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A PDF format version of the Live Action RolePlaying Game rulebook. At Last!

Transcript of TRD Rulebook

Contents 4: 5: Welcome to Caloreimus, The Red Dawn! The Basics of Live Roleplaying The Basics of the Red Dawn Caloreimus and the history of the Red Dawn Map of Caloreimus The Characters The Monsters The Empires of Chaos How to Play The Red Dawn Creating a Character Race and Clothing Character Classes Character Advancement Character Skills Grid Classwide Skills Grid Armour Classes Character Card Playing the Game 28-29: 30-31: 32-34: Prayers for Paladins Heraldry CLL Scenario List

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Welcome to Caloreimus, The Red Dawn!What you are about to play, is a Live Roleplaying adventure which propells its players into a feud between Three empires of chaos. The First Worlders The Armies of Soltar The Thiddian empire This power-struggle is fought upon the plains of Caloreimus, a once noble land, where governing councils have fallen to the schemes of a deceitful prince. The land is open for an usurper, it s people untrained and afraid. And so the battles begin. The Red Dawn game (TRD) is a continuation and update of the Castleland Live! Roleplaying system (CLL), but with revised combat rules. Players of the original CLL or any other LiveRoleplay, will probably find this game very different indeed! The combat is designed to be fast and frenetic, with involving plots and recurring characters. Most scenarios will revolve around the fragile councils and their tenuous efforts to retain order. Others may require players to meet with delegates from the chaos empires, and undertake tasks which may sway the power-struggle. In every game, the player s goal is to ensure that the outcome is just, and that order and righteousness is restored to Caloreimus. Enjoy the experience!

Rules of conduct. Failure to comply with these rules could result in dismissal from the game.1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: TRD is for players of 15 years and over. Only costumes may be worn during the game (No white Tshirts, Blue jeans etc ) No smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, or taking of strange substances or curious concoctions. No dropping of litter or starting fires on Forestry commission land. Inspect your weapons before play for reasons of safety. No head, neck or groin hits, shield charges or use of excessive force. No throwing of weapons unless specifically made for that purpose. Treat all equipment with care and use it accordingly. G.M.s, all players and members of the public should be treated with respect at all times. No swearing. Players can only role-play characters of their own sex.

The Basics of Live-Roleplaying Caloreimus, and the history of The Red DawnIf you are new to the world of Live-Roleplaying, then we had best start with the basics. LRPGs are very similar to their tabletop cousins, where players gather to defeat monsters, complete daring quests and gain experience within a fantasy setting. The difference is, that they are acted-out for real, with the aid of costumes, props and safe weapons. Intellectual puzzles are kept to a minimum, and the emphasis lies on more physical challenges. Most of all, it s about having a damn good time. TRD is set on the continent of Caloreimus, formerly a peaceful realm, and heart of, The One World. It is bordered with the cold, North lands of Zylbour, and is home to the great god, Lothar. After the death of King Tarnis, Caloreimus suffered by the hands of a deceitful prince, Falcon Dan. In his quest for power, Falcon awakened the interests of the sleeping armies, who have patiently waited for the collapse of organized society. Then there is, The Dawn. This cloud of searing mist has been feeding upon the world s magic for over Two years. In the year of BDKE, the great wizard s council was shattered when the tower of Lore fell to a horde of malevolent creatures (The Chambreed.) With this disaster, no one of significant power was left to fight the Dawn when it came. A few remaining wizards gathered atop the ice mounds of Talis, and made a stand against its onslaught, but the Dawn grew stronger, robbed them of their powers and weakened the world further. Only now, in the second quarter of BDKG, does the Dawn show signs of retreat. Its intentions are still a mystery, but its effects have been devastating.

The Basics of The Red DawnUnlike most LRPGs, The Red Dawn is based on a home-grown tabletop role-playing game which saw light in 1986 and ran until 1994, when it was re-launched as a moderately successful LRPG, Castleland Live! TRD is a direct continuation from that game, and hopefully it will grow bigger and better than ever before. It endeavours to maintain a strong level of continuity with the original games, but also bring something extra, which won t be found anywhere else. So please give it your continued support.

The Characters.In TRD, players will often encounter famous, recurring characters. In order to get to know these people a little better, some brief information on them is included here. Much more can be learnt by talking to these characters, as they will invariably hold important information regarding your quests. Other characters, those of past history have been included for background information.

