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3rd Period Presentation

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  • 1.Trayvon Martin Case Lawrence Williams IIIPeriod 3 Ms. Chang

2. The Crime & SceneWHO-Trayvon Martin ( 17 years old victim )WHAT HAPPENED?- Trayvon Martin was a 17 year oldAfrican American boy that was shot andkilled by George Zimmerman whilewalking through a gated community,where he was visiting his father.WHEN?-February 26,2012.WHERE?- Sanford, Florida. 3. Psychological Profile Based on what happened, Ibelieve George Zimmermanwas paranoid because, theregated community has beenrobbed before but that dosenot allow him to shoot and killdown an innocent 17 year old. This killing was also notpremeditated because he didnot have this planed out, itwas just something thathappened. 4. BackgroundGeorge Zimmerman was arrestedbefore for: Domestic violence. Resisting an officer withoutviolence. Resisting an officer withviolence (This is a felonycharge that could have landedhim in prison) George Zimmerman did nothave any connections withTrayvon Martin before thekilling. 5. Forensic Evidence When police arrived to thescene, Zimmerman told themthat Martin had attacked him,and that he had shot Martin inself-defense. All that was at the scene was abag of Skittles and an Arizonacan and Trayvons wallet. Police said that they had notfound evidence to contradicthis assertion of self-defense. 6. Legal Aspects A Prosecutor was appointed totake over the investigation andon April 11, 2012, she chose tofile charges of second degreemurder against GeorgeZimmerman. He then turned himself in andwas placed in custody. On April 20, the judge approvedZimmermans bail on a $150,000bond, and He was released fromjail on April 23 and is required towear an electronic monitoringdevice until trial. 7. Interesting Facts We should care aboutthis case because itteaches us a lesson aboutbeing racially profiled byothers, you can beinnocent but in someoneelses eyes your guilty. I choose this topicbecause it was recentnews and though it wouldbe interesting learning This is the diagram of the Gated communitymore about this case.where Zimmerman attacked Martin 8. Video. http:// 911 phone Zimmerman letting the=zFRP545ZhP8&feature= police know about ayoutube_gdata_playerSuspicious black kid. 9. Theories Many people think thatZimmerman shot andkilled Trayvon Martinbecause of stereotype.we may never knowexactly why he did whathe did unless heconfesses to it. 10. Reflections I believe that GeorgeZimmerman should havenot have had bail, I thinkhe should have been injail until proveninnocent. What Ive learned fromthis case is to always beaware of yoursurroundings at all times. 11. References 12. Thank you.Lawrence Williams III