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  • TRENDS 2016

  • 2016 BUZZ WORDS

    Burnt vegetables.

    Root-to-stalk cooking.

    All about Hawaiian Poke.

    Globalised ramen.

    Bone broth

    Philippine cuisine.


    Butter is back.

    Cooking with ash & char.

    Middle-Eastern trend growth.

    Home-grown cocktails.

    Healthy eating vs. out with diets.

    Street food culture.

    Gourmet nostalgia.

    Meal time blur.

    Breakfast revolution.

    Women chefs.

    London and beyond.


    Ultimate entertaining.

    High-end home delivery.


    ASIAN The long standing interest in Asian cuisine continues whilst branching out into less mainstream cuisines, such as Filipino dining. We have only just begun to discover what Asia has to offer our food scene.

    KOJIThe latest phenomenon with Japan origin; Koji. Koji is rice thats been inoculated with the koji mould, traditionally used to make miso and soy sauce. Whisk, fragrant, ferment Koji into vinaigrettes, marinades or roasting agents. Natures version of MSG.

    POKEPoke is a Hawaiian mainstay thats migrating to the mainland, with huge success expected in 2016. This bowl of chopped or cubed marinated raw fish (traditionally ahi tuna over seaweed-seasoned rice) is set to be a trend to watch.

    SAVOURY PORRIDGE Savoury porridges are being tipped to start appearing on menus across London. Think miso porridge with spring onions, almonds and a poached egg.


    ROOT TO STEM Vegetables are pushing animal protein to the side of the plate... Or entirely off it. A logical extension of the nose-to tail movement with restaurants serving vegetable trimmings that otherwise would be heading for the bin. Say hello to vegetable-forward dining.

    SPICES 2016 Watch for new spice blends such as Berbere; a highly fragrant but hot Ethiopian mix of cardamom, hot peppers, paprika, cumin, clove, cinnamon, fenugreek, nutmeg, turmeric and ginger.

    Turmeric is billed to be the spice-of-the-year. This spice is showing up fresh in health food shops and juice bars, powdered in supermarket but yet to be showcased on restaurant menus ... yet.

    COCKTAILSExpect to see pollen, homemade vinegars and shrubs in your glass this year and less theatrical cocktails. It is all about home-grown ingredients.


    WOMEN OF THE KITCHENWomen are going to be shaping the restaurant scene in 2016, including the likes of Monica Galetti (former Le Gavroche), Clare Smyth (Gordon Ramsay) and Kim Woodward (The Savoy Grill.)

    DINNER AND MOREWe will see more grand dining experiences such as that displayed at Sexy Fish and Park Chinois where people are encouraged to stay after dinner for more entertainment.

    APPS The rise of digital dining with Apps accommodating top restaurant takeaways;,, and will give way to high-end home delivery.

    BRAZIL IS CALLING As the 2016 Olympics approaches, expect to see an outburst of feijoada, churrasco and caipirinhas in bars and restaurants across the capital and beyond.


    FINE CASUALWe will see a rise in the number of restaurants serving innovative fine- dining food in a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere. 2015 saw the opening of places such as Portland and Pidgin, both of which serve technically outstanding food in a stripped back, informal manner often not associated with food of such calibre.

    NOT (JUST) LONDON This year sees the growth of the regions, as the gap between eating out in London and eating out in other cities narrows. Manchester and Bristol are high on the list.


    The much anticipated solo venture from Clare Smyth, formerly of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

    Som Saa; a crowd funded restaurant headed up by Andy Oliver.

    Albert Adri, brother of elBullis Ferran and a major player in his own right, commences a 50-day run at the Caf Royal from February.

    Eneko Atxa of the three-Michelin-starred Azurmendi near Bilbao who launches Eneko at One Aldwych in the summer.

    Theres French talent to discover too, in the form of Grgory Marchand, opens a second branch of his acclaimed Parisian restaurant Frenchie in Covent Garden next month.

    Nuno Mendes, the Portuguese executive chef at Chiltern Firehouse who had a critical hit with Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfields last year, will this year revive Viajante.

    Jason Atherton spread his wings further with his Japanese izakaya concept Sosharu which is due to open finally in Clerkenwells Turnmill Building in March.


    MEATSDry agedGrass fedPigs head and offalBeef cheekChicken skin Duck baconOstrich Kangaroo

    FISHSalmon baconAnchoviesEel SkateRazor clams

    DAIRYEwes milk/ cheese

    VEGColoured/ heritagePickledKohlrabiWheat grassPink and black garlic

    FRUIT BaobabMeyer lemonYuzu

    SPICEAsafoetida BaharatPoblanoBebereTumeric