Transition & Work Incentives

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Transition & Work Incentives. Suzie Paulson, MS,CRC. Importance of Work before Age 18. Creates an expectation of working Encourages independence Establishes Network for future jobs Qualifies them for an SSDI benefit which could make them eligible for PASS. Under age 18. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Transition & Work Incentives

  • Suzie Paulson, MS,CRC


  • Creates an expectation of workingEncourages independenceEstablishes Network for future jobsQualifies them for an SSDI benefit which could make them eligible for PASS


  • Students development Household income or resourcesRedetermination will occur automatically at age 18Students expectation of continued benefitsParental fear of loss of benefit due to work activityStudents expectation of post high school trainingStudents lack of understanding related to necessary accommodations post high school


  • Must be under 22 regularly attending school College - 8 hrs a weekGrades 7-1212 hrs a weekTraining Course 12 hrs a weekHome study due to disability can also be considered

    Allows student to exclude $1,640 per month/maximum of $6,600 per year and their SSI is not reduced in 2011


  • Automatically occurs at some point before their 19th birthdayParents expectations of continued benefitsIn Iowa about 600 students go through the redetermination process each year and over 67% do not meet the adult criteria for disability.WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??????*

  • Allows for the continuation of benefits while the beneficiary completes an appropriate Vocational Rehab program or similar services. Been determined by SSA to be medically recovered or to no longer meet the medical qualification through a medical CDR or age 18 re-determination

  • Only offers extended benefits to those that would have terminated due to medical recoveryAllows continued payment to any auxiliaries drawing off the insured workerMedicare and/or Medicaid continuesApplies to both SSI and SSDISSI must continue to meet all SSI eligibility criteria

  • Participation in an approved program (work plan, IPE, IEP, provider agency, employment plan with government agency, ILC) Participation began before the disability ceasedContinuation in the program will increase the likelihood that the individual will not return to the disability rolls

  • Same for SSDI & SSIThe inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA) because of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to last for at least 12 months or that ends in death.

    So over age 18, the question is Can you Work? *

  • In the month that you turn 18 years oldRemember that they are looking at how your disability creates barriers to full employment.Can be working but earning less than SGA ($1,000 in 2011)


  • SSIIs needs based. That is why all your resources and income are monitored.You receive Medicaid (Title 19)SSDIIs insurance paid through taxes. Must have work credits. Resources are not an issue, but income is.Receive Medicare after a 24 month waiting period.CDB Disabled before the age of 22 and the child of an insured worker who is either disabled, retired or deceased.Same as SSDIIf SSDAC marries, benefits end unless to another SSDI/SSCDB beneficiary.


  • *

  • Basic Earned Income CalculationImpairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE)Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)Student-Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE)1619 (a) & (b)Blind Work Expense (BWE)Property Essential to Self Support (PESS)Expedited Reinstatement*

  • *400 Gross earnings -20 General Exc.380 -65 Earned Income Exc.315315 /2 remainder divide by 2157.50 Countable Earnings

  • 674 2011 Federal Benefit Rate 157.50 Countable Earnings516.50 Reduced SSI payment + 400 Gross Income

    $916.50 Total monthly gross income


  • Meet all the other requirements for SSI Need Medicaid in order to workQuestions?????State Threshold (2011 $30,811)*

  • Cost of impairment related items and services that a person with a disability needs to work can be deducted from gross earning.*

  • related to disability and is needed in order to workcost is paid by the individualexpense is reasonableApproved by SSA


  • Supported employment servicesAttendant care servicesSpecial transportationMedical support devicesCounseling and medicationWork equipmentMedication/Co-pays Etc.*

  • Allows an individual to set aside income and/or resources for a specified period of time to achieve their work goal.*

  • Already receiving SSI or must meet eligibility requirementsMust have income/resources to set asideTo increase or maintain income producing capabilityA chance to achieve a vocational goalTo make it financially feasible to set aside or save income/resourcesPASS can start as early as 14 years old.*

  • Supported Employment servicesItems & Capital for a BusinessEducational & Training expensesAttendant CareChild CareEquipment or toolsUniforms or special clothingEtc*

  • Have worked and paid Social Security taxes (FICA), be a qualified worker, or an adult disabled child of a qualified worker.*

  • Must be disabledMust have earned income from employmentMust be under age 65Must meet income and resource requirements (higher than SSI requirements)Same as Title 19 - administered by DHSSome individuals may pay a premium*

  • Funded under a cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration known as Work Incentive Planning and AssistanceOverseen by the Governance Group of Iowa, which includes:Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesIowa Workforce DevelopmentIowa Dept for the BlindIowa Governors Developmental Disabilities CouncilIowa Dept of EducationIowa Dept of Human RightsIowa Dept of Human Services


  • *

    Suzanne R Paulson, MS, CRC Iowa Work Incentive Planning and Assistance430 E Grand AvenueDes Moines, IA 50309(515) 281-9009866-528-4019 [email protected]

    *Talk about the Hx of the Governance group and why/how it came to be. The GG organized in 1998. This collboration developed through several joint grant initiatives. The GG is working to address the complexity of the system so that we do not pass that on to our customers. BP is one to the many ways this can be done.