Training Classes 101: Educate. Motivate. Engage

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KLP is pleased to announce customized training sessions for non-profit and for profit organizations to educate about specific business and legal issues. We are standing by to sign you up TODAY.

Transcript of Training Classes 101: Educate. Motivate. Engage

  • 1. Presented by: Darshun Kendrick, Esq./M.B.A. Founder and 739-8109 [office]

2. Our Goals: What are they?EducateMotivateEngage 3. Training Topics/Classes1- Social Media Laws: The New Frontier2- Top 10 Business Contract Traps3- Keep It Legal Ladies [for women]4- Top 10 Business Tips5- Corporate Board Training [for profits and non-profits]6- Your Choice! 4. You will receive.2 hours of IN PERSON TRAININGA WRITTEN PRESENTATIONA PERSONAL BUSINESS PACKETA CUSTOMIZED pre-planning SessionA SURVEY to completeA $250.00 CREDIT on legal services 5. Sign Up Today!1- Visit and schedule a FREE consultation to learn more;2- Visit and go to our Business POWER Sessions page to email Attorney Kendrick to get started or3- Call us at (678) 739-8109! 6. Kendrick Law (678) 739-8109 7. Kendrick Law (678) 739-8109