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This presentation highlights the power to engage students through transmedia storytelling. For three weeks in Feb 2012, 600 students across Florida worked in teams of five to role-play c-level executives of a space cargo company. When one of their rockets crashes into a local town causing environmental damage, the students much decide how their company should respond. Conducttr is a pervasive entertainment platform - a revolutionary technology for telling stories across social media, email, mobile and more. The platform simulated a real-life disaster scenario emailing the students as employees in their own company and tweeting and updating Facebook as members of the local community.

Transcript of Transmedia in Education

  • 1.Case Study:Educational ARGAlternate Reality Game Contact robert@tstoryteller.comUSA: +1 415 287 4150Europe: +44 207 193 4567

2. About the Client Doubletake Studios (DS) is a creative agency based in Tampa, Florida DS pitched and won a project to provide a connected learning experience to 13-17 year olds across 17 schools in the state of Florida DS handled all client liaisonDoubletake Studios DS created all story and production content Transmedia Storyteller Ltd worked with DS as silent partner providing consultancy and our Conducttr platform as a managed service to deliver the learning experience 3. Background and Results Production Team 1 fulltime person at Doubletake Studios (plus team as needed for story, web design, video & graphics production) 1 person part-time from Transmedia Storyteller Ltd Results More that 600 students took part Conducttr handled more than 4000 character-to-student interactions Engagement: 38% Engagement measured as ratio of student action to character call-to-action. 4. Workflow timeline Aug 2011Doubletake Studios consult with TransmediaStoryteller Ltd on use of Conducttr Sept 2011 Doubletake Studios wins the project Dec 2011 First play test for teachers and DS client Jan 2012 Second play test for project financial sponsors Feb 2012 Live with students Feb 6th-Feb 24th (3 weeks) In the play test, the 3 week experience is compressed to 3 days with one day = 1 week. After each test the experience is reset to be run again. 5. Story Cosmic Voyager Enterprises (CVE) is a space cargo companybased in Florida. CVE employs many people in the neighboring towns and takesits corporate social responsibility seriously On Feb 6th 2012 a CVE rocket crashes into the small town ofMillisville, FL causing physical and possible long-termenvironment damage from the payload The CVE executive team must complete a report for the board& investors that explains their action plan. 6. Experience Students form into teams of five to play a C-level executive role:CEO/COO/CMO/CFO/GC Communications come from fictional characters inside and outside thecompany Each student gets role-specific communications (e.g. the CEO only getsinformation intended for the CEO) Students must collaborate inside the classroom to share knowledge anddiscuss solutions They are given a fictional budget that is insufficient to cover all theirneeds. Hence they are forced to make compromises which generatesethical and financial discussions Business partners from the local community visited classrooms to supportteachers. 7. Learning objectives Teach ethics and economics Simulation of real-life scenario Self-guided problem solving Collaborative working New media comprehension 8. EngagementINTERACTION Personalized replies to incoming emails & Tweets from fictional charactersETHICAL DECISIONS The Whistleblower Employee who contacts the students claiming that the payload was overweight The Extortionist Dept. Environment agent that proposes a pay-off for him to write a morefavorable report.GAME-STYLE REWARDS Rewards based on involvement: I like what youre doing, Ive recommend a bonus increase at the next payreview board Youre asking great questions, you can have use of the company seats behindthe catcher 9. Production materials Videos YouTube and embedded on website Facebook & Twitter profiles Corporate website Report documents (PDFs) Teacher & project funder support Lesson guide Weekly advanced cheat sheet Interactive communications Emails, Tweets, Facebook status updates 10. Students love to role-playFictional environmental activist 11. Conducttr Manages all student registrations I want to register as CEO for Royal Palm Beach students tagged by role and school Manages all teacher registrations and assistance tell me the story so far - Manages all social media and email communications Allows re-run of experience after tests & annually Produces all performance metrics 12. Next steps Re-run the experience for new students Create new stories & scenarios Tackle new topics & learning objectives 13. Contact Conducttr: Transmedia Storyteller Ltd Educational ARG: Doubletake StudiosTransmedia Storyteller LtdDoubletake Studios Robert Pratten, CEOTerri Hall, President 105 S. Fielding Ave. Suite BUSA: +1 415 287 4150Tampa, FL 33606Europe: +44 207 193 4567 Tel: 813-251-6308