Lothar The great god of Caloreimus. All races of the southern realm see Lothar as their benefactor, and many worship him within Lotharian temples. His emotions are seen through the condition of the land. The sisterhood of Trissa and the Lotharian druids of Brett are just two of the many religious orders who strive to do his bidding. To them, Lothar is the true sprit and creator of life.

Tarnis Dan (Former King of Caloreimus) Throughout the Sixty years of his benevolent reign, a harmony was maintained, where there was neither conflict, nor dispute in the land. However, a month before Tarnis mysterious death, the treaty between Caloreimus and the Orc warriors of Kross was broken. From then, the land fell into a spell of ill fortune, from which it has not yet recovered. Tarnis Character Traits: noble King. Wise, sometimes cryptic. A just and

(Left: King Tarnis Dan)

Falcon Dan The Prince Falcon was Tarnis Dan s ungrateful son. Rumours are abound that Falcon murdered his father in an attempt to gain favour with a dark wizard. Fleeing to the tower of Lore, the domain of all the great wizards, Falcon eventually fell to the flames of the mysterious, Red Dawn, and also to the malevolent Chambreed. There are rumours however, that Falcon has survived, and is scheming to return with a renewed magical power. Falcons Character traits: Impetuous, corrupt, untrustworthy

Kelrond Jreymark (The Wize)

Wizards such as Kelrond are a rare breed. He is a kind and wily old man, a Lore Lord, and once councillor to King Tarnis. It was Kelrond who saw the evil spreading its way through Falcon Dan s veins, and as much as he tried, Kelrond was unable to sway Falcon from his eventual fate. Kelrond has been weakened by the flames of the Red Dawn, and he now begins his pilgrimage to the South. There, within Tyr-Chelm, he hopes to find answers to the plight of the land.

Kelrond s Character Traits: Wise. Sometimes scatty or confused, sincere, generous.

Darakith Taralon Darakith and his army of Dwarven soldiers form the basis of the southern realm s defence. He also serves as an independent consul, and matters of state are often passed over to him. Darakith s Character Traits: Reclusive, somber. Prone to fits of temper. Honourable.

SoItar An embittered knight, who once vowed to usurp the king and council of the southern realm. It is said that his life and soul have been stolen by wraith-like minions of an unknown power. Through this possession, his attention has shifted to the conquest of all Caloreimus. Soltar s Character Trails: Powerful, fanatical, unstoppable.

Yezan Kelrond s adversary in the race to become the next Supreme Lore-Lord , is Yezan. Although quite powerful, and eager to help in the quests of travelling adventurers, he is a manipulative wizard, who will use any means possible to attain the title. That is, to become a being second only to Lothar himself. Yezan s Character Trails: Deceitful, manipulative, untrustworthy. Paramecius One of the almighty, Dragon keepers, Paramecius is often described as Soltar s right-hand man. He is a powerful demon knight, unswervingly loyal to Soltar s aim of conquest, and for most people, he is quite simply the perfect example of a true Zylbourian soldier. Paramecius Character Trails: Fearless, demonic, loyal to Zylbour, loyal to Soltar

Maydrek (Maydrekk) and the Three Lords

Dolaris Soon to be Darakith s successor, Dolaris is a high magistrate from Kaylesbridge, who has been appointed by the remnants of the council, to manage the armies of the Southern guard. Dolaris Charater Traits: Mighty, honourable, loyal to Caloreimus.

Garridon Ramsgate Widely known as, Mister Ramsgate, Garridon is Rachlen Tsenamore s sly assassin. His job is to gather the renegade Firstworlders who have integrated themselves into Caloreimian society, and bring them to the justice of The First Abode. He is also drawn to the remnants of the worlds magical powers, and claims to have a modicum of influence over the Red Dawn. He is often seen with the elusive Red Elves of Sulaynia, and he is considered to be a very dangerous man. Mister Ramsgate s Charater Traits: Sly, deceitful, loyal to the lords of Necropolin.

Steeped in the mysteries of ancient legends, Maydrek is said to be the first lord of a place called Necropolin. This hideous, coweled and horned creature is also known to be the great architect of an underground citadel, The First Abode. He has many Firstworlder followers, who venerate his name above all other beings. To these people, Maydrek is a living god, though he seldom shows any proof of magical powers. With him, are the Second and Third lords of Necropolin; Rachlen Tsenamore a