Traditional Games of Pakistan and Favourite Games of children

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  • 1. TraditionalGames

2. Guli Danda

  • "Gilli" - A small wooden piece cylindrical in shape with about one inch diameter and about 3-4 inches long is sharpened like a lead pencil from both sides.
  • "Danda" - A wooden rule or stick similar to that used by teachers in the school. The length of the rule is about 20 inches to 24 inches.
  • "Pillow" - A small pit shaped like a "banana" is made in the ground. The length of this pit is about 4 inches.

3. Kabaddi

  • two teams of seven players occupy opposite halves of a field of 12.5m 10m.
  • The game is organized into two 20-minute halves, with a five-minute half-time break during which the teams switch sides.
  • Each team has five supplementary players that are held in reserve.


  • 4 pieces of each of the colors blue, red, green and yellow (for a total of 16 pieces)
  • 1 or 2 dice.
  • The rules for each player are as follows:
    • You must roll a 6 to get a piece 'out of prison' to the colored box right outside of their prison. This means thatyou can not get out of prison until a 6 is rolled, and rolling a 6 gets you just outside of the prison walls .
    • After getting out of prison, follow the arrows to go around the board until you come back to your 'colored path'.

5. Kokla Chappakki

  • Minimum requirement of the game issix , out of which one will be the Danner. The playing members will sit in a circle closing their eyes and singing a song. The song is rhythmic though it does not have some sensible meaning

'Kokla Chipaki jumae raat aae je, Jedha aage peeche vekhe udhi Shamat aae je' 6. Oonch Neech

  • Oonch : This means a area higher than the ground level; Upper Level.
  • Neech : This means the ground area or the lower surface area; Lower Level.
  • Danner : The person who will catch the other members who are playing.

7. Bushra 8. Hassan 9. Zain 10. Hussain 11. Hamza Raja 12. Anousha 13. Hamza 14. Azmey Aslam 15. Amman Aslam 16. Usman Arif 17. Tehreem 18. Alyia 19. Rimsha 20. Minahil 21. Nimra Abid 22. Jia Jhangir 23. Danial Iqbal 24. Qusain Abbas 25. Result of surveyPopular games 26. Thanks a lot