Transferring From Chabot

Lucas Huezo Transferred to UC Berkeley in 2007


Transferring From Chabot. Lucas Huezo Transferred to UC Berkeley in 2007. Civil Engineering. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lucas HuezoTransferred to UC Berkeley in 2007

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Civil Engineering• "Civil engineering is the profession in which a knowledge

of the mathematical and physical sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize, economically, the materials and forces of nature for the progressive well-being of humanity in creating, improving, and protecting the environment, in providing facilities for community living, industry and transportation, and in providing structures for the use of humanity.” - American Society of Civil Engineers, 1961

• Application of Math and Science as Services for Humanity

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Civil Engineering Sub-Disciplines• Engineering & Project Management• Environmental Engineering• GeoEngineering• Structural Engineering• Transportation Engineering

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Engineering & Project Management (CE167)

• Also known as Construction Engineering• Planning and execution of designs from other

engineers• More of the Business side of engineering

o Managemento Decision Makingo Engineering Economicso Contractingo Planning, Estimating, Schedulingo Law and Ethics

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Environmental Engineering (CE111)• Air Quality Engineering

o Climate Change and Pollution

• Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydrologyo Water Flow and Water Resourceso Coastal Ocean, Surface and Subsurface Water Flow

•Water Quality Engineeringo Sanitary Engineeringo Sources, Transport, and Treatment of chemical and microbiological contaminants that affect water

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GeoEngineering (CE175)• Rational exploitation of mineral resources• Providing materials for construction• Providing a firm foundation for our built

infrastructure• Using and maintaining the water flowing

through the ground• Mitigation of natural hazards of all kinds

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Structural Engineering (CE120)• Structural Design and Structural Analysis• Wind and Earthquake Engineering• Buildings, Bridges, Towers, Flyovers,

Tunnels, Off-Shore Structures

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Transportation Engineering (CE155)

• Transportation of People and Goods efficiently and safely

• Streets, Canals, Highways, Rail Systems, Airports, Ports, and Mass Transit

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Two Years at Chabot CollegeFall 05 First Semester

Spring 06 Second Semester

ARCH 2A Arch Drawing & Graphics 3 CSCI 14 Introduction to C++ 4

ENGL 1ACritical Reading & Composition 3 ENGR 25 Computational Methods in Engineering 3

HIST 7 US History 3 MATH 2 Calculus II 5

MATH 1 Calculus I 5 PHYS 4A General Physics 5

14 17

Fall 06 Third SemesterSpring

07 Fourth Semester

CHEM 31 Intro to College Chemistry 4 CHEM 1A General College Chemistry 5

ENGR 36Engineering Mechanics - Statics 3 ENGL 4 Critical Thinking/Writing in Literature 3

GEOG 5 World Regional Geography 3 ENGR 22 Engineering Design Graphics 3

MTH 3 Multivariable Calculus 5 MTH 4 Elementary Differential Equations 3

PHYS 4B General Physics 5 MTH 6 Elementary Linear Algebra 3

POLI 1Intro to American Government 3 PHYS 4C General Physics 5

SPCH 1 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3

23 25

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Apply to Universities• Applied to:

o San Jose Stateo Cal Poly - San Luis Obispoo UC Daviso UC Berkeley

• Decided to go with Calo Excellent reputation in the Civil Engineering

Fieldo Can stay at home and save moneyo I commute taking BART

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Two Years at UC BerkeleyFall 07 First Semester Spring 08 Second Semester

CE 60Structures & Properties of CE Materials 3 CE 100 Elementary Fluid Mechanics 4

CE 70 Engineering Geology 3 CE 120 Structural Engineering 3

CE 93 Engineering Data Analysis 3 CE 140 Failure Mechanisms in CE Materials 3

CE 130 Mechanics of Materials I 3 CE 167 Engineering Project Management 3

ME 104 Engineering Mechanics II 3English 131 American Poetry 4

PE 3 Aquatics 0.5 PE 3 Aquatics 0.5

15.5 17.5

Fall 08 Third Semester Spring 09 Fourth Semester

CE 11 Engineered Systems & Sustainability 3 CE 121 Advanced Structural Analysis 3

CE 122 Design of Steel Structures 3 CE 123Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3

CE 131 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3 CE C133 Finite Element Methods 3

CE 191Civil & Environmental Systems Analysis 3 CE 175 Geotechnical Engineering 3

HIST 105B Classical Greece 4 CE 192 Art & Science of CE Practice 1

PE 4 Aquatics 0.5 PE 4 Aquatics 0.5

16.5 13.5

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Lower Division Courses• CE 11 – Engineered Systems & Sustainability

o Basic principles of environmental science needed to understand natural processes as they are influenced by human activities

• CE 60 – Civil Engineering Materialso =Engr 45 + Lots of Concreteo Introduction to structure and properties of civil engineering

materials such as asphalt, cements, concrete, geological materials (e.g. soil and rocks), steel, polymers, and wood

• CE 70 – Engineering Geologyo Principles of physical and structural geology; the influence

of geological factors on engineering works and the environment.

o Field Trip to local points of geological interest

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Lower Division Courses• CE 93 – Engineering Data Analysis

o Application of the concepts and methods of probability theory and statistical inference to CEE problems and data; applications to various CEE problems and real data will be developed by use of MATLAB and existing codes

o Pay attention in Engr 25. MATLAB will come up a lot!!!

Transition to Upper Division is tough• More intense and in depth material• Much more time devoted to study• More need for independence• Attend Office Hours!!!

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Upper Division Courses• ME 104– Engineering Mechanics II - Dynamics

o Introduction to the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies.

o Foundation for Automotive Engineering and Aeronautical Engineeringo You will learn the basics of Rocket Science!!

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Upper Division Courses• CE 130– Mechanics of Materials

o Introduction to the mechanics of deformable solids; elastic and ultimate resistance of materials; stress and deformation analysis

o Builds on Engr 25 (Statics) and Engr 45 (Materials Engineering)o How and why objects deform and/or fail

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Outside of Class• Engineer-In-Training Examination

o First step towards becoming a Professional Engineer

o Usually taken junior/senior yearo Review of basic engineering knowledgeo Practically a necessity for a Civil Engineer

• GRE, Graduate Records Examinationo SAT for Graduate Schoolo Required if you want to go to graduate school

(Masters, PhD)

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Student Organizations• American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

o Concrete Canoeo Steel Bridgeo Career Fair: Many companies come to campus

to recruit interns and new gradso Company Info Sessions

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Student Organizations• Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor

Societyo Conception, Design, and Constructiono Scholarship, Practicality, Character, Sociabilityo Social and Academic Events

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Internships• Provides practical experience• See how the class work applies to the real

world• I have worked for the City of Palo Alto

o Utilities Engineering – Water, Gas, Wastewatero Use AutoCAD to map underground utilities as

well as do surveying in the field

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