.We decided it would be neat to have a little competition so we assigned point value to each line in the poem. (See template in the next slide.)At the video conference our students took turns reading their poem line by line.If the other class could guess the name of the state they got the number of points assigned to that line. Even though we lost (by a small margin) we had a great time conferencing with our friends at Our Lady of Perpetual Help school in Grove City, Ohio.We look forward to doing something with them again in the future.Now we hope you enjoy reading our cleverly descriptive poems.
3. I Am A State
I am (name two characteristics of your state; use descriptive words) 10
I have natural wonders like (name two natural wonders found in your state)9
I hear the sound of (name one:your state bird, or your state song, or your state rock song)8
I see (name one:your state mammal, your state reptile, your state flower, or your state mineral)7
I want to (put an action that would represent something from your state economy for example raise hogs)6
I am (restate the first line of the poem)
I know (name two famous people from your state)5
I was born (name the date your state entered the union)4
I live by these words (write your states motto)3
I am sometimes called (your states nick name)2
I am (restate the first line of the poem)1
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. I am Alabama.
I am a thin butterfly knife.
I have lots of water falls
I hear a yellow hammer.
I see a red bellied turtle.
I want to fly a rocket.
I am a butterfly knife.
I know Jesse Owens and Henry Aarons.
I was born on December 14, 1819 22nd
I live by these words we dare defend our right
By Megan
14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. I Am Massachusetts.
I am a very strong state northern state.
I hear the sound of chickadees and square dance music.
I see Mayflowers.
I want to fish and raise livestock.
I am a very strong northern state.
I know George Bush and Dr. Suess.
I was born in 1885.
I live by we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.
I am sometimes called The Bay State.
I am a very strong northern state.