Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials individual may vary or possess traits from...

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Transcript of Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials individual may vary or possess traits from...


    Thomas Long

    -Capacity Building- Career Education- Peace Corps- Science Teacher


    o Gain knowledge of the similarities and difference across generations

    o Use this information to make connections and communicate effectively

    o Effective communication can help in all aspects of life for you [home and work] and for your clients

  • Taking an approach to best fit you

    Professional to parent

    Professional to grandparent

    Grandparent to parentProfessional to Professional (a changing workforce)1. Take out automatic judgement.

    2. Build trust! Get to know them. Find common ground. Find respect.

    3. Build self-esteem with positives, but balance time to be tough.

    4. Support get them with good people.


    These are guidelines of characteristic of each generation Its a broad number of people Each individual may vary or possess traits from other generations Info: Ready to Go: Mentoring Training Toolkit

    Resources focusing on jobs, buying habits, workforce, literature, mentoring Internet and interviews

  • Areas Well Cover

    Influences Core Values Attributes Keys to working with Communication Motivation: Feedback and Rewards Mentoring

  • Influences

    Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    1900-1945 (63-86)


    Great Depression, New Deal, Space Age

    Experience hard times which were followed by prosperity

    1946-1964 (44-62)Me Generation

    Civil rights, Vietnam, Sexual Revolution, Cold War/Russia

    Highest divorce rate and 2nd marriages in history

    Radicals in the 70s and yuppies of the 80s

    1965-1980 (30-50)

    Energy CrisisDuel Income familiesLatchkey kids

    Growing up having to take care of themselves

    The first generation that will NOT do as well financially as their parents did.


    1981-2000 (15-30)

    Digital Media, child focused world, terrorist attacks, HIV, 9/11

    Typically grew up as children of divorce

    Want to turn around all the wrong in the world today

    More sheltered than any other generation as parents protect them

  • Core Values

    Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    Adhere to rulesConformityDisciplineDont question authorityLoyaltyPatriotismSaversTrust in Government

    Anti warAnti GovernmentExtremely loyal to their childrenOptimismPersonal gratificationQuestion everythingWant to make a difference Spend now, worry later

    BalanceDiversityEntrepreneurialHighly EducatedHigh job expectationsLack of organizational loyaltySelf-relianceThink GloballyTech literacy

    Avid consumerDiversityExtreme funHigh moralsHigh tolerantLikes personal attentionSelf confidentSociabilityExtremely spiritualOptimismMost educated generationExtremely tech savvyGlobal communityNow!

  • Attributes

    Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    -Doing more with less-Hard-working-Task oriented-Trust hierarchy -Respectful of authority-Liner work style-Patriotic

    -Live to work-Loyal to careers and employers-Multi-taskers-Political correctness-Willing to take on responsibility-Rebellious against convention

    -Adaptable-Crave independence-Confident -Competent-Ethical-Brand loyalty-Pampered by their parents-Work to live-Work/life balance-Willing to put in extra time to get the job done

    -Ambitious but not focused-At ease in teams-Attached to their gadgets & parents-Eager to spend money-Focus in Children/Family-Innovative-Open to new ideas-Self-absorbed-Want to please others-Very Patriotic 9/11-Strong sense of entitlement

  • Keys to working with

    Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    o Work is not funo Follow rules but

    want procedureso Conservative in

    workplaceo Consider their


    o Want to hear their ideas matter

    o Their careers define them

    o Silly routines are frustrating

    o Expect work to mattero Tell them why it matterso Motivated by

    responsibilities to otherso Dont take criticism wello Need flexibility, attention

    and freedom

    o Want independenceo Give them time to

    pursue other interests

    o Allow them to have fun at work

    o Use the latest technology

    o Like teamso Want creative peopleo Pay close attention work

    and family issueso Want to work with

    friendso Offer structured

    supportive environmento Provide reward for extra


  • CommunicationTraditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    o Discreteo Show respecto Use formal

    languageo Dont waste their

    timeo Like hand written

    notes more than emails

    o Diplomatico In persono Speak open direct styleo Use body languageo Present optionso Get consensuso Establish a friendly

    rapporto Emphasize the main goal

    and how they fit in

    o Blunt/Directo Immediateo Use straight talk,

    present factso Email is #1 toolo Use informal

    communication style

    o Short sound bites

    o Politeo Use positive, respectful,

    motivational communications

    o Cell phone, email, IM, txt

    o Dont talk down to themo Use action verbso Be humorous to show

    you are humano They are not good at

    personal communication because of tech ways of comm.

    o Determine goals and tie them in

  • Motivation: Feedback and RewardsTraditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    o Now new is good news

    o Satisfaction is a job well done

    o Want subtle, private recognition

    o Little fanfareo Incentive that help

    them plan for the future

    o Not enamored by public recognition

    o Freedom is best reward

    o Prefer regular feedback

    o Interested in benefits

    o Need constructive feedback

    o Coaching, but Hands-off MGMT style

    o Balance work and life

    o Problem solvers

    o Like feedback often and will ask for it

    o Meaningful worko Be clear about goalso Communicate

    frequentlyo Want recognition from

    heroes, bosses, and grandparents

    o Seek development of self

    o Inclination to influencers

    o Rewarded by money and will display all awards for public view

    o Like praiseo Interested in soft

    benefitso Enjoy public

    recognitiono Work toward personal


  • MentoringTraditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

    o Let them define the outcome that you both want

    o Use testimonialso Respect their

    experienceso Dont highlight

    need to radical change

    o Ask what has worked in the past and fit that to your approach

    o Offer casual work envir. Lighten up!

    o Get them involved and encourage creativity

    o Listen to themo They work with you

    not for youo Offer varietyo Provide situations to

    try new thingso Answer why

    o Encourage them to explore new avenues

    o Raise the bar on them to meet high expectations

    o Set goals specific to them

    o Be flexibleo Challenge themo Allow optionso Be impressed with their


    o Teach them balance of work, family and financial etc.

    o Need to know they are valued

    o Show them time management

    o Know their tech comfort level

    o Emphasis that their decision was a good one

    o Check in with them, but dont micro-manage

  • Taking an approach to best fit you

    Generational Differences Look for connections. Have them teach you. How are their perspective different? How are they the same? Ex: 9/11, Dallas

    Shootings, Ferguson, O.J., Cleveland wins! There are multiple ways to solve a problem. Guide them in solving them.

    Interview approach: Have you thought about?

  • How can you use this information?

    Effectively communicate: Build connections: I feel the same way Build trust and understanding: See where they are coming from,

    know where you are coming from Look for small victories: We agree on; that was a first step

    Dont judge and dont lump all into these categories

    Generational = Generalizations: Get to know the person!


    Thank You!

    Contact Info:

    Thomas [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

    Communication across generationsWHATS IN FOR YOU?Taking an approach to best fit youPLEASE NOTE!!Areas Well CoverInfluencesTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsCore ValuesTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsAttributesTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsKeys to working withTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsCommunicationTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsMotivation: Feedback and RewardsTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsMentoring TraditionalistsBaby Boomers Generation X MillennialsTaking an approach to best fit youHow can you use this information?Communication across generations