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  • 1.Not your ordinary furniture

2. Birds nest air chair Thd001-rt-bn-rusticLength 100cms Depth 80cms Height 120cmsCMB 3. Big mouth sofa Thd060-wh-bm-honeyLength 183cms Depth 108cms Height 87cmsCMB 4. Ya 4 piece set Thd070-wh-t-boraCMB 5. Ya chair Thd071-wh-t-bora Length 69cms Depth 82cms Height 75cmsCMB 0.42 6. Ya sofa Thd072-wh-t-boraLength 137cms Depth 82cms Height 75cmsCMB 7. Ya table Thd074-wh-t-boraLength 105cms Depth 56cms Height 37cmsCMB