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  • Events Upcoming events in October,

    plus special highlights. Page 4 & 5

    MontessoriPreschool A look at the Groningen based,

    English preschool. Page 6

    Bourtange Fortress Visit to the Bourtange Fortress.

    Page 8

    Night Drive Halloween short story.

    Page 10 & 11

    It requires creativity to travel from the north of The Netherlands to other places using public transport. We can’t go to Paris with the same ease as an Amsterdammer. So, I have sought out different ways to get to places people would like to go.

    We already know about Public Express, a bus service that connects Groningen, Oldenburg, and Bremen. But, did you know that the service is expanded? With one fast connection, we can go to Berlin and Hamburg now. A comfortable return trip to Berlin is 81,00 euros adult fare.

    Just for fun, Drenthe Tours operates trips and tours from one day to several days. Their changing offers included a day trip to Paris I tried this summer for only 42.50 euros, leaving right from Groningen Station. Maybe they will go to London next time! Their current offers include the Dickens Festival in Deventer, Gouda by Candlelight, a whole array of Christmas markets in Germany, concerts and shopping trips. They have a two-day Christmas Market tour of Hamburg and Bremen for 85,00 euros including hotel and breakfast.

    France has a magical draw, so I sought

    Travel - More Ways to Get There

    out more ways to get there. By idBus in Amsterdam, there are trips to Lille and Paris for a reasonable price. Travel on these buses includes free Wifi and plug-in at your seat for recharging your devices. They have fares to Paris starting at 39,00 euros each way. You can plan your return train from Groningen to Amsterdam on the same day avoiding an overnight stay enroute. If you travel the whole way by train it is possible to leave Groningen in the morning and be in Paris for lunch.

    Read further on page 3.

    Metro Station in Paris, France

    Bremen, Germany

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    Travel - More Ways to Get There (continued) Eurolines is a stalwart in the bus business covering over 500 destinations in Europe and to Morocco. They offer express buses to Paris and to Lyon, the second largest city in France. Promo tickets are their cheapest offer, and ticket prices can start at unbelievably low rates which seem to depend on how much time you want to sacrifice. Eurolines travels to northern destinations from here. From Groningen Station, you can travel to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The return fare for Groningen to Oslo is 134,00 euros.

    The closest German city of Leer is well worth a visit and is reached by a direct train from Groningen.

    Happy travels! Margaret Metsala

    Links: :: :: Berlin, Germany

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    Special & New Upcoming Events for Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe

    Special & New Upcoming Events for Connect Noord Holland On 9 October come and join Connect Noord Holland for a bread making workshop at a bakery in Groet.

    This month Connect Noord Holland is hosting an open borrel night at EETpaleis Brasserie, Alkmaar. Everyone is welcome , so please come join us for a wonderful evening!

    Connect Noord Holland is also holding two Halloween events. One for families, on 25 October, the second for Adults on 26 October.

    This month a new socializing event is launching in Groningen: Cultural Connect. On 9 October we will be visiting the Martinitoren, and later in the month on 23 October we will be visiting the Groningen Museum. Future events will be located at different places around Groningen. Visit the website for more details and to register.

    Last month Connect held a beading party and we will be doing it again. This month it will be on Sunday 13 October at the Connect Offices in Groningen. The event is free, bring your own materials. Visit the website to register.

    Other Events Next month TANNAHILL WEAVERS will be performing throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. They play traditional Scottish music.

    24 Nov 2013 at Cafe de Amer, Amen is the closest to Groningen. You must make a reservation. Call early! It will sell out! Full concert dates can be found on their website.

    On 3 November there will be a handmade market in Groningen, on the Vismarkt. Diezijn Leuk! is a market with all kinds of unique, original and handmade products. You also get the opportunity to be inspired by many stalls selling hobby supplies.

    Stephanie from Handmade Cuddles (who hosts the Connect Craft Club) will be at the market so pop by to say hello!

  • Cortlyn Schmitz runs her Montessori Preschool, located in Groningen, where children can play and learn in a home-like environment that encourages them to be independent and self-motivated while developing them intellectually, emotionally and socially. I visited Cortlyn to learn more about Montessori teaching methods and why she set up her preschool.

    Cortlyn began teaching back in the US in 2000 and has a master's degree in education from Temple University, Pennsylvania. She also holds an early childhood Montessori Certification via the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). In 2010 she moved to the Netherlands with her husband and young son and a year later she set up her Montessori preschool because she wanted to give her son the same form of education he would have had if they still lived in the U.S.

    At the preschool, Cortlyn teaches children from 22 months up to five years. The main language of instruction is English, but she also speaks Dutch and French, in order to make the transition to English easier. The programme follows the academic calendar of the primary schools, with sessions running from 8:30 to 11:30. Children can come two, three or four days a week, and the preschool space accommodates up to five children each day. The small class size gives Cortlyn time to spend individually with each child, as well as group snack and circle time.

    During my talk with Cortlyn, she walked me through the different areas of study. “The materials allow children to learn things in geography, science and math that they they would not usually learn in an early childhood setting." Each area of study has its own space in the preschool room, filled with different objects and activities that the children can do. Because the preschool caters to a range of ages, each activity will help each age group at a different developmental stage.

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    Montessori Preschool Groning